SIGMA Trench Drains in High Profile Projects
SIGMA has just completed two major trench drain installations, demonstrating the utility, versatility and durability of the product line.
A top five auto manufacturer in the Midwest needed to replace an outdated trench drain system. Significant strength was required for the project, as cars roll off the production line and over the trench drain system. The customer selected the Hydrotec MAXI 100 Load Class F because it is one of the most robust trench drain solutions on the market; it has a load capacity of 202,320 lbs per foot DIN Class F. 
In addition to the automotive factory project, SIGMA's trench drains have just been installed in a leading brand gas station/convenience store/restaurant complex in Southeast Florida. We used Hydrotec MAXI 100 Class D for this job because of its durability. Heavy tanker trucks and 18-wheelers constantly pass through the area, so the customer needed something that would withstand massive amounts of weight. Additionally, the site is located in a region which experiences frequent, heavy rainfall, so high capacity drainage was an essential.
Says Eric Moisa, SIGMA's National Product Manager for Trench Drain Solutions, " The customer in Florida had historically used a different trench drainage product, but when he learned about the benefits of Hydrotec, he was determined to use it . Hydrotec's durability due to fiber reinforced concrete, the ease of installation and maintenance, and its many technical innovations make it superior to competitors' products. The system was installed on time and is performing to expectations".
For further information, please contact Eric Moisa emoisa@sigmaco.com or call 609-286-8861

Voice of the Customer Update
As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service in the industry, SIGMA's Voice of the Customer Initiative is moving forward. The VoC team has identified specific areas in communications, sales, and operations where we can improve the customer experience. Protocols will be implemented in the coming months and into 2016.
If you would like to provide anonymous customer feedback as part of the VoC program, please contact Joe Webb at jwebb@sigmaco.com .
SIGMA OEM Launches New Website

SIGMA is pleased to announce the launch of our new SIGMA OEM website. SIGMA OEM remains a proud member of the SIGMA family, but the unique nature of the OEM business and the projected growth of the division warranted its own dedicated site.
We look forward to developing the site further in the coming months and are eager to receive feedback from users.

Please visit
http://sigmaoem.com/ and share your opinions at:


SIGMA attended this year's WEFTEC Show in Chicago September 26-30. As a key player in the water industry, SIGMA is always an enthusiastic participant in this important annual conference--the largest of its kind in North America.
With over 22,000 attendees, this year's WEFTEC show was a networking mecca. The SIGMA team was pleased to connect with many industry friends and customers, and most importantly, generate new contacts for future opportunities.
Regional Sales Meetings a Success
All of SIGMA's regional offices hosted productive sales meetings during the third quarter of the year. Each region gathered with SIGMA's corporate leadership team for training, goal setting, and teambuilding activities. The Western Regional Office Billiards Tournament was a particular highlight; winners Jon Taft, Territory Sales Manager, and Leslie Robinson, Warehouse Manager, are shown here basking in their victory.
Congratulations to Chicago Employees
SIGMA is proud to announce the following personnel changes in the Chicago Regional Office:
  • Dave Brugger (left), formerly Inside Sales Manager, was promoted to Territory Sales Manager covering Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.
  • Kwame Williams (center), formerly Inside Sales Representative, has been promoted to Inside Sales Manager.
  • Tanner Mitrzyk (right) joined SIGMA as Inside Sales Representative.
Congratulations to all and best wishes for continued success.
Western Regional Office Staff Gets Fit

The employees in the newly remodeled Western Regional Office not only work together--they also work out together!
Angel Ramos, Warehouse Manager and Fitness Buff explains, "There was a vacant office in the new place, and people kept saying 'We should have a gym, we could all chip in. When I remodeled my home gym, I jus t brought the old equipment here, and some other people brought in some of their equipment, and pretty soon we had a really nice facility--benches, a treadmill, a leg press, a pull-up bar, a punching bag, some dumbbells, a set of weights. It was easy to do and it made a big difference."
The SIGMA gym is well used by the staff-after hours and off the clock, of course. Angel continues, "I put together some workouts and we all go in after work. It's a great way to end the day."  
ABCD Award Goes to ...

Lori Grant-Peters, Engineering Assistant. With over 20 years at SIGMA, Lori is recognized by colleagues for knowing the company inside and out. Lori is an asset to the Engineering division, where she provides administrative support, and she also handles customer service duties for SIGMA OEM.   Coworkers praise her willingness to take on any task; she is considered a great "go-to" resource. Lori never claims to be too busy to help, and she has trained many people in OEM and other areas. Her positive attitude is an example to all; Lori always reminds us that as an organization, SIGMA takes the high road every time. 
The ABCD Award, which stands for "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty," is SIGMA's way of acknowledging employees' outstanding effort. Each quarter, an ABCD award is given to an individual or group who demonstrates exceptionally commendable achievement. SIGMA employees may nominate coworkers, and customers may recommend SIGMA employees who have provided them with excellent service. Please email your ABCD nominations to kerimwhite@comcast.net .
Spotlight on SIGMA 
We at SIGMA place tremendous value on our SIGMA family. With that in mind, we celebrate the joy and success of our employees and their loved ones, and we share their good news...                        
From the Northeast Region:      
Congratulations to Donna Jones, Sales & Marketing Support, and her husband Wayne on the birth of their new granddaughter.  Maggie Anne Blanchet was born on July 15, 2015, weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz, and was 19-1/2 inches long. Best wishes to her parents Barbara and Joseph, big sister Brielle and big brother Joey

Congratulations and thanks to Melissa Kraemer, Business Development Associate, SIGMA OEM, on the beautiful sunflower garden she grew in the SIGMA yard. Last year, we reported that Melissa grew one large, beautiful sunflower, and this year she expanded her efforts exponentially. We're proud to present a photo of this year's expansive, garden-and yes, the flowers are nearly as tall as the roof. The entire office is raving about the gigantic flowers; people have even brought their families in to see these wonders of nature. Thanks to Melissa, for bringing such joy to the corporate office! We can't wait to see what she does next year.

Congratulations to Ritesh Patel, SIGMA IT LAN Administrator, and his wife Vidhi, on the birth of their son Manav R. Patel.  
Manav was born on August 15, weighed in at 4 lbs, 13 oz, and measured 17 inches long. Manav is pictured here receiving a warm welcome from big brother Shiv.
Photo by Rey Caparros Photography 
Congratulations to Lauren Osborne-Walmsley, Finance Manager, on her marriage to Joseph Walmsley. The happy couple met at Rutgers in 2001, announced their engagement on September 2, 2007, and tied the knot on August 8, 2015 at the Adventure Aquarium.     
Congratulations to Ken Stephenson, Sourcing & Procurement, on the birth of his granddaughter, Abigail Christine. She arrived Friday, September 11 at 3:20 am, weighing in at 8.8 lbs.  
Congratulations to Jayce Schapiro, son of OEM's Craig Schapiro, on his success at the Battle of the Bats Ripken Baseball Tournament in Aberdeen, MD. Jayce's team, the Jersey Mudcats, won their first 4 games and lost a tough 6-5 final. The competition was intense and the team put in a great performance to complete a terrific season.
From the Southeast Region:
Congratulations to Chapman Marlow, son of Scott Marlow, Customer Service Representative, on his success on the soccer field. Chapman's team, the U12 Auburn Thunder, captured their first ever championship trophy in the August Thunder Road Classic.  Chapman scored 3 goals and offered up 5 assists in the tournament. His team won all 4 matches, defeating their opponents by a combined score of 20-8.

Congratulations to Bobbie Taunton on her retirement after 45 years of service to SIGMA and its predecessor company, Russell Pipe.  Bobbie is pictured here  (center) with the Southeast Regional Inside Sales Team.  We wish Bobbie a well-deserved, restful retirement, and send our heartfelt gratitude for her long-standing dedication and service to SIGMA.    
From the Midwest Region:
Congratulations to US Marine Corps Lance Corporal Jake Boyer, son of Steve Boyer, Sales Rep, and his wife Tracey, on earning his Air Crew wings. Jake completed his training and study at Camp Pendleton, and will be a gunner in a Huey Hellicoptor. We wish Jake godspeed, and thank him for his service.
In Memoriam :
We mourn the loss of Cecil Lafayette Walton, former President of Russell Pipe and Foundry, who passed away at age 90 on September 18 in Alexander City, AL. Cecil worked at Russell Pipe for 63 years.   He started selling soft drinks at age 12, and rose to become president and owner of the company. He was a devoted family man who was known for his kind and gentle nature. SIGMA sends our deepest condolences to Margot and Greg Fox and their extended family.