November 23, 2020

Hold On, Dig In, and Be Thankful

Among the many things I am thankful for this week is the fact that we at the Academy remain here together for these two days before the Thanksgiving holiday. Many thought that we would be online by now and were even more convinced of that as the cases of COVID-19 in Vermont and the counties surrounding us continued to rise over the last couple of weeks.

Monday, November 23
Family Zoom Forum, 7:00 PM
Please sign up for the webinar at this following link.

Wednesday, November 25
Vacation Begins

Monday, November 30
Classes Resume

Winter Athletics Update

Please note the planned dates for the beginning of SJA’s winter athletics season:
Meet-the-Coaches Zoom: 7 pm, 12/1
For all athletes and their families
Sports-specific Zoom meetings: 7 pm, 12/3
First day of winter practices: 12/7
Per the Agency of Education, interscholastic games for the winter season will begin on or shortly after January 11, 2021.
Students in Ms. Vorhies' AP Chemistry class work through an experiment designed to show the strength of the forces between certain molecules while their classmate participates through a video connection.
Ms. Darling's students created traditional Japanese pottery called a chawan. A chawan is a bowl used for preparing and drinking tea and used in Japanese tea ceremonies.
Mrs. Angell's students are working with electricity generation and renewable energy.
Mr. Reis' students are displaying their watercolor projects in the Morse Center.
Students in Mr. Baker's robotics class are working on programming their robots to navigate around the room unassisted. On days when the students work from home, they are able to transport their robots safely in the program's "coolers" and can work on their programming at home.