January 26, 2021

Senior Recognition Ads for 2021 Yearbook

Parents of seniors interested in placing a Senior Recognition Ad in the yearbook are asked to submit their ads before February 11. What a great way to tell your favorite senior how proud you are of them! Follow this link to begin creating your ad today.

Friday, FEBRUARY 5
Faculty In-Service, No Classes
As part of our continuing celebration of the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. last week, senior Ceirra Manassa-Curnin delivered a very powerful message of her own in Chapel, as she shared how Dr. King's legacy has influenced her life.
It is that time of year when we enjoy hearing poetry in Chapel. Last week four students competed to represent SJA at the state level in the Vermont Poetry Out Loud competition. Senior Gavin Ghafoori (upper left) was named the winner and Lily Barth (upper right) was named the runner-up. Gavin and Lily's poems can be heard here. Poems delivered by Theodora Montague and Madison Wilson can be heard here.
SJA Athletic Director John Lenzini presents the 2020 7 v 7 Football Northeast Region Champion plaque to Dr. Howell during Chapel on Monday. The plaque was presented to Mr. Lenzini by seniors Geoffrey Hauver and Jaden Hayes.
Students in Mr. Shea's Film 2 class block out a scene during class.
Chef B's students work in a nice warm kitchen, on a cold day, baking breads and whoopie pies.