CIPH President's Message
Happy 25th Anniversary CIPH Saskatchewan Region with Thanks
  Dear Joe Ziegler (EMCO) CIPH Saskatchewan Region President:
Joe, on behalf of the CIPH Board of Directors I am delighted to congratulate the Region on achieving a special milestone in 2018 by celebrating 25 years as a CIPH Region. Established in 1993 under the leadership of Fred Klassoff (Crane Canada) the Region continues to implement meaningful programs and services at the local level for the direct and tangible benefit of the membership while providing a better understanding of our industries common challenges and solutions.
Communication and understanding is critical and central to the well-being of all of our nine Regions success across Canada.  That success is based on trust, honesty and cooperation in our efforts to exchange knowledge, to anticipate the future and to work together because we serve our members best when we serve the industry first. CIPH Saskatchewan Region is no exception to this success and does a great job of providing terrific learning and networking forums. The Region has a phenomenal group of dedicated volunteers that give so freely of their and talent to ensure that the mission of CIPH moves forward and together they are committed to ensuring a strong and relevant CIPH Saskatchewan Region. A special thank you also to all the Past Presidents of the Region that passed on the torch over the years. Your efforts helped lay a strong foundation that has brought the Region to this special 25th Anniversary milestone. Thank you to:

Joe Ziegler
2016/2017 Steven Banick Wolseley Canada
Kent Mortenson
Crane Supply
Nicole Ursu
Rob Sanson Crane Supply (presently at Equipco)
2009/2011 Wes Sapieha Wolseley Canada
2007/2009 Don Matt WaterGroup Companies Inc. (presently at Canature WaterGroup)
2005/2007 John Nault Crane Supply
2003/2005 Rick Goodman RNG Marketing
2001/2003 Cec Fowlie Wolseley Mechanical Group
1999/2001 Glenn Camrud Ram Mechanical Marketing
1997/1999 Dale Lewgood USF WaterGroup (presently at Canature WaterGroup)
1995/1997 Gary Grant Westburne Plumbing Supply
1993/1995  Fred Klassoff Crane Plumbing

Thank you Joe, your dedicated team of directors and Gloria Bearss for all your collective efforts for keeping the spirit alive and well. Keep up the great work it is recognized and appreciated by the CIPH Board and the entire membership.
Ralph Suppa, President & General Manager
Seems Like Yesterday.....History of Saskatchewan CIPH Region
On September 15, 1993 CIPH Saskatchewan Region became fully operational. CIPH Members in the province appointed a Board of Directors chaired by Fred Klassoff.

Prior to 1993 there was no separate SK Region. There was however a CIPH "Prairie Region" which covered AB, SK and MB. Prairie Region gradually split into MB Region (1985), then Edmonton (1990), then Calgary (1992).

A strong network of committed volunteers greatly promoted the well-being of the industry in Saskatchewan ever since, with many milestones and initiatives achieved along the way.
Good things are happening at CIPH as it celebrates its national 85th anniversary in 2018 as well, and we look forward to many more years of success!
World Plumbing Day
Celebrated every year on March 11, World Plumbing Day is an international event initiated by the World Plumbing Council that recognizes the important role plumbing plays in our health and safety.   CIPH is proud to celebrate World Plumbing Day. Our  call to Saskatchewan centres was met with favourable response in 2018, with Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Estevan joining with the industry to declare March 11th as World Plumbing Day in their communities; thus increasing awareness on water conservation, use and re-use, which are crucial factors in today's changing environment.
Women's Network
Just over one year ago, the CIPH Women's Network was established and in just 12 months, has grown to include 235 women employees of CIPH members from coast to coast.

The purpose of the Network is to support the professional development of women within Canada's plumbing and heating industry, and to enhance member companies' opportunities to attract, develop and retain more high-performing female employees.

Membership is free for all female employees of member companies, and the network provides free webinars, live networking and education events.  

Coming soon! In 2018, SK Women's Network will be proud to kick off with a fun and interactive event by holding a Callebaut Chocolate/Wine Night. More details will follow!!

If you, or a co-worker would like to join, you can send a quick email to or contact SK Coordinator Nicole Ursu at for more information. 
For the last couple of years we have been working towards implementing hydronic install inspections throughout the province and we are making some progress.

We have identified some of the needs for inspectors and feel strongly that if we can increase the confidence of users that they are getting a properly working hydronic system the entire industry will benefit. This is an ongoing challenge but in working with Bill Hawkins, Executive Director/Chief Building Official with the Building Standards and Licensing Branch we think we can make a lasting change for the better.

In terms of other Regional issues in the event of a Road Show in 2019 we are already looking at some topics of interest for seminars. Current suggestions include: Net Zero Solutions, Variable Speed Pumps, Building Envelope Code, and State of the industry.

CHC National News:
  • In January/February there were three fantastic hydronic training Webinars led by Rob Waters (CIPH Technical Consultant)) in the last year. These were targeted to Wholesale Counter Personnel and covered: Hydronic Fundamentals, Heat Sources and Heat Emitters. These are likely to reprised in the fall of 2018.
  • Ken Webster (Viessmann) is the latest recipient of Canadian Hydronics Council Award of Merit (February 2018).   The Canadian Hydronics Conference is running concurrent to CIPHEX West November 7 & 8, 2018.
Note: Hydronic heating is the most energy efficient and comfortable heating system on the planet and possibly on any planet!

Yours in great Hydronic Heating,
Ron Schaan A.Sc.T. MET.
Student Awards Program - Tomorrow's Leaders in the Making!
As a way to give back to our community, and to ensure the continuing strength of our industry, in 2018 CIPH National will allocate a total of $3,000 funding to each region to provide for a Student Award Scholarship which can applied to a member educational institution.
Student awards will be eligible to students studying in the following programs:
  • Engineering/Engineering Technology (selected disciplines relating to the Plumbing and Heating Industry, e.g. Building & Construction Sciences, Environmental Engineering, etc.)
  • Business Studies (e.g.: Marketing, Administration, IT, Accounting)
Following the Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines, a lucky student will be selected in 2018 from one of four campuses of CIPH member Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
New Members!
The Saskatchewan CIPH Region has grown to 140 members STRONG!
Recently two new companies have joined our membership. A hearty Saskatchewan welcome to:
  • Axiom Industries Ltd. (Manufacturer) from Saskatoon
  • BDM Development (Manufacturers' Agent) from White City
We look forward to your contributions and participation in CIPH.
Spread the word about the benefits of CIPH membership! Take a look:

Board of Directors
CIPH SK Region Board of Directors
  • President - Joe Ziegler, EMCO
  • 1st Vice President - Jessey Noble, IPEX
  • 2nd Vice President - Warren Kidd, RAM Marketing
  • Past President/Treasurer - Steven Banick, Wolseley Canada
  • Membership/Education - Don Matt, Canature Watergroup
  • Hydronics/S.P.A.G. Rep - Ron Schaan, EMCO
  • Coop Coordinator - Blaine Campbell, Westcan Mechanical
  • Social/Program - Rylan Utigard, Wolseley
  • Voting Member - Brian Hubbard, Jones Goodridge
  • Regional Voting Member - Wes Sapieha, Wolseley Canada
  • Liaison to National Board - John Cardiff, Canature Watergroup

SK Region President's Message
My whole life has been spent working in the mechanical
industry. I have a belief that a person can always become
better. When I was 18 I started working in the yard and
through dedication, hard work and the willingness to learn,
I have moved through the ranks to provide myself with a  successful career. In 2015 I was promoted to a Profit  Center Manager for EMCO Regina. During my time in the industry  I, along with my wife Cor, make the time to train and compete German Shepherds; it will always  be a passion of ours.
I have always thought the CIPH Saskatchewan board does great work. Now being the President I am humbled by all of the work that has been accomplished in the past, and extremely proud of the board for how much has been accomplished to date. Our team is hard working and dedicated to grow our chapter for the future. Even though I have spent the last 30+ years in this industry I am still learning and working on understanding it better. I am very proud to say that I am a part of such a great team and excited for where we are going in the future!!!

Joe Ziegler (EMCO Ltd.)
Annual Chairman's Dinner
We were pleased to see a very good turnout of members to welcome CIPH Chairman Joe Senese and CIPH President and General Manager Ralph Suppa at the Annual Dinner on March 07, 2018 at the Delta Hotel.

A board meeting was held prior to the dinner, and Ralph and Joe provided a progress report and updates on some long range planning initiatives underway at the national level. After a successful meeting with government allies, implementation of a timely adoption policy has been approved. This means that the province will automatically adopt the next code change within 1-2 years with minimal revisions. Saskatchewan is first province to commit to this goal of CIPH to have that happen right across the country. Strides are being made to address issues such as training for hydronic inspections with regards to CSA-B214, as well as prompt payment legislation in Regina.
Following an excellent dinner, Joe Ziegler of EMCO Corporation was presented with CIPH's Outstanding Service Award recognizing 25 or more years with a CIPH company and at least 5 years of volunteer service on a CIPH Board.   Congratulations Joe! 
Keynote Speaker Stu Niebergall, President & CEO of the Regina & Region Home Builders' Association then spoke about the housing industry and current trends relating to plumbing and heating and the economy of Saskatchewan.
It will be a busy year as CIPH celebrates its 85th anniversary, as well as several other regions also reaching milestone anniversaries, including of course, our own region on its 25th year in operation.
Hello All CIPH Saskatchewan Chapter Members,
2017 was an exciting year for our YES (Young Executives Society) group. We switched lanes in 2017 by moving the networking type events we had done in the past to a luncheon with an entrepreneurial guest speaker, Ben Tingley, which was attended by over 30 members. To start 2018 we recently held a fun networking event in Saskatoon on May 16th, at Timberjaxe Throwing Sports, which was a night filled with fun and friendly competition. 

I cannot understate the importance of these events in order to develop our young executives in the plumbing and heating industry in Saskatchewan by preparing them to become the next generation of leaders in our industry. Stay tuned in 2018 as we plan our next education based event that will help develop YES members' leadership skills. Please see the mission statement of the CIPH Young Executives Society below and don't hesitate to reach out to any of your CIPH board members if you or one of your employees would like to become involved today.
Jessey Noble

The intent of CIPH's Young Executive Society (YES) is to represent the interests of young executives (40 years of age or younger) in the industry. Participation in YES is available to young executives from CIPH member companies, in particular valuable employees who have firmly established their roots in the industry and are looking for growth in their respective fields.

YES will provide a networking and mentoring environment for young executives in the plumbing, industrial PVF, waterworks and hydronic heating industry to enhance and develop their executive skills so that they may grow into strong leaders of CIPH.

YES will act as the voice and the resource for young executives for CIPH member companies.  YES will provide members with a forum to express their views and recommendations on the industry to ensure its future growth and prosperity.  You can make a difference, let your voice be heard!

The objective of YES is to:
  • Provide meaningful learning and networking opportunities within CIPH.
  • Provide an opportunity for CIPH members to invest in their employees' development as the next generation of industry executives.
  • Increase the awareness of the activities of CIPH to the Young Executives.
Name That Past President!
Enter to win!
See if you can identify these past SK Presidents for a chance to win a $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card!
Submit your entry to by June 20th and  provide your name and contact information. Draw will be held at the Board of Directors meeting on June 21st.