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Message From the Principal

Dear St. Jerome Regional School Family,

The holy season of Lent is upon us. Lent provides us with an opportunity for a continual change of heart that is the very essence of Christian life and Christian growth.  We journey with the church in this holy Lenten season, anticipating the great feast of Christ’s Resurrection. We are on a journey toward wholeness and holiness and the opportunity for a continual change of heart. As we continue on life’s busy daily routine, let us continue to pray for one another that the Lenten Journey is a time for transformation, renewal and tremendous blessing.

Loving God, we are preparing to enter the holiest of days in the Church.

As we recall the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, help us to seek forgiveness

for our sins that we might truly rejoice with him and the entire Church on Easter Sunday.

May this Lenten journey and Holy Week help to transform our lives and bring

us closer to you and Jesus Christ your Son. AMEN.

God bless you and your families, 

Mrs. Amy M. Hannis-Miskar, Principal

Some of the highlights during the month of February are listed below:

  • We all enjoyed CSW24 the first week of February. Students wore their pj's/comfy clothes on Popcorn and Movie Day.

  • We celebrated Mrs. Alice Miller, the heart and soul of our school for an incredible 50 years! She has been a mentor, a friend, and a source of inspiration for countless individuals who have attended St. Jerome Regional. In honor of her 50 years, the street in front of the school will be named "Alice Miller Circle". This will serve as a reminder to all who pass through of the remarkable journey of a woman who dedicated five decades to educating so many students. Thank you to Dr. Michael St. Pierre, Superintendent of the Diocese of Allentown for coming to celebrate with us. Thank you also to Father George, Father Finlan, Father Minner and Mrs. Miller’s two daughters Ann Marie and Lisa. Read about it:

  • We also started to piece together our SJRS Make a Joyful Noise Video using the Freeze Frame song.

  • Sister Mary met with each of the classes to talk to them about vocations.

  • We celebrated Valentine's Day with our class parties and a dress down day.

  • The SJRS Eighth Grade Art Show on February 7th at Tamaqua Arts Center was a big success! Check out the Spotlight article in the Times News covering the event. We hope you enjoy some photos from the event as well!

  • Students from Marian Catholic High School visited SJRS to do a bonding activity with our 3rd and 6th Grade classes!

  • Winners of the Peace Poster contest were honored at a meeting of the McAdoo Lions Club. This year‘s theme was, “Dare to Dream.” Gia DeCosmo placed first, Gianna Osenbach placed second, and Emma Gilbert received honorable mention. Congratulations girls!

  • Stations of the Cross were held at SJRS. Thank you to Deacon Wilhelm for leading us and thank you to 6th grade for doing such a wonderful job!

Looking ahead:

  • Financial Aid for 2024-2025 School Year opened on January 3rd. It closes May 3rd. Be sure to apply before it closes.

  • Race for Education – May 13th (Rain date May 16nth)

Labels are due March 22nd. This is a major fundraiser for SJRS and we need every family to participate and send in names for at least 10 labels for the event to be successful. This helps to keep the cost of tuition down. Please send a note to the office if you need more labels. Students will receive a dress down day card for every l0 labels that they bring in. Please remember to return the sheet and labels with the names to which we will be sending Race for Education mailers. Many people do not mind sending a donation to the school. It is a wonderful way to ask people outside the area to support the school. For your convenience, here is the RACE FOR EDUCATION link that you can share with friends and family who want to donate online.

  • "March Madness" Mission Project - This month, we are collecting cereal for the local food banks. At the end of the month, we will be setting all the boxes up around the halls, and hopefully into the cafeteria, like dominoes and knocking them down as a grand finale. The class with the winning percentage of donations will win Dress Down passes. Thank you for your generosity and compassion for helping those in need.

  • March 1st- St. Luke’s will be here for a Read Across America Celebration!  Volunteer Readers will visit grades PreK-5th Grade at 11:00am.

  • Classroom trips are being planned for the spring. If you are interested in going on any of the trips, you must have all of your clearances on file and completed. Teachers will use the completed volunteer list when asking for chaperones.

  • The latest Valley Athletic Spirit Wear sale is open! Check out the new flyer and the online sale. This sale is open until 11:59pm on March 10th.View Store Flyer Thanks again for all of your support! SJRS HSA

Christian of the Month

The Christian of the Month Award recognizes students who display good character on a consistent basis and serve as student role models throughout the month. Students are nominated by their teachers based on the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Students chosen to receive this award will be acknowledged for their accomplishment in the monthly newsletter. Students will receive a dress down pass, Christian of the Month Certificate and Applebee's certificate. The students will be recognized in the monthly newsletter.

This month's Preschool Christian of the Month is Amelia Garvey. Amelia is a sweet and caring child. Amelia is very deserving of this award for many reasons. Not only is she respectful, responsible and fair, she is also a great all around citizen of our class. Amelia always strives for excellence and is always willing to help her teachers and her friends. Outside of school she is a member of Tumble with Denise where she does gymnastics and a member of Dance factory where she does dance. She also enjoys being a member of the U-6 Tamaqua Area Soccer Team. At home, Amelia loves to cook during her spare time. In addition to being with her family, she also enjoys spending time with her two puppies River and Luna. Congratulations Amelia!

Alexa Davis is Kindergarten's February Christian of the Month. Alexa comes to school ready to learn every day. She participates fully in each lesson and always tries hard. Alexa does her very best in everything that is asked of her. She is neat and organized with her school materials and schoolwork. She is a kind friend to others and is respectful to her teachers. When she is not in school, Alexa enjoys playing on the tee-ball team and the soccer team. She has been taking gymnastics at Tumble with Denise for 2 years. Alexa also takes horseback riding lessons. In her free time, Alexa loves all outdoor activities, especially hiking and swimming. Alexa is very caring and is always concerned about others. She is a very happy-go-lucky kid and is always up for anything. Alexa's smile and positive attitude are contagious. Way to go, Alexa! 

Kamryn Corra is Kindergarten's February Christian of the Month. Kamryn is a happy and respectful student. He works hard in school and makes sure that his work always makes sense. Kamryn pays attention during lessons and participates appropriately in class. He follows school rules during all parts of the school day. Kamryn is kind and helpful to the other students. When he is not in school, Kamryn enjoys playing Tri-County baseball. He will be moving up to minor league this spring. Kamryn also plays CVCO Shooting Stars basketball. In his free time, Kamryn is an avid football fan. He loves to play football for fun and to watch football as well. His favorite NFL team is the NY Giants. At home Kamryn is a great big brother. He loves to go camping and is a big helper around the house. Way to go, Kamryn! 

Paislee Sevinsky is the February Christian of the Month for First Grade Gold. Paislee serves as a good role model in the classroom. She is a caring and kind friend to her classmates. She works hard in class and puts great effort into doing her schoolwork. You will often find Paislee doing crafts and making new things. She is very creative! Paislee is a member of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Mahanoy City. She participates in dance at the Elite Dance Company, plays soccer, and was a cast member of the Center Stage Theater’s production of Frozen. Congratulations, Paislee!

The Christian of the Month for First Grade Blue is Dennis Wiscount III. Dennis has a huge imagination and loves Legos, Super Mario Brothers and Ghostbusters. He is helpful to everyone he encounters and strives to do his best every day. Dennis loves his dogs, turtles and chickens. He also loves the snow in the winter and the beach in the summer. Congratulations, Dennis!

The Second-Grade Gold Christian of the Month for February is Axel Yelito. Axel is a good student. He is conscientious and always does his best. Axel will help his classmates and teacher whenever he can. He is kind, caring, and respectful to

everyone. When Axel is not in school, he enjoys spending time with his family. He loves the outdoors, bike riding, and riding his dirt bike and quad with his brother Jager. Axel is a hard worker. He continues to improve every day. Axel’s family is very proud of him. Keep up the good work, Axel!

The Christian of the Month in Grade 2 Blue is Kinsley Warden. Kinsley consistently demonstrates trustworthiness and respect in her own quiet way. She shows great responsibility in all she does. She is a caring classmate who is willing to help anyone who needs it. Kinsley shows compassion to everyone. Outside of school, Kinsley is a dancer at The Dance Factory, where she takes tap and baton lessons. She is also a member of their specialty group "Happy Feet." In her spare time, Kinsley loves to read and build Lego creations. Kinsley is kind-hearted and compassionate. She is a big helper at home, especially with her pet cat, Sophie. Congratulations, Kinsley!

The Christian of the Month for 3rd Grade for the month of February is Lana Fenkner. Lana loves being outdoors, helping to take care of her animals and spending time with her family. When Lana grows up, she “wants to be a teacher, like all of her great teachers here at SJRS”. Lana loves to help others and goes out of her way to do so. In the classroom, Lana follows all of the rules, is very respectful and responsible, and is kind and helpful to everyone. She works hard to do the very best she can all the time! Congratulations, Lana!  

Fourth Grade Gold's Christian of the Month for February is Carlos Martinez. In school, Carlos is kind, considerate, helpful, and a constant participant during learning time. Carlos always asks to help his teacher and his classmates. He is a calming presence in the classroom, and he is always wearing a bright smile, cheering up everyone who sees him. Outside of school, Carlos participates in karate. He is also involved in swimming, playing guitar, drawing, and building with his legos. Carlos attends Divine Mercy Parish in Shenandoah. His family describes him as helpful, kind, creative, and a great brother. Congratulations, Carlos! We are all so proud of you!

Landen Yanett is the Christian of the Month for Grade 4 Blue. In school, Landen is a helpful student, who is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs assistance. He completes his work neatly and is eager to participate in every class. Outside of school, he plays goalie and midfielder for the Tamaqua Area Youth Soccer Association. Landen is a member of St. Ambrose Parish in Schuylkill Haven, where he is an altar server. In his free time, he loves being outdoors and especially enjoys catfishing and bass fishing. Congratulations, Landen!

Brianna Heater is Fifth Grade Christian of the Month for February. Brianna is kind and considerate. She works very hard in school and loves to see others happy. She loves to read, swim, draw and ride her bike, play with her dog Roscoe and her friends. She also loves going to the beach. Brianna is a great big sister to her brother, Bryden. Brianna is involved with the St. Jerome CYO Volleyball program and the Tamaqua Community Art Center Arts & Crafts program. Congratulations, Brianna, keep up the good work!

Bella Sanfilippo is the 6th Grade Christian of the Month. In the classroom, Bella strives to do her best. She is well-prepared, respectful, and is consistently on the Honor Roll. Outside of school Bella is kept busy with many sports and activities. She has participated in Jr. Spartans Basketball, Marian Fillies Basketball Camp, MySky Academy, and MySky Basketball Camp. Bella is a huge sports fan and is very passionate about basketball, especially the Marian Fillies. She is an amazing big sister to her younger siblings. Bella is very caring and conscientious. She is very strong in her faith. Bella is a member of the St. Joseph the Worker Parish where she volunteers her time. Congratulations, Bella, on a job well done!

Conner Giannelli is the 7th Grade Christian of the Month. Conner is a conscientious student who always has his work done neatly, completely and in a timely manner. He readily participates in classroom discussion and doing work at the board. Conner is part of the team responsible for displaying the American flag outside of our school. Conner recently joined the Marian Catholic Junior High Track team. Last spring, he won Second Place in the Diocesan Chess Tournament. Conner is extremely helpful with family and neighbors and is always willing to help in any way possible. Congratulations, Conner!

Joseph Lashock is an outstanding student who consistently demonstrates dedication to his schoolwork and always gives 100% effort. He has excellent interaction skills and fosters positive relationships with his peers. Joseph’s eagerness to help others shines through in his willingness to provide a helping hand whenever needed. In addition to his academic pursuits, Joseph is actively involved in volunteering at church and Helping Hands Society, where he has completed numerous jobs. He has recently been selected to participate in this year’s Junior Schuylkill County Blue and Gold Festival as a trumpet player. Joseph also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, visiting historical sites, and riding his ATV. Through his hard work and involvement in various areas, Joseph has truly distinguished himself. His achievements are deserving of being chosen as Christian of the Month for Eighth Grade.

Please Help Saint Jerome Regional School Keep Tuition Cost Affordable

Throughout the year you will be receiving information about the various fundraisers through the school and the Home and School Association. The reason we have fundraisers is to keep tuition costs down. The actual cost of education of each child in our school is over $6500.00. As you know, tuition is much less than this. The fundraisers help us make Catholic Education available to more children. 

We do not have mandatory fundraising at Saint Jerome Regional School because it is our hope that every family will do everything possible to support our efforts, not because they must, but because they want to participate and because they care about the future of this school. Thanks for joining the effort for the sake of our children!  

Gift Certificates and Scrip Certificates           

These are great ways to help with tuition costs. If you have any questions, please call the office. Many people are saving hundreds of dollars in tuition by purchasing certificates. Certificates are sold from the school office daily during school hours and scrip orders are taken on Tuesdays. No Scrip orders on March 26th.

Tuition Chance

This year we will again sell tuition chances to help you win money toward your tuition bill. The chances are $1 each, and paper slips are in the family envelope. If you want to purchase the chance, fill out the slip and enclose money in an envelope marked tuition chance. This is not a fundraiser. All money collected will be awarded to the winning student’s tuition account. If your tuition is fully paid, credit will be applied to next year’s bill. The winner for February is Skylar Nicholls in Kindergarten. The amount of tuition credit is $150. Thank you to all who took chances. Slips are enclosed for next month’s drawing which will be on March 22nd.

Home and School News

We encourage all parents to get involved with Home and School. We will need much help, especially this year with our fundraising efforts. We encourage everyone to share ideas with HSA.

2023-2024 Home and School Officers 

President- Kathy Reaman

Vice-President- Kelly Kisenwether

Secretary- Megan DeAngelo

Treasurer- Billie Jo Wetterau

Coordinator of Fundraising Activities- Karen Weicker

Coordinator of Outreach- Maria McGinley

Email: [email protected]

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and happenings in our school!

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Your Tax Dollars can help SJRS 

Everyone has to pay taxes and typically your tax dollar’s fall into four main buckets; Welfare, Infrastructure (roads), Prison Systems, or Public Schools. The great thing about joining our program is it allows you to direct your tax dollars to St. Jerome Regional School. Donors are able to make a direct impact to their community through their tax dollars; they can come into your school any day and see the people they are impacting.

For additional help, please contact your school principal- Amy Hannis-Miskar, who will be able to put you in touch with the Program Manager for Scholarships in the Diocese of Allentown.  

The faculty, staff and administration ask for your continued prayers, support, cooperation and dedication to Catholic education. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the school office at 570-668-2757. We will be happy to help you! Thank you for being part of the SJRS Family! Thank you for all the sacrifices you make to send your child to this school! In order to save time and money, we will continue to use email to communicate with you. If you have an email address, please check it and look for our messages. If you are not receiving our e-newsletters, please send a note to the office to be added to the email list. 

Let Us Pray

Let us place our lives in the hands of our God who loves us

unconditionally and who calls us to life.

May his peace live in our hearts and shine through our actions so that

others may come to know him

and turn their hearts toward him.

Lord, give us the grace to live every day of this Lenten season

guided by your great commandment of love ~

love for you, love for others and love for ourselves.


Let us pray for:


Our school family

a Special Intention

Your continued prayers, support, cooperation and dedication to Catholic education.

Your continued kind words toward each other.

Our community and neighbors.



Email your prayer requests to [email protected] or send a note to the office.

We will list the names that you would like us to pray for in our monthly newsletters.