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A $54.00 donation (3 times chai) to our Prayer Book Fund provides the sponsor an opportunity to dedicate a book in someone's honor or memory or to highlight a life cycle event.  A special bookplate will be affixed to the inside cover recognizing this gift.
For those interested in purchasing a book, please send a check of $54.00 to the congregation's mailing address (PO Box 2121, Pinehurst, NC, 28370) and include the following information:
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  • Name of honoree or person being remembered
  • Reason for the inscription
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Honoring the Yahrzeit of a loved one is a wonderful Jewish tradition.    It is a mitzvah to remember your loved one with tzedakah in their memory.  A donation of at least $18.00 chai is suggested.

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Rabbi: Ken Brickman
Bernie Rosenblum
Vice President:
Barbara Rothbeind
Audrey Kessler
Kevin Price
President Emeritus:
Lowell Simon
Amy Walters
Religious Programs:
Mindy Fineman 
Michelle Goetzl 
Marcey Katzman  
Building & Grounds:
Sheldon Rappaport
Ira Rozycki
Bonnie Gillman  
May, 2018
As our May newsletter is being e-livered on Mother's Day, our greetings begin with Happy Mother's Day wishes to all of the moms in our congregation.  In addition, let us honor the grandmothers, aunts, sisters and other special women who play important roles in our lives.  And on a day devoted to women, I'd like to focus on the significant role women have played in the life of our Reform Jewish Movement.  
On January 21, 1913, 156 women from multiple congregations around the country, met in Cincinnati, OH to create the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods.  The group's goal was creating ways to contribute to their own synagogues, sponsoring holiday parties for their religious school children and raising money for rabbinical school scholarships.   While it was the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, their emphasis was mostly local.
But the initial role of the organization changed in 1951 with the dedication of the New York City headquarters of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.  Previously it had been located in Cincinnati, OH.  This change was instrumental in solidifying the Reform Movement in American Jewish life and highlighting the part the women would play in the effort.   
The National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods was then under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Jane Evans, who believed that the headquarters of the Reform organization had to be in NYC in order for it to grow.  When finances challenged that reality, she rallied the troops of local sisterhoods throughout the country and $500,000 was raised in 5 years to achieve that effort.  Because the new location revitalized the religious movement, it attracted Eastern European Jews, increasing membership and making Reform Judaism the largest denomination in the U.S.  The once small auxiliary of Jewish women was now a major and influential artery of the organization.    
Dr. Evans had a strategy as she developed and grew  the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods into bodies that could raise those needed funds.  First, she expanded membership by using radio, promotional films and newsletters to attract new members.  Uniongrams were introduced as a major fundraising effort.  The Uniongrams are like the donation cards that we use today to send wishes to others, while sending dollars to the congregation to pay for them.  However, they were "marketed" as a "product" for charity and it was the first time charity was related to making a purchase.  The concept worked and she laid the groundwork for further growth and development. 
In the years since 1913 when it was formed and 1951 when it contributed so significantly to the expansion of Reform Judaism, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, now known as the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), has continued to be instrumental in helping mold our Jewish values and way of life.  Initially they used their influence to encourage more women on congregational boards and as executive officers.  Because of their efforts, women began to lead lay-led services for Shabbat.  In 1963, their emphasis was the need/desire for women rabbis and as a result, in 1972 Sally Priesand became the first female rabbi ordained in the U.S.  Because of their continued efforts, Reform Jewish Camps were introduced and there is now a total of 75 throughout the U.S.  The camps are a way to reinforce Jewish values in a fun and welcoming setting.
Today there are 75,000 members from 500 congregations,    playing strong roles as activists as they advocate for teens through the YES fund, for civil rights, child labor legislation, gun control legislation and abortion rights. Their strong voice helps define the tradition and text of Jewish life.  We read so much about women's rights and the need to be recognized as equal partners.  It seems that a long time ago in our Reform Jewish world, women proved they were equal partners and have been recognized for it.  
While not officially members of the Women of Reform Judaism, the women of the Sandhills Jewish Congregation play as significant a role in Jewish life in the Sandhills.  The recent fundraising efforts through our "Cooking with Carol" Dinner and Live Auction, conceived, prepared and presented by some of our ladies, speaks to that reality.  But there are also Passover Seders, Religious School activities and Membership outreach.  And that does not speak to the myriad of other things our SJC women do in the community such as marching for hunger, collecting warm clothing for children, or registering high schoolers to vote.  When we say Happy Mother's Day, we acknowledge that today, honoring Mom means paying tribute to the many hats she wears, the intelligence with which she wears them, and her dedication to achieve set goals -  and it's all done with lots of motherly love. 

President's Message

Summer is almost upon us and things at the Temple start to slow down. Sunday school has finished with another successful year and I can't thank enough our staff of dedicated teachers who donate their time and talents every Sunday morning. Even though we do slow down a bit we still have a few very important dates coming up. The Furie Bat Mitzvah, Shavuot services, and our annual meeting will all take place within the next few weeks. Looking ahead we will start preparations for our annual picnic and before you know it the High Holidays will be upon us, so please check your emails and your calendar.
Stay well,
Rabbi's Message
Next Sunday, we will gather to celebrate the Festival of Shavuot about which I will have more to say at our upcoming services.  For now, suffice it to say that Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) falls on the 50th day after Passover when according to Jewish tradition Moses ascended Mount Sinai to receive the revelation of Torah.  It was at that moment when the "mixed multitude" of Israelite slaves who had left Egypt became the People of Israel.  Some rabbis have compared that moment in our biblical history to a wedding ceremony during which the Israelites publically joined in a sacred covenant with God that exists to this very day.
The study of Torah which we conduct every Shabbat morning and which occurs every Sunday morning when our children attend our religious school is essential for the continuation of that covenant.  When we gather on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM for our Shavuot worship service, which will also include the recitation of Yizkor prayers, our Torah reading will be the "Ten Commandments," and like Jews have done throughout our history, we will respond to the recitation of these verses as the Israelites did at the base of Mount Sinai, with the words,  
"Na-aseh v'mishmah,"  "We will do as we have heard."
We demonstrate our dedication to Torah not only through words, but also through deeds.  When we become adults in our community at the age of 13, we demonstrate that commitment with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, as Alyssa Furie will do this coming Shabbat at 10:00 AM.  Inspired by Alyssa, I hope that you will all join me for our Shavuot service during which we renew the commitment that we made when we were young.
Alyssa's Bat Mitzvah and the subject of learning Torah leads me to pause once again as I do every year at this season to express our deep gratitude to the volunteer teachers who teach our religious school students every Sunday morning.  Working with our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students is made so much easier because they come to me prepared to move forward with the learning required in order to celebrate that milestone.  The competence that they display is the result of the efforts of our volunteer teachers who share their love of Torah with our young people.  Thank you to all of the volunteer religious school teachers who give of their own precious free time on Sunday mornings to educate our children.  They are a creative, enthusiastic and devoted group of parents to whom we all owe a deep debt of gratitude.

Rabbi Ken Brickman 
Upcoming Events   
  • Thursday, May 17, 10 AM - Cooking with Carol
  • Friday, May 18, 7 PM Shabbat Services
    Oneg Shabbat Hosts - Rita & Larry Burnat,
    Karen & Stan Kaplan
  • Saturday, May 19, 10 AM - Alyssa Furie Bat Mitzvah
  • Sunday, May 20, 10 AM - Shavuot Service, Yizkor
  • Monday, June 11, 7:30 PM - Board Meeting
Alyssa's Bat Mitzvah

The Furies proudly invite the congregation to share in their joy as their daughter, Alyssa Jaden, becomes a Bat Mitzvah on May19. 

Alyssa is a 7th grader at The O'Neal School who loves sports, reading, animals, and her vegetable garden.  A kiddush lunch will follow.

Congregational Happenings

click here for more information
Religious School

The religious school has had a wonderful year! We had about 22 kids come together to enjoy learning about their Jewish heritage, learn Hebrew, and feel great about being Jewish. We were very lucky to have a great group of teachers, so a big thank you goes to Amanda Goldberg, Susan Price, Sarah Frey, Mark Epstein, and Manda Jones. We also had two awesome teen helpers who gave up their Sundays once a month to work with our youngest students, so thank you Matthew and Shania Jones!

Lunch Bunch


Our first monthly SJC Ladies Lunch Bunch gathering was delicious and fun was had by all!  Much  thanks to Leslie Philip for a beautiful lunch for ten at Thyme & Place Cafe.  The next lunch will be at Pinehurst Member's Club June 7 at 11:30.  All lunches will be held the first Thursday of each month at 11:30.  Please join us and RSVP to or call 412-491-7480.

Caring for our Kitchen
Following is a wish list of items that our kitchen could use.  Call it a "Kitchen Shower"! 
  • spring form pans (for our next Cooking with Carol class)
  • sponges
  • broom/dust pan
  • cutlery tray organizer for drawers
  • teaspoons
  • soup pot
  • toaster/toaster oven
  • hand mixer
  • dust buster
  • plastic storage bins
  • measuring cups and spoons

Call Audrey Shalikar at 732-991-0691 if you would like to give the kitchen a gift.   


A special Thank you to Steve and Sue Bloom for their donation of sharp knives. 

Book Club
Our SJC Book Club is taking a summer vacation!  It will resume in September after the Jewish Holidays.  In the meantime, any suggestions on books either by a Jewish author or with a Jewish theme would be welcome.  And the larger the group the livelier the discussion, so please join us.  We will communicate the next book when one is selected.
Community Involvement

Nine congregants participated in the recent Crop Walk, to bring awareness of hunger and end it "one step at a time".  This is an event sponsored by the Coalition, with which we enjoy a partnership in community service.  Our congregation's walkers included the Jones Family and Matthew also played in the Union Pines Band that entertained us!

We proudly wore our tee shirts identifying us with the Sandhills Jewish Congregation.  The weather was questionable which might have kept some away, but we were so pleased to be represented and over $100 was donated to the hunger drive, as well as many bags of food staples.

If you were unable to walk but are interested in being involved, do sign up to volunteer for the Coalition and their many other services.  They need 700 volunteers a week to make the retail shops, food bank, and services available to our needy friends in the Sandhills. 


We are excited to announce that we have launched a new website for the Temple - The goal was to create a website that would entice prospective temple members to join our congregation and to have a site that was easy to navigate for our members. We believe that it is very user friendly for all mobile devices. Now for the first time you will be able to access information that was not possible in the past.  
You should have received a memo via email as a quick reference guide.

One key item of information that we will include here is details on how to access the membership portal. One link on the top navigational bar is called MemberPortal. If you click on that, you will be asked to input a password. The password for everyone in the congregation is SJC18. From here, you can access our membership directory, photo albums, newsletters, and the yahrzeit list. There is also a link to make a donation to the temple if you choose.

If you have any questions or need any assistance navigating through the site, please contact Amy Walters at or call (301) 229-9656.
The website was designed by Parker Wallman.   

Member News
-Sarah Jessica Warschun, granddaughter of Alexa and Michael Ascher, received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the University of Michigan last month.  Sarah's major field of study was Bio-Psychology, Cognition and Neuroscience.  After graduate school she hopes to pursue a medical career in pediatric oncology.   
-Membership Chair Amy Walters reports that last year we had 159 individual members.  We currently have 169 individual members (105 families).  Our Sandhills Jewish Congregation is happy to welcome 13 new families this year.

April Yahrzeits

We remember loved ones during our May Shabbat services...

05/01  Pauline Rosenblum
05/05  Etta Nathenson
05/05  Fannie Koblenz
05/07  Mattie Rubenstein
05/12  Gloria Averbook
05/14  Robert Jacobs
05/15  Jill Sherman
05/19  Faye Wolfe 
05/21  Saul Richman
05/21  Michael Geller
05/21  Miriam Ascher
05/23  Herbert M. Canter
05/26  Paul Weisser
05/26  Bennett Gemson


Thank you to those who donated during the month of April. 


  • Shelly & Sheila Rappaport
  • Matthew & Barbara Rothbeind
  • Karl & Harriet Ecker
  • Chuck & Amy Walters
  • George & Audrey Kessler

 Rabbinic Fund

  • Sheila & Shelly Rappaport
  • Lawrence & Rita Burnat, in memory of Milton Burnat
  • George & Audrey Kessler, in memory of Irving Haymes
  • Arne & Pola Lipson, in memory of Michael Lipson
  • Shelly & Sheila Rappaport, in memory of Ida Rappaport
  • Ione Katz, in memory of Robert Katz
General Donations
  • Bonnie Gillman
  • Scott & Tammy Greenblatt
  • Donald & Carol Pierce
  • Shelly & Sheila Rappaport
  • Ron & Sara Sutton

Events in the Community

Givens/Tuffs Library  
Summer is almost here and there are some great events coming up in May and June...
-May Events 
Instagram Workshop, Tuesday, May 15th, 6 - 8 PM, Given Outpost, 95 Cherokee Rd.
Learn about one of the fastest growing social media networks...Instagram!  Learn how to create an account, as well as a few tips and tricks.  Space is limited, call Given Memorial Library  
(910-295-6022) to reserve a spot.  Cost is $15.00, proceeds benefiting the library.
click here  for more information 
Walking Tours with Audrey, Friday, May 18th, Friday, June 8 10:30 AM, Given Memorial Library, 150 Cherokee Rd.  Join Given Tufts Executive Director, Audrey Moriarty on walking tours that explore the Village of Pinehurst.  Tours begins at Givens Memorial Library.  Space is limited, call 910-295-6022 to reserve your spot. This event is free and open to the public.
Story Time Children's Program, Thursdays,10:30 AM, Given Memorial Library,  
150 Cherokee Rd.  Wonderful volunteers share their love of reading as they read to children ages 3 - 5.  Everyone makes a craft.  Stop by and join the fun!  No charge for this event.
May Book Sales at Given Outpost & Book Shop, 95 Cherokee Rd.  Get ready for Summer with great books.  Monthly Sale - Novels, buy 1 get 1; Author Sale - JA Jance & Patricia Cromwall
buy 1 get 1 (some exclusions apply).
click here  for more information  click here for May calendar 
-June Events
Saturday Kids' Program, June 2, 10 - Noon, Given Memorial Library, 150 Cherokee rd.  
Do you have a favorite book to read over the summer?  Want to learn about more summer books?  Stop by and make a craft related to summer fun.  No charge for this event.
Alzheimer's Workshops, Saturdays, June 9, 16, 23, 30, 10 - 11:30, Given Memorial Library,  
150 Cherokee Rd.  Learn about Dementia, Alzheimer's and caregiving.  Lectures presented by Chris Englefried, M.S.W.  Topics explore all aspects of these conditions.  This event is free but space is limited.  Call Chris to reserve a spot at 910-235-4242.
Gathering at Given, "Snakes of the Sandhills", Thursday, June 14, 3:30 PM, Given Memorial Library; 7 PM, Given Outpost.  If you want to learn Moore about snakes found in the sandhills, bring the kids and hear Superintendent Billy Hartness talk about our legless friends.  Free and open to all ages.
Summer Camp - Moore Fun for Given Kids, Monday - Friday, June 18 - 22, 9:30 - Noon
Given Memorial Library, 150 Cherokee Rd.  For rising 2nd-3rd graders.  Crafts and activities includes planting seeds, making music in the garden and creative cooking.  Sign up in the library or at  
click here for June Calendar  
* New member Susan Miles, along with her husband Tom, have relocated their company Belevation to Biscoe, NC.  Manufacturers of direct to consumer support garments for expectant moms, it can be accessed from their website ( or Amazon, and you can like Belevation on Facebook.  Visit their site to see their most popular items for spring.

* Gary Miljour is a local mortgage lender with loanDepot in Southern Pines.  If you are in need of mortgage financing to buy a home or need to discuss other mortgage options, please feel free to reach him at 480-251-0002 (cell) or reach him online at for a free consultation.  He has been helping clients with mortgage loans for over 13 years.  (NMLS#207208).

* Looking for books for your kids or grandkids? Michelle Goetzl is an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More and a children's book expert. She can help you find the perfect book for every occasion and child. (910) 691-4711
*Liberty Tax on 5, locally owned by Mark & Camelia Adel. Specializing in Small Business, Corporate, and Non-Profit Tax Returns. Conveniently located near the bowling alley on Hwy 5. Call 910-235-5428 or e-mail to Mention this and we'll take $20 off your fees PLUS a portion of those fees will be donated back to the SJC!

* Shelly Rappaport continues to add new styles to his Custom Handmade Woodwork. In addition to his custom made toys, banks and infant toys, he has new styles of menorahs, candle sticks, platters, bowls, wine stoppers, etc.  It is a One Stop Gift Shop.  Check them all out at or contact Shelly at 
(910) 603-6361.  Please note many items are not listed on ETSY so for more information, give Shelly a call.  
* Need a reliable handyman? Lee Sawyer is your guy for a wide variety of jobs. Contact him at or on his cell at 910-691-1534
* Member Leslie Philip's bakery and cafe in Southern Pines is the Thyme & Place Cafe. Located at 155 Hall Avenue, off a dirt road just past the intersection of Morgonton and Broad Streets, it's a great place for breakfast and lunch, or just come by for coffee and pastries.
* Do you need a server, bartender, coordinator, or planner? Contact Audrey Shalikar for all of your entertainment and party planning needs. Call Audrey @ 910-400-5353 or cell: 732-991-0691.
* Sue Deutsch has created a website that provides a single source for listings of events, happenings and activities in the area.  Please visit and like The Pines Times on Facebook.   
* Travel With Flair * Amy Sawyer, Owner * * 910-221-9754
Specializing in journeys, weddings and honeymoons of distinction. Certified Tahiti Tiare Agent.
* Sitter Services - Audrey Shalikar is available to provide exemplary babysitting for kids and grandkids, for adults in need, as well as pet sitting and house sitting. She offers companionship and can help with cooking, tasks around the house, in the garden, shopping, errands and whatever else might be useful. People, homes & pets of all kinds..... call Audrey Shalikar @ 910-400-5353 or cell: 732-991-0691.
Ellen Pfann opened her own company, Best In Show Homes. Ellen has been in the business for 12 years, and has seen a lot of changes, and sold a lot of houses.  Visit or LIKE Best in Show Home on Facebook.