SI Engineers do this every day: gather data and make decisions. Don’t just let time improve your Judgment, learn to Exercise and Increase your Engineering Judgment here.
This video and doc explain how to configure SiSoft’s Advanced SerDes model to match your device specs. Read about how Intel did it in this award-winning DesignCon paper.
A pulse response tells you how well your channel is working. Plot one versus UI to see how much energy you’re losing to ISI – particularly as you experiment with EQ options. This video gets you started.
We regularly update our QCD and QSI Design Kits, so be sure you use the latest/greatest. Kits recently updated include SFP+, SAS-3, and PCIe-3.
Yes, you read that correctly. Read this post and be surprised by the power of SerDes Equalization Settings (SES). Ponder the mystery of why SES are rarely used, then get the Kit to try them out.
They’re older than Rock and Roll yet still rockin’ your S-Parameters. Dr. Mike explains.