SJRS Monthly Newsletter -May 2022
Saint Jerome Regional School
"Living Fearlessly Through Faith..."
Message From The Principal
Dear St. Jerome Regional School Family,
There are a lot of fun events planned at SJRS during the last few weeks of school. As we approach this busy and exciting time of the school year, we need to remember that it is equally important for our students to remain focused on their academics and continue to build on their learning. Parents and Guardians can help us by encouraging their children to work hard, to keep motivation levels at their highest, and to be responsible about completing all of their school work. We know that school success is based on teamwork and we appreciate your role as a valuable member of your child’s educational team.

The month of May is very special because it is the month dedicated to our mother, Mary. During May we ask Mary to intercede for us as we pray a decade of the rosary in each homeroom every morning. Our intentions will be for all of our families, especially our mothers and grandmothers. A paper was sent home asking you to please list the names of any mothers, grandmothers, aunts or godmothers that you would like us to pray for during the month dedicated to our mother, Mary. Names will be announced daily in each classroom during the month. May we always stay close to Jesus through his mother, Mary. 

God bless you and your families, 
Mrs. Amy M. Hannis-Miskar, Principal
Christian of the Month
The Christian of the Month Award recognizes students who display good character on a consistent basis and serve as student role models throughout the month. Students are nominated by their teachers based on the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Students chosen to receive this award will be acknowledged for their accomplishment in the monthly newsletter. Students will receive a dress down pass, Christian of the Month Certificate, Applebee's certificate. The students will be recognized in the monthly newsletter.

This Month's Preschool Christian of the month is Viviana Rivera. She is the middle child of 3 children. She deeply loves her older sister and younger brother.(Whom she talks about a lot). Viviana is a wonderful student in class and is always looking for ways to help her fellow peers. Viviana loves to play teacher and enjoys being my assistant.  She enjoys playing with her friends and always shows them the "Right Way" to do things, as she would say. She is a take charge kind of student and is a great pleasure to have in class. In addition, Viviana has always shown she can accomplish anything that is asked of her and completes it with a smile.. Congratulations Viviana! You deserve it!

Kindergarten Gold's Christian of the Month is Ulysses Fitzpatrick. Ulysses is a very helpful student who loves to draw and create things. He is very kind and understanding, he is a good friend to everyone. At home Ulysses is very caring and enjoys helping his two year old sister Trinity, around the house. He prays a decade of the Rosary every night with his family. He enjoys learning about God. Congratulations, Ulysses!

I would like to nominate Lula Angelo for Kindergarten Blue's April Christian of the Month. Lula is a responsible and respectful student. Lula takes great care to make sure that her school work is always completed correctly and neatly. Lula always makes sure that everything she does is done to the best of her ability. She can be counted on to volunteer in class and loves sharing stories. Lula is an amazing friend with a great imagination! Lula will often make up games and makes sure that everyone is included and has a part. Her kindness, respect, fairness, and happy personality make Lula a great leader in our class. In her free time Lula enjoys art and music as well as playing with her dogs. Lula has been playing softball for one year and soccer for GHYSA for four years. Lula dances at the Performing Arts Center in Conyngham where she has done four years of tap and one year of jazz. Way to go Lula! 

This month Christian of the Month for First Grade Blue is Jonathon Biros. He is always cheerful and enters the classroom with the happiest "Good Morning" and a big smile. He is kind and a hard worker. He is always ready to help anyone and does it with a smile. He participates in the GHYSA Soccer Team. His favorite thing to do is to play with his twin brother Alexander. He also enjoys playing with Legos, riding his bike, swimming and playing outside. Congratulations Jonathon!

Amelia Kromer is Christian of the Month for 1st Grade Gold. She is very kind to all students. She goes out of her way to include others and play with those who are by themself. During class, she participates in lessons and is always willing to share her thoughts and ideas. Amelia is involved with TAYSA and also belongs to the West Penn archery club. In her free time she likes to build legos, hangout with her older sister MacKenna. She has 3 cats and a dog, Coco. Congratulations Amelia!

Amelia Wiscount is Christian of the Month for Grade 2 Blue. Amelia is very well-mannered and polite. She is trustworthy, respectful, and caring. Amelia has only kind words for everyone. She is a model student, always doing what she should be doing when she should be doing it. Amelia always completes her homework on time. She always has a smile on her face. Outside of school, she takes ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop classes at Dalinda School of Dance. She also enjoys spending time with her coloring books, painting and art. She is always upbeat, happy, and excited to get to school to see her teachers, and to learn. Amelia sets a high standard for her family members as to what a Christian should aspire to be. Amelia helps out at home. She is a big help with her little sister, Nora, and her little brother, Dennis. She enjoys spending a lot of time with her dog Jeanine, a Llewellyn Setter and snuggling with her at night. Amelia is also an avid reader. Her laughs are infectious and her very being lifts up the spirits in any room she enters. Her favorite place in the whole world is in Ocean City, Maryland, either on the boardwalk or in the ocean. Congratulations, Amelia!

The second-grade gold Christian of the Month for April is Carlos Martinez. Carlos is a very conscientious student and a hard worker. He always tries his best. Carlos is kind and respectful to his classmates and the adults with whom he interacts. When he is not in school, Carlos enjoys swimming, reading, and traveling. He also speaks Spanish. He is very interested in learning about animals and loves art class. Carlos is very prayerful and loves God and his family. Congratulations, Carlos!

The Christian of the Month for third grade for the month of April is Avery Fuhs. Avery is an avid animal lover, and is very helpful in taking care of her dogs and chinchilla. She also attends zoo camp to learn more about animals. She loves to camp and read and can always be seen with a book in her hand in school. In the classroom, Avery is very kind and sweet, and is always participating. She always strives for perfection in her grades, and loves to help her teacher out with classroom chores. Congratulations Avery! 

Fourth Grade's Christian of the month for April is Lillian Porambo. Lilly is an enthusiastic girl, both in and outside of school. During classes, she always has a raised hand to volunteer an answer or to read and always has a ready hand to help out a friend or her teacher. Outside of school, Lilly participates in many activities, most involving some type of performing arts. She loves to sing and dance and greatly enjoys being on stage, in front of an audience. Lilly loves her friends and family and always talks about their adventures together. Congratulations, Lilly! We are so proud of you! 

Carly Green is fifth grade's Christian of the month for April. Carly is a very conscientious student and is an essential part of the class. Carly is very active outside of school; she is a goalie in the area soccer league and just finished her first season on the Blue Waves swim team. Carly is currently taking drum lessons through our school and has been taking voice lessons through the Tamaqua Community Arts Center for several years. Carly is also a first degree black belt and junior instructor at USA Martial Arts in Tamaqua. Carly is very talented in drawing and painting. Congratulations Carly!

The Sixth Grade Christian of the Month is Cara Rehnert. Cara is a conscientious hardworking student. She has consistently made the honor roll. She is prepared for class and always has her work done neatly. Outside of school Cara is a member of the Tamaqua Blue Waves swim team and participates on the AVA U14 Charcoal volleyball team. She is an altar server for St. Joseph of the Panther Valley. Her biggest passion is dance. Cara is a member of the Sabo School of Irish Dance. She competes at many local and regional Irish Dance competitions where she has received many placement awards. Her favorite time of year is St. Patrick's Day. She performs at many local nursing homes, parades, and holiday parties. Cara received the USA Irish Dance Alliance Academic All American Award and Scholarship. Cara has three big brothers; Colin and Corey at DeSales University and Connor at Marian High School. She is an amazing little sister and loves spending time with them. She loves her Scottie dog Toby! Congratulations, Cara!

Emily Upanavage is the 7th Grade Christian of the Month for April. Emily is an excellent
student who has attained First Honors in Trimesters 1 and 2 this year. Her work is always
complete and neatly done. Emily is always polite and respectful in her interactions with
others. Emily greets each day with an open mind and a big smile…everything is “good”. She is loyal, curious, and dedicated with a very kind heart. She is becoming a more confident disciple, student, athlete, daughter and friend.  She has a very special relationship with her younger sister. Emily continues to be fascinated by nature and enjoys capturing beautiful things in sketch and photo. Emily is a quietly competitive athlete who currently runs with Marian High School Jr High Track and Field, plays travel softball for the Pocono Pride, and thrives in weekly performance training. Emily closes each day with reflection and prayer. She respectfully serves Mass in the St Joseph of the Panther Valley Parish. Congratulations, Emily!

Madison Biros is the 8th Grade Christian of the Month. Madison is kind, respectful, and helpful when interacting with her peers. A conscientious, hard-working student, Madison's assignments are completed neatly and thoroughly. She exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Madison is a member of St. Joseph's Parish in Sheppton. Outside of school, she enjoys reading fiction books, drawing, and baking. Madison plans to attend Marian High School. Congratulations, Madison!

I am very pleased to share SJRS 8th grade students who have been selected to receive 2022 Bishop’s Scholar Awards. Each of these students will receive a $1,000 scholarship as they continue their education at one of our Diocesan Catholic High Schools next Fall. The following SJRS students have been selected as the Bishop Scholar recipients:  

Madison Biros-Marian
Teaghan Biros-Marian
Madeline Daynorowicz-Nativity
Gianna Giannelli-Marian
James Gomez-Marian
Eris Hayes-Marian
Brienna Hernandez-Marian
Margaret Homyak-Marian
Isabella Horvat-Marian
Kaitlyn Kisenwether-Marian
Cristina Mohammed-Marian
Quentin Petschauer-Marian
Derek Schlosser-Marian
Margaret Zeiler-Marian

Bishop Schlert will host this year’s Bishop Scholarship Award Ceremony on Saturday, April 30 at Bethlehem Catholic High School.

Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year

Our open enrollment period began in December. At this time, due to our enrollment growth, we have begun waitlists in all of our classes except 2nd grade. There are limited spots available in grade 2. We encourage anyone who is not registered to join the waitlist.

Current Registration Fee (to be added to the waitlist): $150.00 per child

***Please note: If you have not registered already, to officially be placed on the waitlist, both the form and fee per child needs to be handed into the office**

Thank you to all the families who have already registered!

  • The Board of Pastors have approved the tuition rates for the 22-23 school year. To view the 2022-2023 Tuition & Fee Schedule please click here.

  • Financial Aid for 2022-2023 School Year opened on January 3rd. It closes April 30th. Be sure to apply before it closes through your new STS account.
Please Help Saint Jerome Regional School Keep Tuition Cost Affordable
Throughout the year you will be receiving information about the various fundraisers through the school and the Home and School Association. The reason we have fundraisers is to keep tuition costs down. The actual cost of education of each child in our school is over $6500.00. As you know, tuition is much less than this. The fundraisers help us make Catholic Education available to more children. 
We do not have mandatory fundraising at Saint Jerome Regional School because it is our hope that every family will do everything possible to support our efforts, not because they must, but because they want to participate and because they care about the future of this school. Thanks for joining the effort for the sake of our children!  

Gift Certificates and Scrip Certificates           
These are great ways to help with tuition costs. If you have any questions please call the office. Many people are saving hundreds of dollars in tuition by purchasing certificates. Certificates are sold from the school office daily during school hours and scrip orders are taken on Tuesdays. The last order for scrip will be Tuesday, May 31st. There will not be any orders during the summer break.

Tuition Chance
This year we will again sell tuition chances to help you win money toward your tuition bill. The chances are $1 each, and paper slips are in the family envelope. If you want to purchase the chance, fill out the slip and enclose money in an envelope marked tuition chance. This is not a fundraiser. All money collected will be awarded to the winning student’s tuition account. If your tuition is fully paid, credit will be applied to next year’s bill. The winner for April is Brayden Sanzi in Grade 2. The amount of tuition credit is $111. Thank you to all who took chances. Slips are enclosed for next month’s drawing which will be on May 25th.

  • We have sent home the May/June Calendar in the communication envelopes. Please be sure to check it for all important dates. We have also sent home a copy of the 2022-2023 yearly calendar that has been approved. It is also posted on our website.

  • The last day for the hot lunch program is Thursday, May 26th.

  • Thank you to our HSA officers for all of the hard work and dedication throughout the school year. Together as a school community we have made our fundraisers a great success.

  • Race for Education – May 6th (Rain date May 13th)
          Many people do not mind sending a donation to the school. It is a wonderful way to ask people outside the area to support the school. For your convenience, here is the RACE FOR EDUCATION link that you can share with friends and family who want to donate online.

Our Read-a-Thon event ended April 5th. We raised $2,601.91 for our school and all of the kids did a great job. Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Thank you to a generous family for donating such great prizes for our readers! Thank you to our HSA for coordinating this event! Congratulations to everyone!

Grand Prize (for every $25 raised per student, a chance was earned in the drawing)- Kameron Kohler ($250 Amazon Gift Card)

Top Reader- Sage Kopp ($100 Amazon Gift Card)

Bonus Prize (Most money raised)- Gregor Poleschuk ($50 Amazon Gift Card and dress down pass)

Class Prize- Class that raised the most money- Kindergarten Blue (Dress Down Day Pass and Homework Pass)

Top Readers in Each Class (Each student received a Dress Down Day Pass for and a chance was earned in the drawing for the $50 Amazon Gift Card)

Kindergarten Gold- Erin Smith
Kindergarten Blue- George Pinkey
1 Gold- Levi Trabosh
1 Blue- Riley Strohl
2 Gold- Cecilia Neifert (Drawing Winner- $50 Amazon Gift Card)
2 Blue- Kameron Kohler
3rd- Avery Fuhs
4th- Lillian Porambo
5th- Abby Whittaker
6th- Gregor Poleschuk
7th- Sage Kopp
8th- Andi Girard

Read-a-Thon winners are pictured below.
Home and School News

We encourage all parents to get involved with Home and School. Each year, we rely of the help of our volunteers, especially with our fundraising efforts. We encourage everyone to share ideas with HSA.

Home and School Officers

President- Kathy Reaman
Vice-President- Kelly Kisenwether
Secretary- Megan DeAngelo
Treasurer- Billie Jo Wetterau
Coordinator of Fundraising Activities- Karen Weicker
Coordinator of Outreach- Maria McGinley

Alumni and Staff Videos sharing stories about SJRS for the
100th Year Celebration. 
As you all know, SJRS is celebrating our 100th anniversary this school year, and to mark the centennial, we spoke with some of our alumni and staff for a special video project this summer. There will be a series of mini videos that we plan to share in the next few months with all of you. They were filmed in different locations at the school this summer, with Principal Hannis-Miskar conducting the interviews. The footage of the students and staff was taken on the first day of school this year. We hope you enjoy hearing what everyone has to say about SJRS.
Saint Jerome Regional School 100th Anniversary Festival
Saint Jerome Regional School will be hosting a Festival to celebrate our school’s 100th Anniversary on Saturday, June 11th from 11:30am-2:30pm. SJRS invites all members of the SJRS family to attend. Current, past and future students, staff members, family members and loyal supporters who have all contributed to get us to where we are today are all invited. Reminisce old memories, spend time talking with other alumni, and look through old yearbooks and black-and-white photos from days in the classrooms. Guests can take a tour of the school, play some festival games outside, view the unveiling of the 100th Anniversary Donor Wall in the front lobby and have a bite to eat in the cafeteria. Remember to share your contact information with us to receive updates on the school in the future. Representatives of the Home and School Association, Student Ambassadors, Administration, teachers and staff will also be in attendance. Click Here to view the Facebook Event Page

Here is a sample picture of what our donor wall will look like. We plan to unveil it at our 100th Anniversary Festival in June. For more details, or to make a donation please visit
To view our Health and Safety Plan and other COVID related information/documents please click HERE.

We continue to ask parents to keep their children home if they exhibit any symptoms so that we are able to provide the safest learning environment possible at SJRS.  

We remind all of our families to review with your child your expectations for masking. Please also review the importance of our mitigation measures that remain in place such as keeping socially distant and handwashing regularly.

Thank you!
The faculty, staff and administration ask for your continued prayers, support, cooperation and dedication to Catholic education. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the school office at 570-668-2757. We will be happy to help you! Thank you for being part of the SJRS Family! Thank you for all the sacrifices you make to send your child to this school! In order to save time and money, we will continue to use email to communicate with you. If you have an email address, please check it and look for our messages. If you are not receiving our e-newsletters, please send a note to the office to be added to the email list. 

Let Us Pray
Lord Jesus, we ask for Your help as we begin this new school year. Allow us to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before us. Open our eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings. Open our heart and mind to new friends, new teachers and new staff members. Give us a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with our studies and courage to accept new opportunities. Help us to be attentive to one another and let us experience Your presence in our new friends. Jesus, inspire us to do our best this year! Amen

Let us pray for:
Our school family

The Richardson Family

The people of Ukraine

a Special Intention

Everyone that has been impacted by COVID-19

Your continued prayers, support, cooperation and dedication to Catholic education.

Your continued kind words toward each other.
Email your prayer requests to or send a note to the office.
We will list the names that you would like us to pray for in our monthly newsletters.
Turning Taxes into Scholarships
If you are paying Pennsylvania state income taxes, why not turn your tax dollars into need based scholarships for Saint Jerome Regional School? Pennsylvania provides a 90% tax credit to individuals who donate funds for Catholic School Education.

To participate, an individual must meet one of the following financial criteria:
Individual income of $200,000 in each of the two previous years OR
Joint income of $300,000 in each of the two previous years OR
New worth of $1,000,000 excluding your primary residence

The gift of a Catholic Education is an investment in our youth, our future, and our faith.
To learn more, please inquire at St. Jerome Regional School (570) 668-2757 or contact:
John Fierro (Diocese) 610-866-0581 (ext 2344) /

For more information on the EPSF (Eastern Pennsylvania Scholarship Foundation) please go to our SJRS support page.