St. Johns County Pet Center

March 2024 Newsletter

Pets of the Month


Meet Koda, a spirited 2-year-old Rottweiler mix with a heart full of adventure. While Koda thrives on human companionship, she prefers a feline and canine-free zone. This independent pup is ready to charm you with her loyalty and playful spirit. Her previous owner stated she is all housetrained and good with kids. Are you ready to let Koda into your heart and start a new journey full of adventures? 


Hello, I am small, petite Bailey, who gently seeks your lap - never jumping up uninvited. Once there, I love to be petted all over, especially my face! I'll even put my front paws tenderly on your shoulders to seek a kiss from you, or a face-to-face nudge. When you pick me up, you'll see, I'm like a liquid cat I just relax into your arms. I am very sweet and huggable and bond quickly with my human. I'm snuggly and petite with a cute little white bib on my chest. When I hear noises, I don't recognize, I let out a quiet little grunt, but immediately go back to purring once the noise is understood. I am a calm, engaging girl. 

Easter Holiday Pet Tips

1. Keep chocolate out of reach, as it can be toxic to both cats and dogs.

2. Be cautious with Easter lilies, as they are harmful to cats if ingested.

3. Ensure Easter decorations are pet-friendly, avoiding small objects that could be swallowed.

4. Watch out for Easter grass, as it can cause digestive issues if pets ingest it.

5. Be mindful of hidden eggs during egg hunts to prevent accidental ingestion by pets.

6. If hosting guests, create a quiet space for your pets to retreat to if they become overwhelmed.

7. Avoid sharing Easter meals with pets, as some ingredients may be harmful.

8. Consider pet-safe treats and toys for a festive touch without risks.

9. If traveling, plan ahead for your pets' needs and accommodations.

10. Keep emergency contacts, including vet information, readily available

Field Services

In a heartwarming turn of events, concern for Coco, a beloved dog at the local park with severely matted fur, led to a check welfare case. When animal control responded, they discovered that Coco's owner was undergoing medical treatment and couldn't provide regular grooming. Touched by the situation, Animal Control Manager Paul Studivant directed Officer Dillard to trim Coco's fur with care, ensuring both the dog and the owner received the support they needed. The Division went above and beyond showcasing their continued commitment to serve the community. The power of compassion and kindness left Coco’s owner emotionally grateful. He continues to stay in touch with Officer Dillard sending her cute pictures of Coco.

Volunteer Spotlight

Chris Speck

Chris began volunteering in April of 2023. His unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have 

brought joy to our four-legged friends. His dedication to ensuring every dog gets their time outdoors speaks volumes about Chris’s compassion and selflessness.

Thank you for being a beacon of kindness in our volunteer community.

Chris’s favorite part about volunteering is the immense satisfaction from witnessing the dogs' increased happiness and relaxation after spending just a short time outdoors. Exploring the unique personalities of each dog and engaging with them brings him joy. Additionally, 

Chris values the friendly and supportive interactions with fellow volunteers and staff, fostering a collaborative environment as they collectively strive to find loving homes for the dogs.

Chris’s hobbies include learning about dogs, especially about the process of dog training, some of 

which he can practice on the shelter dogs.

Spring into Action to Keep Your Pet Healthy

1. Flea and Tick Prevention: Start or continue your pet's flea and tick prevention regimen to keep them comfortable and healthy during spring.

2. Grooming Routine: Brush your pet regularly to remove excess fur and prevent matting. This helps reduce shedding and keeps their coat clean.

3. Check for Allergies: Monitor your pet for signs of allergies, such as excessive scratching or licking. Consult your vet if you suspect allergies are causing discomfort.

4. Update ID Tags: Ensure your pet's ID tags are up-to-date with current contact information in case they wander during outdoor activities.

5. Outdoor Safety: Be mindful of spring hazards, like toxic plants or chemicals used in gardens. Keep your pet away from potential dangers.

6. Heartworm Prevention: If not already on a year-round preventive, consider starting heartworm medication as mosquitos become more active.

7. Inspect Paws: Check your pet's paws for any cuts, thorns, or foreign objects after outdoor play. Clean their paws if needed.

8. Increase Exercise Gradually: With the warmer weather, gradually increase your pet's exercise routine to build stamina and avoid overexertion.

9. Timing is Crucial: Schedule an appointment to have your pet spayed/neutered to prevent unwanted litters and reduce certain health risks.

10. Visit the Vet: Schedule a spring check-up with your veterinarian. Ensure vaccinations are current and discuss any concerns or changes in behavior.

Remember, individual pets have unique needs, so tailor these tips to suit your furry friend.

February Pet Center Stats

35 Cat Adoptions

6 Cats Rescued

32 Cats Spay/Neuter

5 Cats Available for Adoption

19 Dog Adoptions

6 Dog Rescued

19 Dogs Spay/Neuter

25 Dogs Available for Adoption


• No appointment required

• Cats can be dropped off at Norwood Spay/Neuter Clinic: 6817 Norwood Ave, Jacksonville FL 32208

o Monday-Friday 9am-3pm; Saturday 9am-1pm

• Cats MUST come in a humane trap. FREE TRAP RENTALS available from FCNMHP or St. Johns County Animal Control

o Proof of St. Johns County residency required

• Questions about outdoor cats in your area?

Call FCNMHP (904) 425-0005 or SJCAC (904) 209-0746 to discuss solutions

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