February 7th, 2023
talent mobility and knowledge exchange
SIREUS launches an Affiliation of American Universities Program 
SIREUS, a collaboration between SACC-USA and 13 Swedish universities, focuses on knowledge exchange in innovation, science and entrepreneurship, and increased talent mobility for students and researchers between Sweden and the U.S. The new SIREUS Affiliation of American Universities Program will further strengthen this bilateral academic network. 
Washington, D.C., February 7th, 2023 – SIREUS is thrilled to announce the launch of the SIREUS Affiliation of American Universities Program as a bilateral complement to the existing network of Swedish SIREUS Member Universities.  
As an Affiliated American University to SIREUS, its members can participate in strategic academic initiatives with Swedish universities and companies. Members will gain first-hand information about programs, events, and initiatives taking place in Swedish academia and can participate in workshops, academic delegations, and collaboration projects in the U.S. and in Sweden, including joint participation in EU projects. 
“Swedish and U.S. universities have a strong tradition of collaboration on research and higher education, and there are many ongoing collaboration projects and exchange programs. An important added value of the SIREUS platform is the strategic and long-term commitment of the member universities, and the sharing of knowledge between them. SIREUS can play an important role in securing tomorrow’s competence needs for both academia and the business sector in both countries”, says Dr. Maria Brogren, Counselor for science, innovation and higher education at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC. 
The founding affiliated American universities are Chapman University, Dakota State University, Gustavus Adolphus College, Michigan Technological University, Tufts University, The University of Texas at San Antonio and Washington State University. Several more American universities will soon join the program.  
On Feb 21st, leaders from 11 Swedish SIREUS Member Universities and 13 American Universities will meet at the SIREUS inaugural leadership event, the SIREUS CHANCELLORS forum in Washington, DC.  
“When the SIREUS program was launched one year ago, it was in the plans to create an American academic network that would complement our efforts on the American side”, says Christer Bergman, SIREUS Program Director. “During the first year of operation, SIREUS and our participating Swedish universities has made major achievements and are now excited to take the next step in forming the American Affiliated network. The combination of a Swedish and American academic network will strengthen the possibility for many productive and sustainable bilateral cooperations”.  
SIREUS was launched in February 2022 by the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA (SACC-USA) as a collaborative project between SACC-USA and 13 Swedish universities. The project is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC, and the Swedish Institute, and operates a structured platform for increased talent mobility and knowledge exchange between Sweden and the U.S. in the areas of innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. 
The focus of the SIREUS project is to strengthen the quality of higher education and research by: 
• Increasing the number of students, trainees, and researchers participating in exchange programs between Sweden and the U.S 
• Increasing knowledge exchange through collaborative research and innovation projects 
• Strengthening the attractiveness of Sweden as a destination for studies, research, and internships 
Participating Swedish member universities are Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Jönköping University, Karolinska Institute, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Luleå University of Technology, Lund University, Mid Sweden University, Mälardalen University, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University. The project is managed by the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce - SACC-USA with a network of 19 regional chambers; a bilateral business and talent network, 2,500 members, and around 300 events per year around the US. 
For more information, please contact

Christer Bergman
Program Director at SIREUS
+1 (703) 405 8255