Polly Hull, Gene & Carol Poole, Elma Thomas,
Peg Russ, Alison Zieglmeier (daughter of Ken and Donna Scott),
Andrew Adair, Barbara Ledford, Tom Bryson,
Carol Hager (sister of Betty Harkey),Carole Ann Simpson

Sympathy to the family of Kevin Lynch in the death of his brother,
Bob Lynch, on October 1.

Sympathy to Derek Henson and family in the death of
his grandfather, Ted Henson, on October 6.

Sympathy to Anne Sutton in the death of her sister and St. John's member,
Cherry Sutton, on October 7. A graveside service is being planned for next week and a memorial service will be planned at a later date.

Our Weekday School and Head Start Students and Staff.