Friday, December 13th
We ask God that you guide and bless the WINGS families, especially at this time of year.

Saturday, December 14th
We ask God to guide and bless our staff as they prepare for the holidays. Please give them some time for themselves to enjoy the holiday.

Sunday, December 15th
We ask God to bless families who are struggling this holiday season.
Monday, December 16th
We praise you God for leading so many to donate so that others can have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 17th
We thank you God for giving us a church to worship you and learn more about our relationship to you. 

Wednesday, December 18th
We thank you God for giving us church leaders to keep everything going. 
Thursday, December 19th
We ask that you help us keep our focus on you during the coming week.  

Friday, December 20th
We thank you for all of the volunteers who help our many ministries.

-- Karen Tidler