November 17, 2020
Wednesday, November 25
Vacation Begins

Monday, November 30
Classes Resume

SJA Senior Receives Golden Wrench Award
SJA senior Gavin Dufour has received the Golden Wrench Award for Spring 2020 from The Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts. The award, normally presented in the spring of a student’s junior year, was presented last week by SJA Career and Technical Education Director Patrick Guckin and Automotive Instructor Bret Bourgeois.

Winter Athletics Update

Please note the planned dates for the beginning of SJA’s winter athletics season:
Meet-the-Coaches Zoom: 7 pm, 12/1
For all athletes and their families
Sports-specific Zoom meetings: 7 pm, 12/3
First day of winter practices: 12/7
Per the Agency of Education, interscholastic games for the winter season will begin on or shortly after January 11, 2021.
Mr. Roberts' Intro to Electricity students began wiring the garage that the Construction Technology students built last week.
Mr. Despins' Sports Medicine students were busy taping ankles in class.
Senior Nelson Eaton presented his DI Medalist golf trophy to Dr. Howell in Chapel. Nelson's award was the first one presented to Dr. Howell since she became headmaster on July 1.