New Year's Message from the President           

First of all, we would like to wish all members of the "SIGMA Family" (some 300 strong) a very happy and healthy New Year. We thank all of you for your hard work and dedication, not only in 2017 but throughout SIGMA's 32 year history.  Y ou are, and always will be, our biggest asset and we want you to know  how much you're appreciated .
We would also like to thank you; our customer base, for your continued support and friendship. You folks are the reason that so many of us stay married to the Waterworks Industry for our entire working careers.  As I travel throughout North America I see the same faces year after year. This makes our industry so comfortable and we are all blessed to have the good fortune to work in this business.
My message this year is about attitude and the effect it has on our families, our co-workers, our customers, and friends.  There is so much negativity that surrounds us all the time, particularly in the news.  It can't help but breed cynicism.  The reality is that there are a lot of wonderful things that happen each and every day-but they don't make the news.  Being so involved with the Jimmy Fund here in Boston, I see first hand how committed the volunteers, staff and the public at large are to fighting cancer in children.  To see the smiles on the faces of the families that have been helped is priceless and there are thousands of examples like that every day.
 Each one of us can make a difference by staying positive, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and highlighting the good things our employees do. Isn't it better to surround ourselves with positive and happy people who always believe "tomorrow will be better"?  In 2018, let's focus on the positive and watch the snowball effect it has on those around us.
Let's make 2018 our best year yet and  be thankful for our blessings.  After all - we are Americans and that's the biggest blessing of all.
Sincerely yours,
Larry Rybacki
Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial Visits SIGMA

nullSIGMA was honored to have Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial and an investor in SIGMA 3.0, attend the 4th quarter Executive Management Team Meeting.

Called "The Warren Buffet of Canada", Mr. Watsa is a long time friend of SIGMA Chairman & CEO Victor Pais. The two met in college at the India Institute of Technology, and have remained close for 50 years.
Mr. Watsa addressed the SIGMA team eloquently. He discussed his approach to the business, recognized SIGMA as a long-term investment, and articulated his plan to keep the company intact. He also expressed respect for the knowledge and expertise of SIGMA's employees.
SIGMA Delivers Restraint Products for Alberta Canada Waterline

When Parkland County in Alberta, Canada required a high volume water line to supply additional water to the towns of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and the WILD Regional Water Commission, they had a number of challenging and complex site conditions to address.
The waterline installation required a depth of 2.8 meters using a conventional open cut installation method of 200-300 meters placed at 5.0 meter depth of cover. In addition, the line had six auger crossings: 231 Street, Access Road, RR 262, RR 262A, and Highway 60 (twice). The job required 800 meters of horizontal directional drilling, excavation through sandy soil conditions, installation on steep slopes, and the work had to be done adjacent to existing 24" and 12" water mains. There were high-pressure pipelines and shallow utilities to work around, as well as excavation through diverse areas. The project ran through rural farmland, industrial and commercial districts, as well as residential properties with little or no surrounding work space.
SIGMA provided: 
  • 30" Joint Restraints
  • 24" Joint Restraints
  • 22.5 Degree MJ Bends
  • 45 Degree MJ Bends
  • 14x14x8" MJxMJxFLG Tee
  • 30x24" MJ Reducer
  • 30x30x12" MJ Tee 
Due to the complexity of the project and the location challenges, SIGMA TSM Rob Mathews and National Pipe Restraint Product Manager Steve McDonald provided onsite technical support to ensure safe, correct, and secure installation.
The project was completed on schedule and on budget. Congratulations to Rob, Steve, and the Ontario Inside Sales Team on a job well done.
SIGMA Supports Victims of Hurricanes Maria & Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in late August, it left many people displaced and much property destroyed. SIGMA has continued to support victims throughout the disaster, most recently with our holiday greeting.  TSM Jessica Stohr handed out pumpkin cakes produced by Come and Cake It Bakery in Crosby, TX, and all proceeds from the sales of the cakes were donated to hurricane relief funds.
When Hurricane Maria, the strongest hurricane ever to hit Puerto Rico, made landfall on September 20, the island was pummeled with 155 mph winds and storm surges of up to nine feet. The winds and floodwater left devastation in their wake, and the island continues to struggle with lack of power, sanitation, and communication.

To support our friends and customers in Puerto Rico, SIGMA sent containers of water and gas tanks for distribution to hurricane victims.  The effort was led by members SIGMA team members Anita Kavina, and Glenn Chaisson with assistance from Southeast Regional Manager Al Richardson.
Sandra Salins Marks 30 Years at SIGMA

Congratulations to Sandra Salins, Finance Manager, on 30 years of service at SIGMA.  Sandra is the first team member to reach this milestone, and has contributed greatly to the company in her three decades here. She began her career in our accounting department, and has remained a key member of the Banking, Finance and Accounting Division ever since.
Chairman and CEO Victor Pais describes Sandra's work ethic:  "She displayed a steely determination to do whatever it takes to learn and contribute--and learn and contribute she did-- in an invaluable way. Over the years, I have stressed the need and value to doing any task or work in a prompt, accurate, and complete manner. Sandra clearly embodies these traits and then some."
Sandra also met her husband Sean at SIGMA, and 16 years later, they are the proud parents of Sara, Sasha, and Simeon.
We send a hearty congratulations to Sandra on this achievement, thank her for her dedicated service to SIGMA, and wish her continued success. 
Promotions and New Hire in Chicago Office

As a company that celebrates the success of our employees, SIGMA is delighted to announce the following advancement in the Midwestern Regional Office:
  • Jami McCrory has joined the SIGMA Team as a new Inside Sales Representative. Welcome Aboard!
  • Tanner Mitrzyk has moved from inside to outside sales. He will now serve as TSM covering Michigan and Northern Illinois.
  • Steve Boyer will now cover Indiana as a TSM.
  • Frank Mulac will add Northern Ohio to his territory.
  • Brett Trout will add Southern Indiana to his territory.
  • Charlie Kyle has been promoted to Regional Sales Manager
  • Joe Webb has been promoted to National Sales Manager.
Our congratulations to all, and best wishes for continued success.
Kevin Stine Receives NASO Kindness Award

TSM Kevin Stine, a veteran Sun Belt Conference official, received the "Great Call" Award for Kindness from the National Association of Sports Officials.
Despite his stellar officiating record, the league does not often receive thank you letters from fans about Kevin's work-but in one recent case, it did, and responded with a well-deserved recognition.
Kevin was honored for a particular act of kindness shown to a young fan at the Wake Forest-App State game.  Kevin went out of his way to present the official game coin to James Wilson, a two-year old Appalachian State fan attending his first ever football game.
Little James' grandfather, Brad Wilson, was so impressed by the gesture that he wrote a letter to Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson.  Wilson wrote:  "The simple act of kindness will remain with us forever.  It impressed upon our hearts. The coin will be framed with the date and score to commemorate not only James' first football game, but as an example to him that a man stands tallest when he stops to show kindness to a child. When he is old enough we will tell James the story of his first game and the generosity and spirit shown by Kevin that day."
Benson immediately alerted NASO President Barry Mano, who commented, "Kevin's gesture was more than a light-it was a beacon.  It certainly deserves recognition." They decided to bestow the Great Call Award on Kevin. The Award is presented to those who, through their actions, shine a positive light on officiating by demonstrating an honorable level of human quality that is normally out of the public view.
SIGMA congratulations Kevin on this well-earned award, and wishes him continued success in his efforts both as a TSM and as a football official.
SIGMA Celebrates Holidays Painting Together  

On December 15, the Northeast Regional Office hosted a "Tipsy Canvas Painting Party".  Employees gathered on a snowy Friday evening to celebrate the holiday season together. Halls were decked, holiday music was playing, and guests enjoyed a delicious potluck meal featuring appetizers, baked ziti, meatballs, cheesecake, and festive beverages.
Participants had a great time, took home sweet snowman paintings, and are all looking forward to another Tipsy Canvas Painting event in April. Special thanks to Nona Chamberlain, Inventory Controller, who organized the evening!

SIGMA Bright Spark Award for Innovation Goes to...  

Sunil Handa
Sunil Handa, Sourcing Procurement Group Associate. Sunil is recognized for his willingness to work across all departments to support sales growth, particularly in the Municipal Construction Castings product line. MCC is a large and varied product line that includes regional and local items, so it can be a challenge to master.  Sunil words effectively and collaboratively with Engineering colleagues, foundries, and sales teams to optimize availability, interchangeability, and functionality.  In addition, he travels to various markets to support sales efforts. And most significantly, Sunil maintains a pleasant, professional, courteous demeanor at all times.
The SIGMA Bright Spark Award recognizes an individual or group that has used innovation, creativity, and leadership to make a difference at the company. 
SIGMA congratulates Sunil on the Bright Spark Award, thanks him for his excellent work, and sends best wishes for continued success.
Spotlight on SIGMA 

We at SIGMA place tremendous value on our SIGMA family. With that in mind, we celebrate the joy and success of our employees and their loved ones, and we share their good news...   

From the Southeast Region:

Congratulations to Customer Service Representative Kim Robinson on the arrival of her first grandchild. Kim's daughter Paige gave birth to Nora Adalee Robinson on November 28. Nora weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz, and measured 19 inches in length. 

From the Southwest Region:

Congratulations to Accounts Receivable Associate Shandra Younts and her husband Matt on the arrival of their second baby girl, Kaylynn Pearl. Kaylynn arrived on October 9 at 5:46pm. She weighed 6 lbs, 13, oz and measured 20 inches in length.

Congratulations to Raul Ortiz on the birth of his 5th grandchild. Vera Dillen Ortiz was born on October 29.

From the Western Region:

Congratulations to TSM Chris Staudy and wife Kendall on the birth of their second son, Westin Lawrence Staudy.  Westin was born November 24, weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz, and measuring a length of 19.5 inches. It was certainly a Happy Thanksgiving for the Staudy family!
In Memoriam

SIGMA mourns the passing off Brian Sweet, our partner at Concord Supply in Ontario, Canada.  His humor, spirit, and sound business skills will be missed. Brian passed away unexpectedly on Monday January 1. He is survived by his beloved wife Cindy, his daughter Victoria, his mother Barbara, his sister and business partner Tanya, his brother, and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his father and his daughter Natalie. SIGMA sends our deepest sympathies to Brian's family.
Messages of condolence may be forwarded to the family through adamsfuneralhome.ca.