Weekly Disciple
August 9, 2019
Join us this Sunday!
Acts 10:1-8
Peter and Cornelius
10 In Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, a centurion of the Italian Cohort, as it was called.  He was a devout man who feared God with all his household; he gave alms generously to the people and prayed constantly to God.  One afternoon at about three o’clock he had a vision in which he clearly saw an angel of God coming in and saying to him, “Cornelius.”  He stared at him in terror and said, “What is it, Lord?” He answered, “Your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God.  Now send men to Joppa for a certain Simon who is called Peter;  he is lodging with Simon, a tanner, whose house is by the seaside.”  When the angel who spoke to him had left, he called two of his slaves and a devout soldier from the ranks of those who served him,  and after telling them everything, he sent them to Joppa.
Second Sunday Lunch
August 11
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Summer in Italy
Take a trip to Italia with Chef Tim's from scratch Chicken Parmesan smothered in tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella. Lunch is in the Family Life Center from 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. No reservation required. All are welcome. Adults $12, 12-17 years old $6, 6 - 11 years old $3, and under 6 free. Bring a friend, or meet a new one!
Parent's Night Out
Parents' Night Out is offered the second Friday of each month. Kids eat dinner, play games, do crafts, and watch a movie with friends and our childcare staff. From 5:45 to 8:30 pm, $15 per child. Call 883-9717 to reserve your spot!
Family Choir on August 18!
All are welcome to sing in a special “family choir” in the 11:00 worship service on August 18 Singers of ALL ages are welcome, including children, youth, young and older adults. Meet in the choir room at 9:20, and we’ll learn a simple piece or two together. No experience necessary!
Chancel Choir Resumes
Chancel Choir will have its first rehearsal of the new season on Wednesday, August 21 at 7pm. All are welcome to sing with us; we have members who read music fluently, and members who read music barely at all. Give us a try!
Weekly Prayer Calendar
Friday, August 9th
Thank you for the abundance we have so that we can help others who are less fortunate. 

Saturday, August 10th
God we ask that you be with the families affected by the recent shootings.  Wrap your loving arms around them to comfort and heal them and give them friends from the community to be with them during these difficult days. 

Sunday, August 11th
God we ask that you guide both our church and civic leaders as well as individuals on solutions to the problem of young disturbed minds. Show us how can we help them before they get to this point of violence. 

Monday, August 12th
God we ask that you be with our students as they start school. Open their minds for the lessons they need to learn, keep them healthy and safe. 

Tuesday, August 13th
God as school gets started within our community we ask that you be with the teachers and school workers that are guiding our young minds. Give them the knowledge and caring for each individual with whom they come in contact. 

Wednesday, August 14th
God we thank you for the many opportunities we have to show love and caring within our community. May we be your witness in all the many little ways that matter (a friendly smile, a helping hand). 

Thursday, August 15th
God we thank you for the many volunteers you have provided for St. Johns. Please bless them as they act as your feet, hands and voice to our community. 

Friday, August 16th
God we ask that you guide St. John's as we plan for next year - ministry, finances and church building repairs. Show our leaders how to accomplish everything that is important for St. John's to be your witness within our community.

--Karen Tidler

MOUNTAIN CATHEDRALS - Saturday, August 17 from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm
The August Mountain Cathedrals hike will be in the Jemez Mountains, from Jemez Falls downhill to Battleship Rock. This is roughly 4 miles, with a descent from 8,000 feet elevation to 6,800 feet on a good trail. Special features include stately Ponderosa pines, McCauley Hot Springs, obsidian boulders, and the drive through Jemez Canyon. We'll meet at St. John's at 7:30 to carpool (Battleship Rock is ~60 miles from St. John's, and there is a 10 mile drive-around). Kelly Giese will be the trip leader; for information contact her or Mike Furnish (884-6626).

The crew who operates the lights, sound and video during worship in the sanctuary has some holes in the roster and needs your participation. Training and assistance is provided while you learn the ropes and scheduling accommodates those weekends you need to be away. If you are interested in working on the console once or twice a month to support worship at St John's, contact Les Bruce at lesbruce@comcast.net or 263-4338.

The United Methodist Women are collecting backpacks for Zuni Elementary and would like to extend that opportunity to the congregation. Please bring backpacks to the Hospitality Centers and place in the metal bins. Contact Angie Young at youngamabq@icloud.com.

A TREMENDOUS Thank You!!! to all who helped with Family Promise hosting this past week. It was a very challenging week with fire alarm and family issues. Thank you for your patience and persistence in making it all come out well! THANK YOU!!! Your Family Promise Team.

Stop by the Hospitality Center in the Narthex, donate to the ramp project and sign your name on a board that will be used in an upcoming ramp project. Contact Donna at donnabruce@comcast.net.

Let's get acquainted with Kelly! To kick off our Fall season, our new St. John's Associate Pastor, Rev. Kelly Giese, will be the featured speaker at our Thursday, September 5th, meeting at 10 a.m. in Room 241. This will be our opportunity to learn more about Kelly and her duties at St. John's. Please join us as we warmly welcome her to St. John's! As always, all ladies of the church are invited, and guests are always welcome!

Did you ever hear a popular song about angels, heaven, death, Jesus, or love, and think, “What? That’s just so wrong!” St. John’s email Bible study will take a light-hearted look at some of the good, the bad, and the truly weird theology that we hear in popular music. What’s “The purpose of a man”? Is it true that “on the day that you were born the angels got together”? “Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven?” Current readers have suggested many of their favorites and un-favorites; join us and add yours to the mix. Pick up a study guide in the Welcome Center. To get scripture readings and study tips by email five days a week, including links to lyrics and videos, write to Regina at drhunter@nmia.com.

Thank you to the congregation and UMW. Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase over $1,000 worth of school supplies to present to students in need so all could begin their year well prepared! Thank you also to our dedicated church staff, Chef Tim and his team, and our UMW volunteers who helped serve a delicious and welcoming lunch on Wednesday to the Zuni teachers and our own Preschool Plus teachers. All of these teachers are so grateful for the demonstration of hospitality and community support!

As part of our Communitas series this summer, we are having Table Talk groups. These groups are all about having conversation and fellowship. They will meet over the next four weeks at various times and places. Sign up in the Hospitality Center or the FLC. Meet some new people and have some community fun!
WOMEN’S EMMAUS WALK - September 19 - 22
The NW Emmaus Community will be holding a Women's Emmaus Walk in September. If you are interested in attending, finding our more information, or if you'd like to sponsor a woman on this Walk, please contact Linn and Mike Furnish at 884-6626.
Welcome to new member, Lyn Fitz!
It's summertime and the fresh fruit is falling. That means...PIES! Please join St. John's in making pies for the Asbury Cafe, open during the State Fair. The pie parties will be in Chef Tim's kitchen and the FLC on these Tuesdays from 8:30 am - 10:30 am: August 6, and August 13. If we need to make more pies it will be done on August 20. If you have questions contact Jenn Shields at jennshields200@yahoo.com or 505-450-9978. Thank you for helping!

Summer is in full swing and the behind the scenes work has begun for Asbury Pie Café. There are already two training sessions being held at St. John's. If you are interested in working at Asbury Pie Café, please come on Thursday, August 8 at 6:00 pm in room 151, and Saturday, August 17 at 10:00 am in room 149/151. It is a great way to learn the new things happening at the Asbury Café AND meet other volunteers you might be working with. If you have questions please contact Jenn Shields at jennshields200@yahoo.com or 505-450-9978. See you Soon!

Fun, Fellowship and Free Admission: these are some of the great perks of working at the Asbury Pie Café. St. John's will have sign up sheet outside the Sanctuary Doors starting on Sunday, July 28th. It takes many hands to raise over $50,000, so please come and sign up for a shift. If you have questions about shifts please contact Dave Young at 505-715-2030 or dajsover@wans.net. See you at the FAIR!

Also outside the Sanctuary Doors, starting on July 28th, St. John's will have a list of days we needed pies. NO PROFESSIONAL BAKING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. If you have an oven - you can bake pies! If you have questions about pies please contact Jenn Shields at 505-450-9978 or jennshields200@yahoo.com. Thank You! 
Youth News
As Summer comes to an end, so does Youth Summer Programming. Reel to Real concluded last week & Super Sonic Tuesdays will conclude this week. The Youth Programming will take a Summer Break to Reboot for Fall Kick-off August 18.

Today is the 2nd Sunday of the month & we will have our Round Table Students Leaders meet at 9:30 am up in Room 258. Next week we will do the same. 4th Sunday—Worship at Abide. 

Youth Leaders and Sponsors mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 14 from 6:00-8:00 pm for a large gathering of our leaders and those of other churches as we plan our collective endeavors this Fall. Location TBA.
Weekly Activities

A Sunday nursery is available for young children in Room 138. See “This Week at St. John’s” for children’s Sunday School class locations.

The Family Spirit Class meets on the second floor in the education wing across from the youth room. This Sunday, August 4, we will start the first session of our new study by John Ortberg, Like You More if You Were More Like Me. The book is available from Cokesbury or at Amazon. Discussion questions will be provided weekly as well as a video clip for class discussion. Everyone is welcome. Please contact Doug Sweet if you have questions at 554-6047.

TAI CHI - Thursdays at 10:30 am in the Family Life Center
It’s a great time to join the Tai Chi class. Tai Chi does not require physical fitness or coordination and may be done standing or seated with some modification. All age groups are welcome. No special clothing or equipment is required. Contact kathleen_sta@yahoo.com or 220-4814.
Mission & Outreach

The Wesley Foundation is a vibrant group of young people growing in their faith and living it on the UNM campus. They serve Christ through Bible Studies, Tuesday fellowship dinners, service projects and special activities all year. The Wesley House also has affordable rooms for several students.
Wesley relies totally on the support of the Methodist Churches in the city. Wesley House has been a Christian presence on Campus for many years: therefore maintenance is always high on their needs list!! Please give generously.

These two organizations will be the focus of our "non-foods collections" during the month of August. We're collecting laundry detergent pods and fabric softener sheets for Casa Esperanza, and full-size bars of soap and washcloths for our guests of St. John's Mobile Food Pantry. As you may know, Casa Esperanza is a non-profit organization, located here in town, that provides housing for out-of-town families who are referred to Albuquerque for cancer treatment. In addition, our guests of Mobile Food Pantry appreciate the special, little giveaways we have for them from time to time, so thank you for your generosity! Please place your donations in the wire baskets in the Hospitality Centers.

Throughout the year, we alternate our "food collections" between The Storehouse and Silver Horizons. This month, for Silver Horizons, we're collecting: ready-to-eat cereals, protein and/or cereal bars, peanut butter/cheese snack crackers, shelf-stable meats and cheeses; individual packages of nuts, and powdered milk. Your donations will go to "senior food markets" in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe and Valencia counties, to provide much needed food to over 3,000 seniors and the 900 grandchildren that many of these seniors are raising on a very limited income. Thank you for being such a blessing!  

See what’s happening in August for missions at St. John’s! Come by the Hospitality Center to pick up your copy.
Prayer & Congregational Care
The St. John's staff includes a licensed mental health counselor. If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally with a difficult situation, counseling is available. See https://www.stjohns-abq.org/counseling-at-st-johns or contact Susan Brumbaugh at 505-506-6717 or counselor@stjohns-abq.org for more details about session and cost information.
Jill Aubrey is the recipient   of the prayer quilt hanging in the Hospitality Center.
A person may be hospitalized or have another crisis in their life, and St. John’s may not know. Please call 883-9717 or the Emergency Pastor Contact Number at 331-8121.
If you know someone in need of comfort, healing, or encouragement, please consider giving them a shawl or lap robe that has been made with prayer. These can be found in the Hospitality Center.
If you would like someone to visit, call, or pray for a loved one or for yourself, please write to Claudia Giese, Congregational Care Coordinator, at cgiese@stjohns-abq.org or call 883-9717 ext. 128.
Getting Oriented

You can give to the church electronically by using a debit or credit card. Click the link below, or visit the Giving Page on the church website and follow the simple instructions found there.
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