Talent Risk Management and Knowledge Transfer
How to optimize your team to speed up execution of your big ideas.
WHAT:  Talent Risk Management and Knowledge Transfer

WHEN: Wednesday January 17, 2018

TIME: 5:30-8:30 pm

WHERE: Seattle Yacht Club
1807 E Hamlin St, Seattle, WA 98112

We know that the goal of every IT leader is speed. Speed to transformation, agility, execution and ultimately, speed to revenue for your company. It’s costly and difficult to deliver on that goal as we all compete for talent in our market, maintain legacy systems and prepare for a faster future. Join us as Steve Trautman, expert in technical talent risk management and knowledge transfer and author of Do You Have WHO it Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce , shares how to identify talent risks, replicate your top performers using knowledge transfer, and retain existing talent using both qualitative and quantitative metrics. 
Learn how to spot the gaps in your organization and discuss these risks with your management team and/or board of directors. 

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