APRIL 2018


SIGMA Corporation proudly introduces our SIGMAFlange Universal Model SFUP. The innovative design allows for the ease of field flanging plain-end pipe to any flanged fitting, valve or other flanged appurtenance. It incorporates a ductile iron adapter ring, complete with its own O-ring gasket, and a standard or transition mechanical joint gasket while accommodating necessary pipe-end restraint using a SIGMA ONE-LOK™ Model SLGU wedge-action gland. This multi-purpose wedge-style restrainer is recommended for use with the following pipes: ductile iron, steel, AWWA C900 PVC, D2241 "IPS" PVC, HDPE and AWWA C909 PVC. This new product expands our extensive restrained joint product line as part of our ongoing effort to meet the needs of our valued customers.
The SIGMAFlange™ Universal comes conveniently packaged with all necessary components, including hardware, to facilitate handling and installations in the field. Model SFUP accommodates pipe misalignment, is easily disassembled for service and maintenance requirements, and provides a minimum 2:1 factor of safety, based on the rated pressure of the pipe upon which it is installed.
Steve McDonald, Restrained Joint Product Manager comments, "The development of the SIGMAFlange™ Universal exemplifies SIGMA's ongoing commitment to our business partners, assuring them we have the ideal restraint product for all of their needs. The field flanging of metallic pipes began over 40 years ago with the original set screw adapter flange. The SIGMAFlange™ Universal uses advanced technology and now offers water municipalities and consulting engineers the option of using either metallic (ductile iron and steel) or non-metallic pipes (PVC & HDPE) in flanged applications. It also provides a robust restraining mechanism for various types of pipes."
The SIGMAFlange™ Universal is electro-deposition coated with a top coat black enamel and currently available in sizes 3" through 12" with 14" through 36" coming soon.
For more information about this and other SIGMA Pipe Restraint Products, please contact smd@sigmaco.com or 609-668-1053.
Everyone's a Winner with SIGMA at ACE18

In the case of ACE18, "what happens in Vegas" doesn't stay  in Vegas...Lucky visitors to SIGMA Booth 22009 will take home special prizes! Stop by our booth for a chance to win our scratch-off card lottery game. Players receive their game cards at the SIGMA Booth, then scratch off to win! Winners receive a variety of promotional items including shirts, pens, notepads and best of all, each day one lucky player will receive an Amazon Dot!
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SIGMA Introduces New Hydrotec Products

As an industry leader and innovator in drainage solutions, SIGMA has introduced several new Hydrotec product lines this year. These include:
Hydroline Pro: This aluminum version of the Hydroline Ductile Iron Trench Drain System offers several key advantages. Aluminum is a lighter weight material, so this system is fast and easy to install. Hydroline Pro is offered in 3 meter and 1 meter sections in nominal 4 inch internal width channels. The single piece design is flexible and scalable; channels can be hooked together with flanges to create 8, 12, or 16-inch wide channels. Hydroline Pro is ADA compatible with a load class F rating, and the aluminum material resists rust and bio-growth. This new system is ideal for low flow areas in applications such as swimming pools, driveways, gardens, bay doors in loading docks, and some food and beverage applications. Hydroline Pro comes standard in Jet Black (powder coated) or raw Silver. Other colors are available with minimum order quantities and a slight up-charge.
Maxi Pro: This fiber reinforced concrete channel offers an innovative new feature. It now has a neoprene insert, which serves two important functions. First, the neoprene alleviates the clanking sound resulting from vehicles driving over the channel. Secondly, it cushions the grate, absorbing vehicular loads, thus significantly reducing friction and wear and tear. This increases the durability of the components and extends the life of the system.
HydroBlock: These single piece, monolithic ductile iron trench drains are now being manufactured with ADA compliant features. HydroBlock tops in 6, 8, and 12-inch systems now meet ADA requirements. HydroBlock is ideal for Airport, Port/Dock, Intermodal, and Distribution Center type applications.
SIGMA continues to grow in the trench drain sector; the expansion of our offering with these three new lines enables us to meet any and all drainage requirements and specifications. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and respond to your request for quotes. For information about these and other trench drain solutions, please contact National Trench Drain Solutions Product Manager Todd Amerson at tamerson@sigmaco.com.
Customer Spotlight: A TRULY CONCRETE PERSON...
By Victor Pais, Chairman & CEO, SIGMA Corporation

Thirty-five years ago on a hot summer day, I made a 'cold call' at a prospective customer in Southeast Memphis. The owner of the business was working the machines, pouring concrete meter boxes with a handful of workers. He would not interrupt the work till the shift ended and the meter boxes could be left overnight to cure.
When he emerged from the machine room, I finally met John Ferguson, and read his eyes asking me "Why are you here wasting my time?" I told him that I was there to become his new supplier of iron lids for his meter boxes. My timing was both right and wrong -- John was having trouble sourcing the castings from his longtime domestic supplier, but he had difficulties with a previous import supplier, so he was skeptical.
I reassured John that I would earn his business with quality, offered to develop the full range of items he required, and pledged reliable service. I followed up with samples, and SIGMA began supplying John with iron meter box lids.
Thirty-five years later, John continues to operate Goddard concrete in Memphis and he continues to buy the iron lids from SIGMA!
Over the years, I heard from John from time to time. He often asked when I would see him again, and I would say "next time I'm in the great state of Tennessee..."
That finally happened in March, 2018. During a last minute trip to Nashville with my wife Alina, I set aside a day for a long overdue trip to Memphis to see my longtime loyal friend John Ferguson. Alina and I took a quick tour through Graceland and then made our way Goddard Concrete.
Despite the passage of time, John is still hardy, showing up to work each day at 5am to produce meter boxes to supply to his loyal customers in Arkansas and Tennessee. He was full of stories-55 years in the business will provide some interesting anecdotes! JJohn recounted the tale of Warren Buffett's visit to Goddard after he purchased the BNSF railroad next door.
As Alina and I began the long drive back to Nashville, I realized I visited two legends that day. One a world-famous rock star at Graceland, long gone, and another, a quiet concrete business owner, still going showing up at his plant every morning.
SIGMA is truly a sum of great parts and people like John Ferguson...    

John's typical attire on the shop floor aptly resembles that of an Obstetrician in a delivery room. He takes just as much care delivering the concrete boxes from his machines...
SIGMA OEM Launches CSC, Container Solutions Company

SIGMA OEM is proud to introduce its newest division, CSC (Container Solutions Co.), a provider of top quality collection bins and accessories for various uses and applications. The official launch took place on March 11 at the SMART Convention, the premier industry event for the secondary and recycled textiles market.
The roots of the company began when SIGMA OEM entered the clothing recycle bin market in 2016. A customer requested reverse engineering on an existing recycle bin model. SIGMA OEM worked with the prototype, and was able to reverse engineer and improve the design to such an extent that the customer placed a large order. Since then, that same customer has continued to source their bins from SIGMA OEM. The clothing recycle bin business quickly expanded to supply major players in the sector, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Bay State, and numerous other organizations. To meet customer demand, CSC has expanded its product line to include bins, accessories, and various custom design and safety features.
For more information about CSC, please visit: https://www.containersolutionsco.com/ .
SIGMA Announces New Employees and Promotions

As a company that is constantly focused on growth, optimizing the potential of our team, and recognizing effort and success, SIGMA congratulates to the following employees on their promotions:
Jim Stohr has been promoted to Regional Sales Manager, Southwest Region. Jim's 22 years with SIGMA and 30 years total in the Waterworks business, bring expertise in Sales, Customer Service, Plant Work expertise, Inventory Oversight and Operations. He is a great fit to manage the region. Jim can be reached at js1@sigmaco.com or 1- 800-999-0109 x3117
Raju Kakani has been promoted to Vice President, Information Systems & Services.   Raju's deep expertise in information technology delivers a proactive, growth-driven approach to our management information systems and analysis. His initiative and competence provide tremendous support to all divisions of the company from Sales, to Finance, to Sourcing and Procurement, and Raju oversees all technology aspects of inventory, service, and internal systems. Raju can be reached at rkakani@sigmaco.com or 1-800-999-2550 x 1223  
Sunil Handa has been promoted to National Product Manager for Municipal Construction Castings (MCC). With the current growing market demand for this product line due to increased spending on housing and municipal infrastructure, MCC is forecast to grow at a faster rate in 2018 and beyond. With15 years of experience managing MCC's supply chain operations, Sunil was a natural choice for this position. Sunil can be reached at sh1@sigmaco.com or 1-800-999-2550 x1263.
Craig Schapiro has been promoted to National Product Manager for Accessories and E-Products. Over his many years with SIGMA, Craig has contributed in numerous capacities--inside and outsides sales and management, OEM, as well as playing a key role in overseeing a wide range of products. His broad based knowledge of the SIGMA product line make Craig uniquely qualified to serve in this new capacity. Craig can be reached at cs1@sigmaco.com or 1-800-999-2550 x1238.
SIGMA Welcomes the following new employees:
Ratish Reddy, Information Technology Associate. Ratish comes to SIGMA with a Master's Degree in Network Administration from NJIT. He will join the IT team and will provide support service to the entire company as needed. Ratish can be reached at rkarri@sigmaco.com or 1-800-999-2550 x1253.
Jose Neives, Associate Business Manager for OEM. Jose will graduate from Rutgers University this year with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. He has sales, service, and management experience, which will translate well in his new role at SIGMA OEM. Jose will work closely with Executive Vice President Mitchell Rona on supply chain, customer interactions, inventory, finance, product development and analytics. Jose can be reached at jnievas@sigmaco.com or1-800-999-2550 x 1272.
Cathy Jones, OEM Inside Sales Office Assistant. Cathy will handle OEM Accounting functions including invoicing, credits, debits and other bookkeeping matters. She will also provide customer service support as needed. Cathy can be reached at cjones@sigmaco.com or 1-800-999-2550 x1266.
Spotlight on SIGMA 

We at SIGMA place tremendous value on our SIGMA family. With that in mind, we celebrate the joy and success of our employees and their loved ones, and we share their good news...   

From the Northeast Region:

Dual Congratulations to Kathy Mulligan, Product Development Manager, OEM! She announced her engagement to Scott Searles on February 18. The happy couple is planning a May, 2019 wedding.

Kathy also welcomed grandson Carson Grant Matthews on March 9. Carson weighed 6 lbs, 5 oz, and measured 91.5 inches long. Best wishes to Carson's parents Matthew and Sarah, and big sister Madison.

Congratulations to Jim Carr, Operations Manager, for his successful participation in the Seaside Polar Plunge on February 24. For the third year running, Jim dove into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics. This year, the event drew over 8000 swimmers and 45,000 spectators and raised an amazing $2million. If you would like to support the Special Olympics, please visit https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/1140978 .

Congratulations to Inge Atkinson, Imports Manager, Sourcing & Procurement and her husband David, on the birth of their daughter  Nadia Inge Atkinson on March 31st. Their little bundle of joy weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and measured 21-3/4 inches.  Big sister Ellana is in awe of her baby sister and wants nothing more than to hold Nadia and pinch her cheeks.