On March 18, 2020 Charleston County announced an extension of school closures until April 10th.
The Town of Seabrook Island leads the island's emergency response. Current information on the Mayor's declaration of a State of Emergency can be obtained here:   https://www.townofseabrookisland.org/announcements/category/coronavirus
We will continue to monitor any emergency response and safety recommendations as they become available. As we move forward and receive any additional recommendations, SIPOA will make a decision on extending our facility closures beyond the original date of March 31st. We will post updates if the schedule is revised. In the meantime, facilities are closed and although employees may be working remotely, administrative functions that can be performed without in-person contact have not been greatly impacted.
Owners who need new barcodes, or have vehicle changes can email us at: receptionist@sipoa.org. Staff will process your requests and contact you with information on where to obtain your barcode.
The following is a link to an excellent Tidelines post about virtual health care options currently available in our area.

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Check out this video by Lake House Personal Trainer, Mark Durinsky as he explains interval training and how to perform walking or stationary lunges.

Mark Durinsky Video
Mark Durinsky - Personal Trainer

Interval Training is great especially for walkers and runners.
Walk or run for 2 minutes and then do a particular exercise for 1 minutes.

Two great exercises to incorporate in interval training are walking or stationary lunges.

Some other exercises that could be performed during interval training and do not require any equipment include pushups, planks, or squats.