An SI Engineer’s most important soft skill: knowing how to work with your layout team. Here’s advice from industry experts and even layout engineers themselves. 

…now has 6 videos covering prelayout to package-level to postlayout crosstalk scan and simulation. Watch video #6 to understand crosstalk groups, scan, and cross-probing.

This video explains how to quickly get to the data you care about using our new Data Mining features.
Dr. Mike explains when and why electrical systems use Repeaters. Learn about the different types, and how to simulate repeaters correctly.

Learn how to setup your simulation for success, measure and fix performance, and know when you’re “done”. Here’s a process to dial in your channel’s passive and active performance

“KR” masks have become the de facto benchmark for copper channels operating above 20 Gbps. This Kit automates the Section 93 masks for IL, RL, PSXT, etc. To work with Annex 93A Channel Operating Margin, download our COM Kit.