APRIL 2019


Rybacki Memorial Golf Tournament Funds Support Cancer Research

This year, 2019, marks the 26th annual Rybacki Memorial Golf Tournament. The Tournament raises funds for the world famous Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. We interviewed Josh Belowich at the Jimmy Fund, which is the events and fundraising arm of the Cancer Institute, to learn how our donations are put to work. This is the first of two interviews profiling the tireless and enthusiastic team at Dana-Farber.
ENews: What makes Dana-Farber so special?
Josh: The Jimmy Fund, which supports Dana Farber, is unique amongst cancer charities in that it relies heavily on grassroots fundraising. Our organization runs over 700 events a year and around 160 of these are golf tournaments like the Rybacki Memorial. In 2018, with the help of participants and sponsors, our Boston Bike-a-thon raised $56million for the Institute. Dana-Farber is a sizable operation. We have 4000 employees and some 38,000 patients will receive treatment from our expert team. Last year, the institute ran 830 clinical trials.
Enews: Where did the Jimmy Fund name come from?
Josh: The Jimmy Fund is so called because the initiative was born out of the experience of a young patient, who was nicknamed "Jimmy" for the sake of privacy. Jimmy was being treated by Dr Sidney Farber of Dana-Farber fame. Dr. Farber was a big supporter of the then Boston baseball team called the Boston Breeze.  Dr. Farber wanted to raise funds to put a tv into the ward where Jimmy was being treated, which sparked a telethon. From these small-scale beginnings, a long-standing legacy of fundraising was established. After the demise of the Boston Breeze, the Jimmy Fund was adopted by the Red Sox. In fact, this affiliation between the Fund and the Red Sox has existed since 1953, which makes it the most durable charitable relationship between a cancer hospital and a sports team in the history of the U.S.
Enews: What is the Dana-Farber Institute best known for?
Josh: The Dana-Farber Institute focuses on treating adult and pediatric cancer patients. Our hospital is renowned for its holistic approach to beating cancer. While many places may claim they are holistic, Dana-Farber stands out amongst its peers all over the country.  Our doctors divide their time equally between research and patient care.  Our experts not only walk the wards caring for patients but they will also spend fifty percent of their days in their research labs. We like this system because it creates a continuous feedback loop for our doctors of treating patients, working on breakthrough research, conducting clinical trials and gathering bedside metrics. Dana-Farber doctors are not only clinical physicians but they are also research scientists.
Enews: How do charitable funds assist the Institute?
Josh: We pride ourselves on treating each patient holistically and as an individual. At Dana-Farber we adopt a pillar approach to patient support and offer a total package of patient care. Funds from charitable initiatives often help provide the additional activities and support that improve the quality of life and the holistic experience that we can provide our patients. This approach is what sets Dana-Farber apart; we cater not only to a patient's physical well-being, but also to their emotional and psycho-social well-being. Indeed, we don't stop there. If the patient needs it then we also provide support for their caregivers and support right into their community. We will do whatever it takes to make the patient more comfortable. We don't just drop the patient off at home after they've left the ward and walk away. We know from our results that it is important to continue with the hand holding and aftercare up right up to remission or as long as needed. This may mean we need to be around for them up to two or three years after the patient has been discharged.
Enews: Where will the 2018 Rybacki Memorial funds be spent?
Josh: In recent years Larry Rybacki requested that we assign funds directly to our research activities. Raising funds for our research activities is critical for the Institute. We need money for basic research activity, which may sound vanilla, but it is an incredibly important part of all research activity in the current research climate. Research programs these days are in a Catch-22 situation- in terms of funding. A scientist may have a breakthrough research idea, but they can only get government funding once they have proof of concept and they can't get funding to prove their concept until they have some clinical evidence to support their hypothesis. For this reason, donations and funding from tournaments like the Rybacki Memorial are essential, because they are like seed funds; they get the research over that initial hump and out into the mainstream. Fundraising initiatives have kick-started many new research programs at Dana-Farber. These funds are also used to support clinical trials and community programs, such as our mammography vans and even sunscreen dispensers on beaches in the summer. If we are not seeing patients at the hospital because we are supporting preventative educational programs, then we consider that a result.
To learn more about the Rybacki Memorial Golf Tournament, please contact Cindy Dayotas at cdayotas@sigmaco.com .
Legacy Deals in Global Sourcing: Not All They're Cracked Up To Be
by Mitchell Rona, Executive Vice President, #GlobalSourcerer

Mitchell Rona Executive Vice President, #GlobalSourcerer
Global sourcing experts often rely on the legacy of the deals made in the past as the benchmarks for planning the future. Most loyal and reliable suppliers will maintain these legacy deals, only asking their buyers to cover the markers of cost, which are visible in the public domain. However, these suppliers may decline to quote new projects to these same customers, because the legacy prices are artificially low, and cannot be matched in the current climate. If they were to quote market value prices for new projects, customers might experience comparative "sticker shock." This may not be true in all cases, but global sourcing experts with a long historical view are observing these types of changes in the market.
Customers who switch contract manufacturers will find that the legacy price most likely will not be transferable, and if they are able to sustain that price with a reliable and reputable source, they should remain where they are.
However, many suppliers, particularly those who are honoring legacy deals at a minimal profit, or even a loss, may prove unreliable on crucial measurements like quality and service. Customers in such cases often find that an increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will deliver improved quality, service, and peace of mind.
To make an informed and strategic decision about sourcing, consider the following:
  • Is my core business sourcing globally manufactured castings and fabrications?
  • Am I devoting sufficient time, energy, capital, and resources to my core business?
If the answer to these two questions is no, then consider the following:
SIGMA OEM has 35 years of boots on the ground, in-country experience in global markets. Our sourcing professionals have the leverage, reach, purchasing power, and infrastructure of a $250Million company behind them. This economy of scale offers significant benefit to customers in terms of risk mitigation, cost effectiveness, quality, and service.
As the climate continues to be volatile with regard to global sourcing, prudent business professionals will seek experienced, reliable suppliers to ensure continuity and avoid interruptions in their supply chains.

For further information, contact mr1@sigmaco.com.
Product Feature: SIGMA Anchoring Reducer  

SIGMA developed the Anchoring Reducer to provide contractors and municipalities a compact solution for hydrant replacements.  Because old mains often contain undersized pipes measuring 4", issues may arise in the field when technicians attempt to connect to most standard hydrants shoes, which generally contain 6" MJ (mechanical joint) connections. 
The SIGMA Anchor Reducer, (SIGMA Part #SMR64) delivers the benefits of the SIGMA SSA swivel type adapter coupling (known as an "anchor coupling" throughout the industry) and incorporates it into a 6x4 small end MJ reducer.  The result is an anchoring reducer that has a 6" swivel anchor x 4" MJ bell.  SIGMA's Engineering Team brought further innovation to this provide by opening up the 4" MJ bell to accommodate most sizes of 4" pipe commonly found in use today. In addition, the SIGMA Anchor Reducer is compatible with most oversized applications.
The new product also lends itself to everyday uses in the field. It eliminates the need to restrain a plain-end fitting with a wedge action restraint, which some restraint and fitting manufacturers do not recommend.
For more information about this new and exciting SIGMA product, please contact your local SIGMA representative 
http://www.sigmaco.com/usa/ .
Case Study: 
HYDROLINE Trench Drains Solve Nashville Condominium Drainage Issues

Nashville, Tennessee has become one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and development is trying to keep pace with housing demands. To that end, a large condominium complex was planned for the popular 7th Avenue corridor. As with all construction, drainage was a key factor, and the engineers faced several design challenges. The site offered very little allowable invert depth in which to set the trench drains. Between the pavement and retention ditch elevations, there was insufficient space for a "typical" trench drain. For this reason, SIGMA quoted the HYDROLINE system; its unique features and advantage pricing made it an ideal fit for this project.
Todd Amerson, SIGMA National Trench Drains Project Manager, explains, "I spoke with the Engineer of Record several times to ensure complete understanding of the design parameters in order to perform an accurate assessment and make an appropriate recommendation. I also wanted to make certain that the Engineer fully grasped the features of the product. Over the course of our discussions, we created a system that placed the HYDROLINE channels side by side to maximize flow, and the order for the product doubled. Since HYDROLINE provides 1.25" of flow depth, this was a simple way to double the capacity. However, due to the advantageous pricing of this product, the end cost was still lower than the originally specified product estimates."
Upon completion, the Engineer reported that HYDROLINE was the ideal solution for this application.

For additional information about this and other trench drain solutions, please contact Todd Amerson at tamerson@sigmaco.com .
SIGMA Introduces new HDPE Catalog   

SIGMA's High Density Polyethylene line continues to grow, meeting the increasing demand for American-made HDPE products. To maintain current resources and product information for our customers, SIGMA has created a new, comprehensive catalog, which reflects the expanding number of items offered from our two roto molding fabricating facilities.
With a factory in Alabama and another in Idaho, SIGMA has the ability to ship product easily and quickly to anywhere in North America. Our experts have perfected their techniques and widened the product offering to include various colors, sizes, and configurations. With specifications, we can also custom fabricate any HDPE product required by our customers.
Please check out the new catalog on our website sigma-raven-hdpe-product-catalog, or download the PDF file by clicking here.
Meet SIGMA:  
Jami McCrory, Inside Sales Representative, Midwest Region and 
Susan Haynes, Inside Sales Representative, Midwest Region

Jami McCrory, Inside Sales Representative, Midwest Region
Jami McCrory joined the SIGMA team in December, 2017. She came with 13 years of experience as in Inside Sales Rep selling fittings and fire protection products, so she had a strong background in the industry. She admits to a bit of nerves handling the unfamiliar product groups like MCC and PRP, but found the culture at SIGMA to be so collaborative that she learned quickly: "I felt comfortable and at ease from the start. Everyone here gets along and helps each other. It's very different from other places I've worked." Her approach to the job is simple: "I put myself in the customer's position. They want a straight answer. If I don't know something, I tell them that-I'm new, bear with me--but I will find out. I will never mislead a customer or provide information that is not 100% accurate. Sometimes I have to go through engineering to get an answer; if there is a delay I will stay in touch with the customer-'I'm still working on it, and I'll get to you ASAP.' Most of our customers are pretty laid back and really nice. We have good relationships, and I like people, I like being on the phone and speaking with customers, so this is a great fit for me." When she's not working, Jami enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren, aged 15, 11, and 10 months. Jami can be reached at Jmccrory@sigmaco.com.

Susan Haynes, Inside Sales Representative, Midwest Region
Susan Haynes joined SIGMA in November 2018. Her friend and former coworker, Jami McCrory, let her know that there was an opening as an Inside Sales Rep at SIGMA, and Susan jumped at the chance. She brought 12 years of industry experience to the table, having worked for a company that sold fittings. She admits to a steep learning curve on the other product divisions, but praised Inside Sales Manager Kwame Williams for getting her acclimated: "Kwame has been super helpful, and overall the experience of working here has been awesome. No complaints." Susan is working to build up her business with a strategic approach: "I come to work every day with the expectation that I will work hard and make customers a priority. I know they need answers and I am determined to get them as quickly as possible. The customers are what keep our doors open so we have to recognize that they are the most important part of what we do." In her free time, Susan likes to spend time outdoors with her husband walking her three dogs, gardening, and working on her house. Susan can be reached at shaynes@sigmaco.com .
Spotlight on SIGMA 

We at SIGMA place tremendous value on our SIGMA family. With that in mind, we celebrate the joy and success of our employees and their loved ones, and we share their good news...   

From the Northeast Region:

Congratulations to Craig Schapiro, National Customer Service Manager/OEM Sales/Product Manager, and his son Jayce on a stellar basketball season. Jayce, a sophomore, plays on the Varsity Basketball team at Freehold Township High School. On Monday, March 4th, the team won the Central Jersey Group 4 championship for the first time in the school's history. They overcame a 7 point deficit at the beginning of the 4th quarter and wound up on the winning side of a 57-56 game. On Wednesday, March 6th, they beat the South Jersey Group 4 Champion, and advanced to play the North Jersey Group 4 Champion on Sunday, March 10th at Rutgers University. They lost to the North Jersey team, ending their magical season. Congratulations to Jayce and his teammates on a stellar performance all year long.

Congratulations to Sandra Salins, Finance Associate, and Sean Salins, Supply Chain Manager on the recent successes of their two daughters.

  • High School Sophomore Sarah is studying Italian Honors 3, and was inducted into the Italian Honor Society at Notre Dame High School.
  • Eighth Grader Sasha's team took first place in the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament. They will compete in the State Tournament later this month, and hope to advance to the World Finals at Michigan State University in May. Best of luck!

Congratulations to Operations Manager Jim Carr on his 4th annual Polar Bear Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics. On February 23, Jim and his "crew" jumped into the 38 degree waters of Seaside, NJ, to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics. This year, the event set fundraising records, and over 10,000 people attended. Jim is devoted to the cause, and plans to continue the tradition for many years to come. (He is pictured in the center wearing a cowboy hat.) Donations are still being accepted at https://www.plungeseaside.org/


Congratulations to Stephanie Goff from the shipping office and Chris Pompilio who are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Skylar, who arrived on January 13th, at 17-1/2" long and weighing 5 lbs. 7 oz. Congratulations also goes out to grandparents Larry Goff, SIGMA Operations, and his wife Lisa.  

From the Southeast Region:

C ongratulations to Denise McWhorter, Inside Sales Representative; Robert Lamborne, Electrician; Gloria Lamborne; Inside Sales; Ann Powell, Inventory Specialist and their "TEAM SIGMA" Chefs! They placed third out of 32 teams in the Leslie Gaston Memorial Chili Cook-Off, which raises money for the AFE (Amneotic Fluid Embolism) Foundation. Denise has been supporting the event for several years; her grandbaby was born within an hour of Parker Ann Gaston, whose mother Leslie passed away of AFE while giving birth. Since then, Denise has remained close to the Gaston family. She comments, "SIGMA is a wonderful place to work and I am so thankful to have a great 'family' to work with. The community was so supportive, and we all had a fantastic time."

Congratulations to Steve McDonald and Kat on the birth of their Granddaughter, Riley Ella Rae Jordan.  Arriving on the morning of January 24th, Riley was 19" long and weighed 6 lbs 11 oz.

From the Southwest Region:
Congratulations to Ed Eichmann, General Manager of SIGMA Piping Products, and his son, Edward Eichmann III, on Edward III's promotion to Sergeant in the US Army-Cyber Security/Communications Division. We thank Sergeant Eichmann for his service, and send our best wishes to the Eichmann family.