April 27, 2021
Headmaster’s Message

This Not Being Sure

Having decided to write about the frustrations of uncertainty—in particular, this strange species of uncertainty many are feeling as we look toward the end of this pandemic—I find myself uncertain of how to do it in a way that does justice to this moment in our collective life.
We’ve waited so long to be able to speak and think definitively about the future that the prospect of actually doing it is proving surprisingly daunting. Our conversations verge on the surreal: What can or can’t we do now? How can or can’t we occupy space, interact, and live our regular lives? What, indeed, are our regular lives, now that we’re all accustomed to this?

Mason Davis to Perform with Vermont Youth Orchestra

St. Johnsbury Academy senior musician Mason Davis will perform with the Vermont Youth Orchestra on May 2. After what Mark Alpizar, the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association’s music director, calls a “Senior Solo Audition,” Mason was one of four high school seniors selected to perform as a soloist with the premiere ensemble. Two of the finalists performed in February. Layla Morris from Champlain Valley Union High School will perform Shostakovich’s - Cello Concerto No. 1 on May 2.

Anita Surmacz Competes in National Brain Bee

On April 10-11, senior Anita Surmacz sat for the National Brain Bee tests to see who, among 60 regional competition winners, would represent the United States at the 2021 International Brain Bee. Over the course of two days, Anita took five tests, a grueling exercise in tenacity and grit!  

While the results are not yet final, Anita's advisor, science teacher Edwin Eckel, says “we are very proud of her effort and the hard work she put in to preparing and taking the tests. She has demonstrated to a high degree the qualities of commitment, inquiry, and excellence we develop in all members of the SJA community.”
Regional Rotary Speech Contest Results

Mr. Lovett introduced Clara Andre (l) as the runner-up in the Regional Rotary Speech Contest, this week in Chapel. Clara advanced to the regional competition by winning the local event. Classmates Moises Zetune Zaga and Jenny Li were also recognized for their participation in the local contest.

Friday, APRIL 30
Senior Capstone Day
Senior Amber Fuller proudly shows off the armoire she crafted in Mr. Stark’s Advanced Woodworking class.
Photos of the Varsity Girls Lacrosse game against Colchester can be viewed here. As always, all of our photos are available for purchase or free download.
The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team hosted Hartford on Saturday. Photos from the game can be viewed here.
Photos from the Varsity Girls Ultimate game against Burlington on Saturday can be viewed here. Our SmugMug gallery is filled with even more photos after a full week of play. Click this link to see them all.