Bernie's Bark
Dear Parents-
Having entered the holy season of Lent , we take time to fast, pray and give alms. Such a great time of year to meditate, and reflect on our own journeys through the desert, asking ourselves did I give into temptations, was I prideful, materialistic, and thinking only of myself? In this season of forgiveness, remember that we are called to be Christ-like, and so, as we ask for, and accept God’s forgiveness, we must also forgive. Pope Francis reminded us that in “forgiving, we open our hearts so that God’s mercy might come and forgive us, for we all have need of pardon, and need to ask forgiveness.”
Please consider joining us for Stations of the Cross , Wednesdays during Lent, at 2:30 in the Church. Students from SCA and NJHS will lead the community in our meditation on the Stations, reminding each of us of God’s enormous love for us, and His infinite mercy. Please also remember that it is not possible to dismiss students from the church for early release. I ask that you plan accordingly if you need your child released from school early.
Join us Friday, March 6 at 8:30 for Coffee with the Principal and the Counselor . Mrs. Farrell will lead a discussion on building resilience in our children. Our students are dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress, created by easy access to social media, combined with academic and peer pressures. Mrs. Farrell will share coping strategies as we work to guide our children through adolescence.
Trimester 2 ends on Friday, March 13, and it is a half-day of school for students. Monday, March 16 is a student holiday and report cards will go home on Friday, March 20. Just a reminder that the parent portal will close on Friday, March 6 at 9:00AM, and will reopen Monday, March 23. If you have any questions on the parent portal, please contact Mrs. Pearce.
We have been hard at work on the DFE process, but that doesn’t mean that we are no play! Teachers are collaborating and planning exciting auction items for the Spring Fling. And while these offerings may not be exotic trips, every single item will provide the one thing your child wants most….time with his/her teacher! Please consider joining us at the Spring Fling and Auction on April 25 . Our appeal this year mirrors last year as we upgrade classroom lighting and add stand-up desks and other flexible seating. Research on lighting in the classroom shows that it has a significant influence on student achievement. Studies show that students exposed to “daylight” lighting score up to 26% higher on math and reading achievement tests!
From the “In Case You Aren’t Aware” department, the FREE TUITION RAFFLE is LIVE!!! Enter our Tuition Raffle to win a year of free tuition for a returning student. The winner will be announced at the end of the live auction on April 25, however you do not need to be present to win. Purchase Tuition Raffle Tickets Here!
We continue to monitor the Coronavirus , and at this writing there are still no reported cases of the virus in the DMV. The school continues to encourage best practices among students to prevent the spread of colds and flu, including frequent hand-washing, and use of hand sanitizer. All adults and students are reminded to stay home if you don’t feel well.
Don’t forget to place your Yearbook order . See below to order online, or download the order form to pay by check.
And an important reminder, as first announced on December 17….
Thursday, March 19, 2020 is now a half-day of school, with dismissal at 11:30 . Afternoon Extended Day will be open. Bishop Burbidge will visit our school, spending the morning with students, and the afternoon with teachers and staff. We are honored by the Bishop’s visit. He has dedicated himself to visiting all the schools, in turn, and we could not be more thrilled to have him visit us on the Feast of St. Joseph!

As always, if you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.
 Welcome one Christ welcomed you!
                                                                                 (Rom 15:7)
Denise Rutledge

  Building Wisdom and Faith Through Service to God
Coffee with the Principal and Counselor
Join us Friday, March 6 at 8:30 for Coffee with the Principal and the Counselor . Mrs. Farrell will lead a discussion on building resilience in our children. Our students are dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress, created by easy access to social media, combined with academic and peer pressures. Mrs. Farrell will share coping strategies as we work to guide our children through adolescence.
March Spirit and Service
March Spirit and Service
 Mobile Response Center Care Bags

For the March Spirit and Service project students will help the Mobile Response Center, a program that brings hope to the homeless, through Arlington Catholic Charities. Students will bring in items that will be used to make hygiene bags. We will collect NEW, in the original package, travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer. Other items will include: toothbrushes, deodorant, bar soap, bandaids, and packages of socks. Each grade is assigned an item, but if you would like to donate additional items listed, please do. 

Kindergarten: Toothbrush
1st Grade: Travel Size Toothpaste
2nd Grade: Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner
3rd Grade: Deodorant
4th Grade: Bar Soap
5th Grade: Travel Size Hand Sanitizer
6th Grade: Travel Size Mouthwash
7th Grade: Band Aids
8th Grade: Package of socks

We will collect items from March 2 - 17.
Students will make encouragement cards for the bags on March 17.

Thank you for your support!
Upcoming VIRTUS Seminar
There is a VIRTUS seminar scheduled on Thursday, March 26 @ 5:00pm at St. Joseph Catholic School. Please register at All adults who wish to volunteer at SJS, must complete 2 parts to be Child Compliant:
  1. Complete the background registration (Apply online via the Arlington Diocese website or click here You may also contact Beth Covert in the school office)
  2. Attend a VIRTUS seminar
Financial Aid Information
Financial Aid Applications are due for Elementary Schools by March 18, 2020. Please remember that 2019 W-2s and tax returns are required for verification!

For more information, visit Tuition and Financial Aid Information
Spring Fling Dinner & Auction

Reminder all Underwriter, Sponsorship & Advertisement Forms due
March 13th!

SJS Track & Field
Come and run a mile or two,
Develop friendships old and new,
Set some goals and see them through,
We'll work hard and have fun too!
St. Joseph Track & Field Spring 2020 season will begin on Sat, Mar 14 th . We hope that you will enroll your young athletes for the Spring 2020 season and join our practices and meets as your schedules allow. 

Who can participate?  Track & Field training is available for all St. Joseph 2 nd -8 th  grade parishioners (SJS, CCD or home school). [ NOTE: 2 nd  graders are eligible to practice with the team; but, the Arlington Diocese Spring Track & Field meet is only available to 3 rd  through 8 th  graders. ]

Where and When?    Calendar link:  SJ XC and Track & Field Calendar

How much does it cost? : $30 for an individual or $50 max per family covers practice and meet fees
NOTE: Families with athletes who choose to compete in the Arlington Diocese Meet will also be asked to volunteer some time to help monitor and manage events.

How do we join? : E-mail  for additional information

Why should we join?
  • Be part of our team! As a combination of individual and team events, the Track & Field and Cross Country program offers an opportunity for each person to be part of a group that encourages each other to improve in running, jumping, and throwing. Individual events are offered across several age groups and levels of skill and motivation. The more each athlete wants to train, the faster he or she will improve his/her abilities. Several members join to train to compete in the meet while others join for the great cross-training this offers for other sports. We can all improve individually and as a team!
  • Flexible schedules: Teammates and families are encouraged to join as many practices and meets as family schedules can accommodate; but, there are no minimum time commitments. You are also welcome to try out a practice before enrolling.
  • Low-cost family fun: $30 per individual or $50 per family provides access to multiple practices/meets per week Aug 26 to Nov 3rd… Parents are also encouraged to join in the running, jumping and throwing with (or helping manage event training, keep scores, ) our student athletes to join us for our practices and meets.
Thank you from your SJS Track & Field Coaching team!
Mike Culligan  
Lisa Anderson
Christine LeCloux
Kelly Hartley
Erik Larsen
Golf Program - Grades 4-8
St. Joseph Catholic School Golf Program
Spring Session for 4 th -8 th Graders!

The golf program is back! Starting in mid-March, the second iteration of the golf program will be held for interested 4 th-8 th grade St. Joseph Catholic School students and St. Joseph CCD participants. This program will be held at Herndon Centennial golf course again and will be held once a week through the end of April. The program will be taught by a combination of parent volunteers and golf course staff. Please see below for additional details:

When: Start in mid-March and will run for roughly 6 weeks through the end of April, to be held one night a week (most likely Monday evenings, but could be on Tuesdays as well if a large number of participants sign up). Start time will be around 5:30pm (may vary some early in season due to daylight).

What: Will include basic instruction and practice for the Spring session, including time on the driving range and chipping/putting green, with some play on the course occurring throughout.

Who: Fourth-Eighth grade St. Joseph Catholic School students and St. Joseph Parish CCD participants.

Equipment/Attire: Does your child have clubs already? Great, please bring them. Don’t have golf clubs? No worries, there are additional sets of junior golf clubs that can be used at the course. Sneakers are suitable (golf shoes not required), and dress will be a golf shirt (or similar) and golf shorts (or golf pants when the weather is colder).

Cost: Anticipated costs are ~$50 per child. This will be finalized based on the number of participants.

Please register by Friday, February 28 th so that we can finalize numbers and plans with the golf course to get us started in mid-March. To register, or for more information or questions, please contact Joel Woodson at and Tammy McGowan at
Yearbook Orders
Order your SJS 2020 yearbook today! Price for the yearbook is $22 and can be ordered online or via cash or check. To order online, click HERE . Enter your school name: Saint Joseph Catholic School. The order forms have gone home with the students.
Make sure to order before March 20, 2020!
March Madness Referees Needed
Parent Volunteer Referees Needed for 5th - 8th Grade
In-school Basketball Tournament
March Madness on Peachtree Street!
The dates are:  
Starting 2/27 until 4/10. Then the final.
Time Slots slots are: 
7th grade - Thursdays - 11:15 - 12:05 , 1:35 - 2:25 
8th grade - Thursdays - 12:51 - 1:36 , 2:23 - 3:08
5 th grade - Fridays - 12:51 - 2:22
6th Grade - Fridays - 10:30 - 11:20 , 2:23 - 3:08
Please email Mr. O'Brien at  if you can help
The Yearbook Staff needs your help! If you have any candid pictures from school parties, field trips, community or other events, please send them to your Class Coordinator for submission. Please note, picture inclusion will be at the discretion of the yearbook staff. Thank you!
Any questions, please contact Mrs. Hatley ( )
Volunteer Opportunities
Library Helpers!

Consider volunteering your time to help in the library!

Volunteers are needed to help in the cafeteria and during recess! Get in on the action! Please remember that all volunteers must have completed the Child Protection program. If you have any questions about volunteering for recess/lunch, please contact Laura Stump at .
We appreciate your help!

Prayer Leaders
March 2: McGuinn, J. and B.
March 3: McLaughlin, S.
March 4: McMahon, R.
March 5: Mejia, A.
March 6: Merkel, T., A., and A.

March 9: Mich, A., L., and N.
March 10: Minutillo, M.
March 11: Mitchell, S., L., and Z.
March 12: Montilla Casas, M. and A.
March 13: Moreno, M. and N.

Prayer leaders are to report to the library no later than 7:50 AM in order to appear on the morning news show. Parents are welcome to watch the live show.
Upcoming Events
March 4: Stations of the Cross
March 6: Coffee with the Principal
March 6: Mass
March 11: Stations of the Cross
March 13: 11:30am Dismissal
March 13: Mass
March 13: End of 2nd Trimester
March 16: NO SCHOOL
March 17: Spirit and Service
March 18: Stations of the Cross
March 19: 11:30am Dismissal
March 19: Mass - Feast of St. Joseph
March 20: Report Cards Issued
March 24: 8th Grade Confirmation Breakfast
March 24: 8th Grade Love Mass
March 25: 8th Grade Confessions
March 25: Stations of the Cross
March 27: Mass
March 27: Confirmation Rehearsal
March 28: Confirmation
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