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Dear Parents-
The Feast of Christ the King, Thanksgiving and the First Sunday in Advent all in a week’s time! We are reminded to love, serve, follow and give thanks to our King! Thanksgiving, in particular reminds us to thank God for all the blessings he bestows on us, everyday.
For me, I am thankful for the amazing teachers that make our school great. Each teacher brings unique gifts and talents that bind together to create one amazing educational team. These men and women are selfless, tireless, fearless, and all-giving. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside such dedicated professionals. I am also grateful to our friars for their spiritual leadership. They, too, are all-giving, happily planning activities in the school, or playing with the kids at recess, or teaching a class. We have the most amazing facilities team and office staff, all of whom work together to keep our school running smoothly.
I am thankful for the boys and girls who fill our school. I feel such enormous joy when I see (mostly) smiling and happy faces each morning. The hugs and high-fives exchanged in the halls make my day, and I am proud of the effort of middle schoolers as they face new challenges and rise to meet expectations. I am also thankful for all the SJS families who willingly provide time, talent and treasure to make SJS the best school ever!
With Thanksgiving the same week lunch orders are due, please don’t forget to place your December lunch orders ! You can order lunch for your children through our school lunch program, in conjunction with Fairfax Food Service. Use this link to access directions from Fairfax Food Service. Remember to place your order no later than the 28th!
As you are planning your holiday calendar, please note that the Christmas Concert is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11 in the school gym, at 7:00. Please join us for an evening of faith-filled and time honored Christmas songs. Miss Bambino and the children have been hard at practice and this is sure to be a great event.
Please add to your reminder app on your phone:
Tuesday, November 26…. 11:30 dismissal- No PM Extended Day
Wednesday, November 27-Friday, November 29…. Thanksgiving Break
Monday, December 2…. return to class
Tuesday, December 3... Book Fair opens, and runs through Sunday, December 8.
Friday, December 6… Report Cards issued.
As always, if you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.
Happy Thanksgiving!

As always, if you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Welcome one Christ welcomed you!
                                                                                  (Rom 15:7)
Denise Rutledge
  Building Wisdom and Faith Through Service to God
Please obey speed limit and stop signs!
We ask that all SJS families be mindful and obey the 25 mph speed limit as well as, stop at the stop signs in the surrounding neighborhood. Please help keep our neighborhood safe by obeying the traffic laws and be attentive to pedestrians and cyclists at all times. Also, please remember the speed limit once you enter the St. Joseph Catholic School/Church parking lot is 5 mph! Let's keep our families safe and slow down!
Biennial Antiquities Exhibit
Parents, grandparents, and friends are welcome to attend the 7th and 8th grade biennial exhibit of antiquities and other old stuff! The exhibit will take place on Tuesday, December 3 from 1:20-2:45pm. We look forward to seeing you there!
Book Fair - Starts Dec. 3
The theme for the 2019 Book Fair is
Winter Wonderland!

The dates for the Book Fair are Dec. 3-8th.

Volunteers are needed for after school and weekends! Click the link below to help!

Coffee with the Principal

Join us for an informal gathering with Mrs. Rutledge and Mrs. Farrell on Friday, December 6 after morning drop off in upstairs room 214. Mrs. Farrell will be discussing what parents need to know about the dangers associated with vaping.
Thank you!
The sixth grade girls (Troop 709) would like to thank all of you for helping with the canned food drive at the CYO Basketball Tip-Off Tournament this past weekend.

The girls collected an amazing 294 pounds of food donations for The St. Lucy Project/Catholic Charities. Thank you to the Girl Scouts for leading this much needed project especially during this time of year! A wonderful act of service!

Also, thank you to all who came out to support our 8th graders this weekend as they launched their final basketball season at St. Joseph Catholic School! The 8th graders went 5-1 this weekend. A wonderful start to the season! Go Saints!
Prayer Leaders
November 25: Jenkins, L. and S.
November 26: Johnson, A. and A.
November 27: NO SCHOOL
November 28: NO SCHOOL
November 29: NO SCHOOL
December 2: Jones, E.
December 3: Jordan, A.
December 4: Kane, S. and C.
December 5: Kassar, E. and G.
December 6: Kasselian, G.

Prayer leaders are to report to the library no later than 7:50 AM in order to appear on the morning news show. Parents are welcome to watch the live show.
Upcoming Events
November 26: Mass
November 26: 11:30am Dismissal (NO AFTERNOON EXTENDED DAY)
November 26: End of 1st Trimester
November 27 - November 29: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving holiday)
December 1: We care about Catholic Charities week
December 3: Book Fair
December 4: Book Fair
December 5: Book Fair
December 6: Coffee with the Principal
December 6: Mass
December 6: Report Cards Issues
December 6: Book Fair
December 7: Book Fair
December 8: Book Fair
December 11: Christmas Concert
December 12: Mass
December 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 13: 11:30am Dismissal
December 13: PTO Movie Night
December 16: Santa's Village
December 18: Band Christmas Concert
December 20: Mass
December 20: 11:30am Dismissal (NO AFTERNOON EXTENDED DAY)
December 21-January 5: Christmas Break
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