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Penitents of the Holy Christ of Love brotherhood gather at Santa Isabel convent during Holy Tuesday in Toledo, Spain. (Ismael Herrero/EFE/Sipa USA)

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, poses for a selfie with supporters while launching the Conservative election campaign in London. (Ben Cawthra/Sipa USA)

An Israeli Ultra Orthodox Jew collects water from the Ein-Walaje spring in Jerusalem to use for making the Passover bread "Matsa". (Omer Messinger/Sipa USA)

Zhongwei/Xinhua/Sipa USA)

Locals gather to watch the traditional cock fighting in Sylhet, Bangladesh. (Md. Akhlas Uddin/Pacific Press/Sipa USA)

A solar halo appears in the sky over Boao, South China. (Shen Hong/Xinhua/Sipa USA)

British actor Douglas Booth poses for a portrait session. (Jon Gorrigan/The Guardian/Sipa USA)

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