October 6, 2020
Trust is Our Strength

This past weekend, St. Johnsbury Academy’s Board of Trustees held their annual October meeting. The Board is a group of about twenty people—mostly alumni, a few past parents—who feel that the Academy has been transformative for them in some way. These twenty very different people have reached a point in their lives and careers where they recognize that they would like to give back to the school, and to be part of tending the place from which they launched their own lives so it can continue to help launch other young people’s lives.

Get the latest information about our school opening plans.
We’ve developed a thoughtful, responsible, and balanced plan for opening the 2020-2021 school year. Check this link often for the most up-to-date information.

Students Earn National Spanish Exam Awards
St. Johnsbury Academy junior Aurora Gilbert, of East Burke, has earned the Silver award in the National Spanish Exam administered in the spring.

Virtual Meet the Teachers, 3:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Students in Mr. Mitchell's welding class are busy refining their techniques.
Mrs. Dedham and her students went to the river last week for some outdoor research.
A short fall season makes for a very busy sports season. We've added football, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and cross country photos to our SmugMug account which can be viewed, downloaded, and purchased here.
Last week we began broadcasting Chapel to our advisory groups from an empty Fuller Hall. It is not quite the same but is still a great way to start our day. We've even added live acts. Mr. Eckhardt opened this week with one of his favorite subjects, the U.S. Constitution.
Interscholastic sports began last week. Our sports schedule can be viewed here and our spectator policy can be viewed here. Please check them both frequently as they are subject to change.