MAY 2017
FEATURES just placed San José in the top 10 "Millennial Magnet" cities in the US, based on a survey of first-time home buyers.

The  survey  found that 26-34-year-olds are interested in short commutes, parks and cultural centers and restaurants, all of which are right in San José's wheelhouse. The survey also noted that millennials are looking to buy homes in surprising numbers - they represent 64% of all first-time home buyers, but account for only 1% of the population.

Read the full survey for details. For more information, contact Blage Zelalich, Downtown Manager, OED.

According to a 
study by The Brookings Institution, the San José metro area was ranked the most productive metropolitan area (MSA) in the nation, with labor productivity growth at 2.7 percent between 1978 and 2015.  The report noted that the city is the ultimate example of cluster effects, and as such has astronomical productivity readings and very high density of critical high-R&D, STEM-intensive advanced industries. The productive industries comprise more than 30 percent of all employment compared to an average of 9 percent in the largest 100 metros.

San José' MSA's success is one of few success stories. During the period between 2004 and 2015, the researchers saw that even the most productive areas of the U.S. couldn't escape the productivity slowdown, unless the area was the site of the energy or tech boom. 

Beyond those two sectors, only small cities that had major research universities saw productivity growth of greater than 1 percent a year.

For more information, contact Chris Burton, Senior Business Development Officer, OED.


Gather more than 100 manufacturing industry professionals. Add an industry legend. Add presentations on re-shoring and workforce development. And then set it all up inside San Jose's latest cutting-edge research institute. That's the recipe for the latest installment of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Round t able, held March 31 at NextFlex.  
The event was part of a regular convening of manufacturing-industry players under the SVMR label, a collaboration among the cities of  San José , Fremont, Morgan Hill, Milpitas and Santa Clara. Attendees included more than 30 manufacturing employers as well as service providers and nonprofits.  
Participants received an update on NextFlex's mission to propel the emerging technology of flexible hybrid electronics , as well as the institute's educational mission that now involves nearly 200 high school students.   A presentation from the  silicon valley organization  introduced attendees to an innovative new internship program, Strive San José Rosemary Coates, executive director of the Reshoring Institute, provided an engaging presentation on the history of moving jobs overseas - and successful efforts to br ing them back  
But the highlight for many attendees was a fireside chat with Ray Zinn, the founder and longtime CEO of chip company Micrel who published a memoir in 2015, Tough Things First . In conversation with OED's Donovan Lazaro, Zinn told how he set up Micrel for a remarkable four-decade run in Silicon Valley.  
Asked about the future of manufacturing in Silicon Valley, Zinn responded: " There is a future, but we need local support to keep it here. I think you've done that. I'm very pleased with this group meeting today and the enthusiasm I feel here."  

Read our blogpost for more details, or contact Donovan Lazaro, Business Development Officer, OED.



After 10 years of work to find the best possible use for a major site in the heart of San José's  JapanTown , the City Council close on the sale of the former Corporation Yard.

T he sale returns  $18.5 million to the City, but more importantly, it paves the way for a top-quality project yielding 20,000 sf of retail space, 520 residential units, and a .75-acre park. In addition, a .75 parcel was given back to the City, to become the permanent home of San Jose Taiko and  CreaTV  San Jos e.  
For more information, contact  Nanci Klein , Director of Real Estate, City of San José.


For the sixth year, San José's  (BOS)  will host a half-day Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, May 5th from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the City Hall Rotunda.  

This year's theme is the importance of immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners to the success of the local economy. Key partners for the event include The U.S. Small Business
Administration, Kiva, SBDC, and eBay.  

The event features seven different workshops, including access to capital, doing business in San José, and social media and branding. Spanish and Vietnamese translations are available for all workshops. In addition, the event will feature a resource fair with 20 BOS partners that provide a wide array of services to small business owners at little or no cost. The Keynote speaker will be eBay's Chief Diversity Officer, Damien Hooper-Campbell.
The event is free and open to the public and  Eventbrite registration prior to the event is highly encouraged. Flyers and event information will also be available in Spanish and Vietnamese through the registration page. For further information, please contact  BJ Sims, Business Services Manager, OED, at 408-794-1129.



Silicon Valley Business Journal just unveiled a development tracker, Crane Watch. A frequently updated, interactive map, Crane Watch pinpoints and describes the many new developments underway in San José.

Currently highlighting more than two dozen commercial and residential projects, Crane Watch is being kicked off in the 176 square miles of San José, with plans to expand to the rest of the county. Projects larger than 100,000 are included. Click on Crane Watch for details on the city's next growth spurt.

For more information, contact Nathan Donato-Weinstein , Business Development Officer. OED.


CycleBar, a dedicated cycling studio, is opening in Westgate West. With 50 bikes, the studio is a part of the "pre-eminent indoor cycling franchise" based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
A growing exercise phenomenon, cycling studios are a far cry from the spin classes of old. CycleBar offers a concierge experience, complete with atmospheric lighting and a curated playlist. The 50- to 75-minute classes are held in classrooms with dimmed lights and bicycles ranked amphitheater-style around the instructor for maximum visibility. The class price includes free towels, shower facilities, lockers and shoes.

San José's first CycleBar will offer free private rides for groups of 25 to 50 between April 24 and May 3 for those who register in advance. After the May 4 opening, the studio will continue to offer free classes until May 14. 

For more information, contact Nathan Donato-Weinstein, Business Development Officer, OED. 



Opening on Thursday, April 13, Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) now boasts an elegant facility for meeting international arrivals.

The sidewalk rendezvous point has been replaced with an indoor, air-conditioned lounge area. 

At the south end of Terminal A, the new International Arrivals Building includes 5,600 square feet of enclosed space, complete with restrooms, vending machines, a second baggage carousel and seating. 

The new facility cost $8.2 million and took 11 months to build because construction activities were confined to a few hours each night when the terminal was not used. 

For more information, contact Jonathan Vadan, Marketing Representative, SJC. 



Steve Wozniak flanked by the City Council and staff
in full Star Trek Regalia

The weather was wet and windy, so the Silicon Valley Comic Con flag was rais ed symbol ically inside the City Hall Rotunda, in a ceremony that included storm troopers, a Borg and members of the  San José City Council in Star Trek uniforms.

City Councilmember Dev Davis presided over the ceremony and introduced Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers and the presiding genius of SV Comic Con, in its second year in San José.

Wozniak, who proudly announced he was born in San José, was drew cheers from the crowd as he recalled choosing San José for the convention, now in its second year. 

"When we were deciding to do Comic Con we had (a choice of) San Francisco or San José," said Woz. "And we
 absolutely favored San José!" This year, the show is expected to attract 100,000 visitors.

Panel discussions and seminars on aspects of emerging science and new technologies make SV Comic Con substantive as well as fun - just the way Woz likes it.

SV Comic Con immediately followed FaceBook's F8 Developer Conference, the start of a summer of blockbuster events in San José, including Nvidia's GPUT Conference, May 8-11; Fanime 2017, May 26-29; and Apple WWDC, June 5-9.


For more information, call 408.535.8168, or contact Elisabeth Handler
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