This new Kit and video get you up-to-speed quickly with our “ Widebus” feature. Crosstalk, AMI, STAT mode, and complex equalization bring advanced features to QSI and DDR4/5 analysis.

“KR” masks are the de facto benchmark for channels operating above 20 Gbps. This Kit automates the Section 93 masks for IL, RL, PSXT, etc. To work with Annex 93A Channel Operating Margin, download our COM Kit.

Learn to trust your simulations by cross-checking pre- and post-hardware data. When should I correlate, how can it be done, and what does good correlation look like?

A pulse response tells you how well your channel is working. Plot one versus UI to quantify how much energy you’re losing to ISI – particularly as you experiment with EQ options. This video gets you started.

Ever wondered how to align UIs within your Pulse Response? You (and your IC’s clock recovery) do it using the Hula Hoop Algorithm. Learn how it works on pages 9 and 10.

Ever considered why high-speed interfacing has switched to serial? Read and discover 3 reasons: Gates are Free, Signals are Messy, and Stubs are Bad.