March 10, 2021

Recognizing Women's History

This past Tuesday, senior Maddie Hurlbert gave a talk in morning Chapel to recognize that it is Women’s History Month. She shared its history, which bears some resemblance to that of Black History Month, in that it started from grass roots as a week and gradually, by 1987, grew into a month—a whole month—to celebrate the contributions of women. It may be fair to feel the same kind of impatience with this construct as we do with Black History Month and for similar reasons. While the purpose of these months is to repopulate our common historical understanding and remedy the dearth of black stories and women’s stories, they also show us that dearth in starker relief. 

Senior Wins Vermont Brain Bee

St. Johnsbury Academy senior Anita Surmacz, of Otomin, Pomorskie, Poland, recently won the Vermont Brain Bee (VBB), a neuroanatomy knowledge competition hosted at the University of Vermont. “The competition is a means of encouraging students interested in neuroscience to immerse themselves in the structure of the brain, how the various structural elements of the brain and nervous system communicate with other structural elements, and how information is acquired, transmitted, processed, and action responses sent back out to the body,” according to team advisor Edwin Eckel.

Connecting our Communities

Even as vaccines are more widely administered, and normalcy begins to slowly return, our community’s elderly remain isolated from their families and friends due to concerns about their health. Over the last few weeks, twenty St. Johnsbury Academy students have been working to ease some of that isolation.


Friday, MARCH 19
Faculty In-Service, No Classes

Thursday, MARCH 25
Virtual Meet the Teachers Zoom Meetings, 5:00-8:00 PM
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Friday, MARCH 26
Virtual Meet the Teachers Zoom Meetings, 8:00-11:30 AM
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Students in Mrs. Angell's Forensic Science class are learning about DNA profiling. Students practiced micropipetting techniques and will perform gel electrophoresis to analyze crime scene DNA to determine which suspect was at the crime scene. 
There is still plenty of snow and the temperatures are not as warm as they will be later in the week, but everywhere we turn there are signs that people are ready for spring.
Students in Mr. Lovett's Public Speaking class have begun delivering their speeches in Chapel. On Monday, Clara Andre spoke about her topic, The Importance of Vermont Small Family Farms.
The hockey team took advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures for one more practice on their outside rink prior to their last regular season game against Hartford on Wednesday.
Photos from last week's varsity basketball game against MMU can be viewed here.
Photos from the JV game can be viewed here.
The alpine ski teams competed at Burke Mountain in the NVAC District Championships. The boys team won the Giant Slalom portion of the event to win the combined title for the second year in a row. Senior Tommy Zschau led the team with a second place finish in the GS. The girls team finished fifth for the two days. Both teams qualified for the state championships for the seventh year in a row. Photos from the slalom portion of the event can be viewed here. A list of NVAC District honors can be viewed here.