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Issue 9 September 2016
Gorilla Bow, Fitness Innovation


When Gorilla Fitness needed design, supply, manufacturing, packaging and labeling service to launch their new Gorilla Bow, SIGMA OEM was ready.  The Gorilla Bow
is a revolutionary new fitness apparatus that provides a full body resistance-training workout using an archery-type bow.  Gorilla presented SIGMA OEM with a prototype, which we gave to our designers for evaluation and engineering.  Our team perfected the design, and proceeded with SIGMA OEM's signature turnkey service.
Because SIGMA OEM has such a vast global network, we were able to procure raw materials, manufacture the equipment, and ship to the customer at a very competitive price.  And we delivered the Gorilla Bows assembled, boxed, and labeled with UPC barcodes, so they arrived at the customer's warehouses ready for immediate sale. 
The customer commented, "SIGMA OEM made this process incredibly smooth and simple.  As the Gorilla Bow launches and the market expands, we look forward to working with SIGMA OEM to meet the growing demand for this product."
3PL:  SIGMA's Wholly Owned Subsidiary
SIGMA has opened a wholly-owned subsidiary (3PL) in India to source directly and effectively from Indian manufacturers. Prior to this, SIGMA purchased products from Indian foundries on a turnkey / one-stop-shop basis. Through the wholly owned subsidiary, SIGMA works directly with different manufacturers to ensure the overall quality of the products, and exhibit more control in its OEM design and engineering services. 
3PL will take a more active role in the whole product development process as well as product supply chain throughout the product lifecycle. As this evolves, the Company expects to move deeper down the value chain and take direct control of machining, painting, sub-assemblies, packaging and export shipping.  This will guarantee that we have the best possible pricing to secure OEM business relationships, as well as continue to provide value throughout the whole customer experience.

Lastly, 3PL is looking for prospective customers interested in partnering with us to develop turnkey products within the casting space that can be completely manufactured and made ready for sale into the US.

3PL is positioning itself as a stand-alone supplier to US customers and OEM customers looking for the best TCO experience when sourcing from India.

To obtain more details about SIGMA OEM's 3PL, please contact us at .
New PLM Software System
SIGMA OEM has recently implemented a new cloud-based product lifecycle management solution from Propel, Inc. The Propel PLM platform supports our product development process, integrating people, data, processes and business systems, and provides a product information backbone for our customers and their extended enterprise. The benefits of this platform are part of our continuous improvement initiatives focused on responsiveness, cost and quality.  
SIGMA OEM General Manager Michael Weller explains, "Our customers asked and we responded.  Proactively investing in these resources significantly enhances our ability to service our most sophisticated customers, such as GE Oil & Gas and Pentair to name a few."
SIGMA OEM looks forward to utilizing this new system to the benefit of our customers.
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