Title: Serverless Computing and Cloud Enablement Development

Peers sharing their migration successes and challenges operating at scale.
WHAT:  Serverless Computing and Cloud Enablement Development

WHEN: Wednesday March 21, 2018

TIME: 5:30-8:30 pm

WHERE: Seattle Yacht Club
1807 E Hamlin St, Seattle, WA 98112

Add serverless computing to the growing list of terms and options IT organizations have when building infrastructure and software. Serverless infrastructure and cloud computing brings great simplicity, value and empowerment, but at a cost. What should organizations know before moving to this asynchronous paradigm?  What innovation has cloud enabled for your company? How do transformational companies define success? To learn more about this exciting space and the practical implications, join us for a panel discussion from leading industry experts who share how they’ve navigated this landscape, migrated from on-prem to cloud providers, and dealt with challenges, budgeting, and a shift in culture mindset.

Gabe Hicks, CTO Dev9
Todd Wilson
Director of Software Engineering at REI
Rene Parra
Chief Architect at Homeaway
Steve Hull
Director of Cloud Strategy and Development,
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