SIA Parent Newsletter
October 15, 2021
Head of School Message
Dear Parents,

Our first SIA Early Years Family Shabbat in almost two years was this morning and it was so wonderful to see so many parents, grandparents, faculty and students singing and welcoming Shabbat together!! A special thank you to Elyssa Brinn, Director of Early Years, for bringing our school Kehilla or community together! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We all look forward to our next Family Shabbat.

Our lock down drill had to be rescheduled to next Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 9:30am; this drill will transition into an evacuation drill for all faculty and students. Children will transit from their respective spaces to the gym and a simulated evacuation. The drill will last approx. 30 min, please remain clear of the affected areas during the drill, during the lockdown phase no entry will be allowed to those areas. If you are in the building during the initial lockdown you will be required to participate. 

Please join the Primary Years students and faculty for a Family Shabbat on Friday, October 22, 2021 at 1:45pm in Avraham and Sarah’s tent on the campus white top. The program will include Shabbat services and a craft. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

We are so excited for our upcoming “Falling into Shabbat” for our Early Years SIA friends (Infants through Four year olds) on Friday, October 29, 2021 from 9:30am-11:30am outside on the white top and surrounding grounds. We will have pumpkin painting, hay rides, a fall sensory area and much more! We will end the festival by bringing in Shabbat together!

Shabbat Shalom!
Below you will see some reminders for next week.

Heather Moore
Head of School

Early Years Shabbat Singalong
This morning SIA Early Years families came together for the first Shabbat Singalong since the start of the pandemic. It was amazing to experience our school tradition again after so long.
Swimming Resumes for EY3 and EY4
Words Study in Grades 4 and 5
Students in grades 4 and 5 studies words with Greek and Latin groups. Students collaborated to diagram words and find their meaning through roots such as “spect”, “tele”, and “ology.” These sorts led to insightful questions such as, “Why do we call it a “phone” now instead of a telephone? Their teacher challenged them to think of other words that have been shortened over time and evaluate whether their meanings have shifted with human advances. Over the next few weeks, students will break into interest groups to research related topics such as: Why do homophones exist? How are new words invented or accepted in different languages?
Dates and Reminders
Click to view the 2021-2022 SIA Calendar
Please note: as the year progresses, we will update our calendar as it relates to events and COVID-19.

10/22 PY Shabbat, 1:45pm

10/29 EY Falling into Shabbat Festival, 9:30am - 11:30 am

11/8 -11/10 - School Picture Day

11/11 Veterans Day; No School; IB PYP Professional Development; Fullcare Closed

11/19 Beyond Early Years Parent Open House

11/24 Noon Dismissal, EY Fullcare Closed; PY Sundown Closed

11/25 - 11/26 Thanksgiving Break, No School, EY Fullcare Closed, Py Camp JCC SDO Closed

  • Label ALL Belongings
  • Bring a water bottle daily
  • 2 Clean Masks

FOB Forms:
Need a school key FOB? Stop by the School office for a form.

The Parent Facebook group serves as a way to connect our parents, so please don't be shy. Ask questions, give suggestions and post pics!
Modeling our Learner Profile Traits at SIA
Janet Jenkins, Primary Years Director
The IB® Learner Profile is at the heart of IB® learning. According to the International Baccalaureate® Organization (IBO), “The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.” Our teachers facilitate student learning of the IB® Learner Profile Traits within their Units of Inquiry.  

Last week our SIA News Team began a Learner Profile Spotlight. 

Congratulations to these students who were nominated for the recent 2 Learner Profile traits we have had in our spotlight!

Inquirer: Lucas Carothers, Ari Mulligan, Ari Smith, Lochlan Hoover, Jonah Kass, Ben Ohana, Rafi Fried

Principled: Annabelle Anderson, Hazel Mitzner, Ariana Curtis, Yoni Fried, Willow Baker, Quinn Wentworth, Zachary Cohen, Noah Bernstein, and Olivia Alofer

Below are some activities that you can do at home to help promote these attributes. We encourage you to discuss these with your children.

The Learner Profile, Inquirer
Students who are INQUIRERS are curious about the world. They can conduct research independently. They love learning and discovering new things and will carry this love of learning with them throughout life. How can parents help to develop students who are Inquirers at home?
  • Encourage areas of your child’s interest by visiting the library to borrow books that explore these topics.
  • Develop an understanding of the Internet. Work with your son or daughter when the Internet is being used and try to instill the understanding that some Internet sites are not reputable.
  • Model being an inquirer. Admit when you don’t know the answer to a problem or a question and seek out answers in front of your child.

The Learner Profile, Principled
Students who are PRINCIPLED have a sense of fairness and are honest with themselves and with others. They understand that sometimes there are rules and they follow them. They have an understanding of moral reasoning. How can parents help to develop students who are Principled at home?
  • Involve your child in deciding on the rules for a game or activity and then ensure that they stick to the ones that have been decided upon.
  • Encourage your child to play games that involve teams.
  • Discuss with your child the qualities of a team player. What sort of person would they want on their team? When your child wins a game insist that he or she is a well-mannered winner. They might thank their opponent or shake hands with them if it’s appropriate.
  • When playing a game, don’t change the rules or let your child win. Being a gracious loser is just as important as being a good winner.
Spread the SIA Love
Dear SIA parents,
As we get ready to kick off admissions seasons, please consider leaving a review for SIA on Google and Niche to help parents find us. Happy parents are the best form of marketing!
Thank you so much,
Carin Simon
Have you Ordered School Lunch?
Have you ordered lunch for October, November, or December?

If you plant to order school lunches for your child(ren), do not wait to order or you may forget. Please order in advance so that your child receives the lunch that they are anticipating for the day. Make sure to complete the correct month. Print the lunch choices so you and your child know when to bring lunch.

Click here to preview menus for October, November and December.
Power of Participation
Ways to Support SIA

Harris Teeter will automatically give a percentage to SIA everytime you show and use your VIC Card!
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Strelitz International Academy whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.  

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In the Community
Next Sunday Fun Day
SUNDAY, November 14
2:00 pm
Do you have plans this weekend?

Come to the Simon Family JCC for Sunday Fun Day THIS Sunday! 
We have many fun fall-themed activities that include pine-cone art, pumpkin tic-tac-toe, and more.

Also, as part of the PJ Our Way Tzedakah Tour, PJ Our Way kids will be running an apple cider stand, where ALL proceeds go to a charity of their choice. If you would like to purchase apple cider to support their cause, please bring cash. 

One cup of cider is $2 or can purchase three cups for $5. All children ages 8-12 are welcome to help run the stand! 

Sunday Fun Days are FREE and open to all JCC members, local synagogue members, PJ Library families, Camp JCC families, YAD families, and Strelitz International Academy families. It will be a great way to spend a fall afternoon. I hope to see you there!

Nofar Trem
PJ Library Program Coordinator
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater