TIER 1: A return to normalcy with guidelines given.

TIER 2: Students/Faculty/Staff on campus wearing face covering; Health and Safety Precautions implemented; Access to all schoolwork for any student who needs to be at home.    
*most likely opening and operating Tier 2 for the majority of the year*

TIER 3: If the Governor RECOMMENDS public and or private schools to close, SIA is going to do everything it can to remain open (EY-PY); Fullcare would remain open.

TIER 4: If the Governor MANDATES all schools close. SIA will quickly transition to distance learning. If guidance allows, ey fullcare will remain open. We anticipate that utilization of this tier will be rare and short-lived (not more than 2-3 weeks)

*We are paying close attention to the research and new health guidelines and will adjust appropriately*