March 19, 2020
Hello, St. Isidore School Community
Happy feast day of St. Joseph! I hope you are all staying healthy and that students are continuing to learn. We appreciate your partnership during this time of Long Term Dismissal (LTD). At this time, we are extending LTD through Easter break. We will plan on returning to school on Monday, April 20. This is the best, most accurate information we have currently. Please know that this may change.
As many of you are aware, the Governor has made statements about the possibility of closing schools through the end of the school year. This is not our hope, and we will keep you updated as we get more information. As of now, the last day of LTD assignments will be Wednesday, April 8.
During these trying and difficult times, your family’s health is our number one concern. If at times you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, please take a step back and take a break. When it comes to curriculum, we want it to be relevant and balanced. Focus on creating a schedule that works for your family, and work on accomplishing what you can in that given schedule. We understand many families work and the individual attention that the student needs to accomplish the work may not be feasible. We are working with the staff continually to streamline learning to make it more efficient and applicable to everyone’s daily schedules.
Again, thank you for your cooperation and partnership during this complex time. We hope to see you all soon.
Stay healthy,
Maria Ward and Dennis Keane
St. Isidore School