April 6, 2020
Gift Card Extravaganza Opportunity
Dear Clinton Chamber Members,

A “ Gift Card Extravaganza ” event, designed to offer a variety of local business gift cards for purchase in one location, is now live through the Clinton Chamber of Commerce at www.clintonchamber.org/news/gift-card-extravaganza . 

During this strange new world of social distancing and self-quarantine due to COVID-19, our local small businesses are experiencing a huge loss of revenue. Although the government recommended measures are positive steps our community is taking to protect our citizens and slow the spread of the coronavirus, small businesses also need our help to stay afloat during this difficult time. As a city, we will get through this. Do we want our favorite locally owned businesses to still be here when we do? Yes.

If you are a local business wanting to participate and offer your own gift cards, whether you have a gift card option already set up or not, then please contact the Clinton Chamber of Commerce or register below to be included in this exciting new event.

To show our support for the whole business community, this event will be open to all businesses, regardless of their Chamber membership, at this time.
How It Works

  1. You register with the Clinton Chamber by filling out the online form linked below. NOTE: Gift cards are only offered in $10 or $25 denominations at this time.
  2. We add you to the Gift Card Extravaganza event on our website, where the public can purchase your gift cards through our system.
  3. Our system processes any purchases made, including paying applicable transaction fees.
  4. We send any applicable purchase confirmations to an email address of your choice. You retain these for your records and procedures in redeeming the purchases.
  5. Every Friday, the Chamber will write checks to businesses who received purchases for that week. We will deduct the transaction fees charged to us, but all other money will go directly to the businesses participating. This means you get the money *now* and do not have to wait until a gift card is redeemed.
  6. Anyone who purchases a gift card will be instructed to retain their confirmation email and present it to the business for redemption.


  • A single $10 gift card purchase will mean the business receives a check for $9.30 from us
  • A single $25 gift card purchase will mean the business receives a check for $23.78 from us
  • The benefit here is if a purchaser chooses to buy multiple cards from several businesses, then the transaction fee is split among all the businesses included in that purchase – leaving each business with more money from the single transaction. Buying in bulk is therefore to be encouraged!

Please also note that it is up to each business to determine how they would like to handle redemptions, but our suggestion is to use our forwarded purchase confirmations to the business as a matching reference for any redemptions brought to a business. It is also up to the individual businesses to communicate any limitations for their gift cards to the public. The Chamber will not be held responsible for recording redemptions or exceptions to cards.
Remember also to continue to check our website for resources and information regarding COVID-19 at

We are all in this together, and the Clinton Chamber is here to help you however we can!


T.J. McSparrin

Executive Director
The Clinton Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 143 | 100 E. Leake Street | Clinton, MS 39056
(601) 924-5912 | info@clintonchamber.org