March 17, 2020

Hello, St. Isidore Community

We appreciate your continued cooperation during this very fluid time in education.
Notifying attendance
During this long-term dismissal/eLearning period, we are required to continue to track student attendance. Please send an email to your child’s homeroom teacher each day, with your child’s name in the subject line and if they are present or absent. This email must be sent by 9:00 a.m. and should not contain other information or questions for teachers. This is for attendance purposes only.
Reporting illness
If your child becomes ill, please contact the school office attendance line (925-837-2977 and press 2) as usual. There are still no known cases of coronavirus in our St. Isidore School community. If you, your student(s), or any members of your family exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus, or have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Mrs. Ward directly.
Supporting learning
Thank you to our faculty and staff for all of their effort to implement eLearning for our students. Teachers will decide, based on grade level and curriculum, how and when to communicate with students directly. Some teachers have given schedules for live student support via Google Hangouts and other platforms, while other teachers are making individual appointments. It is not mandatory, unless a teacher specifies otherwise. These decisions are based on what will work best for teachers, families and students. Teachers will disseminate information via Schoology. Please make sure you and your students check Schoology regularly.
We are doing all we can to support learning and give you all the information we have regarding this unprecedented time. Your questions are welcome and we appreciate your prayers and patience.
Maria Ward
St. Isidore School