Friday, November 29th
Thank you for our volunteers who keep our sanctuary decorated and organized to enhance our worship.  

Saturday, November 30th
Thank you God for our future generation. Help us to reach out and continue to teach and support them. 
Sunday, December 1st
God as we begin this Advent season help us to focus on you instead of all the tinsel, advertising, gifts and rushed time.  

Monday, December 2nd
We praise you as we prepare to remember Jesus' birth. 

Tuesday, December 3rd
We thank you for this season of Joy to worship you.  

Wednesday, December 4th
We thank you that we can take all of the advertising as a reminder of your love for us.  

Thursday, December 5th
We thank you for all of the lovely music during this season, that even though it may be secular it can remind us of the real meaning of Christmas.

Friday, December 6th
We thank you for all of the many acquaintances we have contact with so we can share your love and grace.  

-- Karen Tidler