Agenda: Presentation of the Annual Congregational Business Meeting: April 25, 2021, 12:00 Noon on Zoom

Welcome - The purpose of the Annual Congregational
Meeting is to do the following:

Reports of 2020 Challenges and Results from the Minister, the staff and committee heads.
Elect new Board of Trustees, and Nominating Committee members
Approve the Annual Budget
Present assets held by the Church:
Determine level of the Reserve Fund

Ministers Address and chalice lighting
Verification of the presence of a quorum
Approval of 2021 Annual Business Meeting
(Read Minutes HERE)
Board of Trustees President’s Report
Treasurers Report
Presentation of Nominating Committee slate:

For President of the Board of Trustees (1 year term) – Jennifer (Ginger) Ryan
For Treasurer (1 year term) – Tricia Gerrodette
For Secretary (1 year term) - Becky Tanner
For Members at Large (2 year terms)– Kathy Scott & Jerry Beale (Jean MacKeen & Carolyn Cook returning for 2nd year of 2 year terms-not voted on)

Nominating Committee: Kathy Howe, Joyce Carpenter and Richard Nielsen
Nominations from the floor. Motion, discussion and vote on the

Presentation of the Budget and reserve fund level,
Proposal from current treasurer. Motion, discussion and vote

Report of Other Committees as Needed:
Shared Ministry -
Caring Committee- Diane Davis
Adult Re Committee –
Green Congregation Committee – Dave Weigel
Building/Grounds committee – Dave Weigel
Stewardship Committee - Dave Weigel
Security - Brad Mitchell

Submission of other Topics or Concerns from the floor
Closing remarks (Tina or other member)……..
Annual Meeting Adjourned: