March 20, 2018

Dear Residents of District 2,
Today, I fought hard to have the San Jose Police Department South Substation opened for its intended purpose of offering public police services, opening the lobby to the public on a limited basis, and deploying Southern Division patrol and Community Service Officers.  I firmly believe that the time to open the Substation is now because:

  • We need a greater police presence in South San Jose.  
  • The Substation will lower travel time and costs for our Officers, saving our Police Department over half a million dollars per year.
  • Residents voted for and paid for the Substation, and it is time for the City to deliver on our promise of having a functioning Substation in South San Jose.

Unfortunately, a majority of my Council colleagues chose not to support Councilmember Khamis and I in opening the Substation, which has been underutilized for a decade, this year.  I am disappointed by today’s vote, but I remain steadfast in my commitment of finding resources to get the Substation open, and I will continue to work with the Mayor and my colleagues to make the Substation a Citywide priority.

In community,
Councilmember Sergio Jimenez