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Last night I voted against legislation that restricted the Second Amendment Constitutional freedoms of New Yorkers.  Despite my strong, vocal opposition the measure passed, even though there wasn't a single public hearing on the legislation or any real effort to hear from, and listen to, voters


Kathleen Marchione comments on Gun Control Legislation in Senate Session - January 14, 2013  


Today, I'm asking you to stand strong, stand with me, and stand up for our Second Amendment rights.  Please visit the link below and add your name to the growing list of citizens who support repealing and replacing last night's restrictive and unconstitutional gun control legislation.  If our petition gets enough signatures, we will show strong public support for preserving our Constitutional freedoms, along with repealing and replacing this new gun control.  


Click this link to access the petition: 




Now, more than ever, your voice does matter.  Stand strong and stand with me!  


Thank you.

Kathleen A. Marchione

New York State Senator, 43rd District


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