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February 2021 | Issue #12
important dates

15th - Family Day (no classes)
16th - 19th - Mid-term Reading Week (all classes cancelled)
23rd- SKHS Coffee with the Profs (see below for details)

1st - Deadline for Undergrad Summer Student Research Fellowship
3rd- SKHS anti-racism seminar with Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi (see below)
5th- Last day to drop Winter term & multi-term (eg. PSYC 100/CHEM 112) course without academic
penalty, will receive 25% refund for course fee
5th- Last day to nominate yourself and/or someone for the SKHS Awards!
7th- Last day to apply for accommodation for an official examination conflict for the April examination
Academic Info
Taking a summer course?
Enrollment for summer courses is OPEN!  Log onto SOLUS and pick courses.

Thinking of getting ahead on year 2 courses? Taking stats in the summer is a great option. Just make sure that you take an approved substitute for KNPE 251/3.0!
Any of the following courses are allowed as direct substitutes for KNPE 251 in the HLTH and KIN plans:
Statistic Course Options
BIOL 243/3.0; CHEE 209/3.0; COMM 162/3.0; ECON 250/3.0; GPHY 247/3.0; NURS 323/3.0; POLS 385/3.0; PSYC 202/3.0; SOCY 211/3.0; STAM 200/3.0; STAT 263/3.0; STAT 267/3.0; STAT 367/3.0
STAM 200/3.0 is being offered by Arts and Science Online in summer 2021.
Please note that HSCI 190/3.0 is NOT an acceptable substitute for KNPE 251/3.0. Also, since it is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, it will count towards your limit of 6.0 units of courses from other Faculties.
Questions about summer registration? Please book an advising appointment
SKHS News & Events
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SKHS Student Awards
Nominations are open for the 2020-21 student awards!

  • Students must be nominated to be considered for the following awards. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • Nomination forms must be completed electronically and submitted to Trish Stenzl by the deadline. A complete application includes the nomination form, a current resume and a headshot photograph of the nominee.
  • Recipients will be announced at the end of Winter Term.

Deadline to nominate is Friday, March 5th at 4:30pm
Summer 2021
Deadline to apply: FRI FEB 19 at 4:30 pm
The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies has 1 position available in the summer of 2021 assisting with NSERC-funded research.

VALUE: Awards have a maximum value of $6,000 for a 16-week period plus a supplement of at least 25% of the award value paid by your supervisor.

  1. Priority will be given to students who are registered in the KIN program at Queen’s.
  2. Although NSERC states that an applicant "must have obtained at least a "B" (2.7) average in your previous years of study" students are advised that due to the competition for the one position in the SKHS, students are not normally competitive unless they have obtained at least a minimum of A- (3.7 cumulative GPA) in their previous year.
  3. A decision will be made shortly after the deadline so both the student & professor have time to plan their summers.
  4. Indigenous students are eligible for an additional position and are encouraged to apply if they meet the eligibility requirements.

This award is sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC) to stimulate interest in research and to encourage undergraduates to undertake graduate studies and pursue a research career.

Neuromechanics Lab under the supervision of Dr. Jessica Selinger
This position involves assisting in the collection and analysis of data in Dr. Selinger’s Neuromechanics Lab. This will entail working with research participants and other members of the research team, as well as mastering the use of laboratory equipment and performing some coding. Experiments may involve both in lab data collection, and outdoor testing using wearables. Success in this position will require excellent attention to detail, well-developed communication and problem-solving skills, an ability to learn and work independently and with the team, and a strong interest in human biomechanics and motor control. See the Queen’s Neuromechanics Lab webpage for additional details about the team and ongoing projects.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and would like to apply for this position, please email Dr. Selinger directly as follows:
To: Jessica Selinger
From: Full Name ( email)
Subject: USRA NSERC 2019 – Your Name
  • Full name and student number
  • Program and year of study
  • Permission to access your Queen’s transcript (which will be provided by the SKHS UG Office).
  •  One-page summary describing the characteristics and experiences that make you a good candidate.
Exercise Training Study
The Queen’s Muscle Physiology Lab is interested in investigating at-home
exercise training and fitness testing

Are you?
• Recreationally Active (Less than 3hrs/week of structured physical activity)
• Between the ages of 18-30
• No history of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (stroke, hypertension, type II diabetes)
• A non-smoker
• Have a FitBit, Apple Watch, or other fitness tracker (not required!)

This study involves fitness testing and four weeks of free exercise training!

Email Morgan Naiberg for more information!
Supervisor: Dr. Brendon Gurd

*This study is completely remote, and participants will not be required to visit the lab.*
Other News & Events
Elder Meet & Greet Cultural Teachings
Meet with the Elders from the Office of Indigenous Initiatives. Sessions will take place bi-weekly on Thursdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
Topics for this term include:
  • Clan Systems
  • Indigenous Ways of Learning &Methodologies
  • Decolonization & Impacts of Cultural Change
  • Treaties: Beaver Bowl & Two Row
  • Moving Forward with Reconciliation
  • Indigenous Ceremonies
Allen Doxtator, Cultural Advisor and Wendy Phillips, Elder in Residence will offer their knowledge and teachings during these sessions and hope to encourage collaboration in a good way and with a good mind university-wide.
Project SPARC is an initiative set by the VP Academics of the Student Association for Physical Education and Kinesiology (McGill) which allows undergraduate students to conduct research in the field of exercise and health with the aid of a graduate mentor. Undergraduate students will gain experience in research in the applied health science field, as well as establish connections with graduate students and professors in the related field of study. Participants will learn all about conducting a short literature review and creating and defending their research proposal and poster presentation.

What are the effects of the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions and/or being diagnosed with COVID-19 on health via increased sedentarism? 
Your team’s role is to analyze the COVID-Sedentary relationship, identify an associated health risk, and propose a research project which includes an intervention that may mitigate the negative health effects associated with sedentarism. The proposed health risk must be researched under ONE of the following disciplines: 
1) Biomechanics/Rehabilitation 
2) Motor Development/Control
3) Physiology 
4) Psychology 
There are 3 rounds with finalists emerging from each. THE COMPETITION WILL BE ENTIRELY VIRTUAL 
1) Round 1: March 6th 
  - 1000 word short literature review
  - Finalists will be determined by the Graduate Panel of Judges 
2) Round 2: April 3rd
  - 1-2 page proposal 
  - Finalists will be determined by the Graduate Panel of Judges 
3) Round 3: April 17th
  - Poster presentation 
  - Finalists will be determined by the Faculty Panel of Judges 
  - The top 3 finalists will be awarded prizes 
        - First place: $500 
        - Second place: $200 plus 1 free class with The Body Factory (a wholistic training program)
        - Third place: $100 plus 1 free class with The Body Factory (a wholistic training program)
1) Undergraduate students in ANY university and program may participate in the research competition.
  - Encouraged to sign up as a group of 2 but permitted to register as an individual. 
  - Registration deadline: FEB. 13

2) 10 Graduate students in ANY university to act as mentors.
  - Must be studying in one of the following areas, or a related field
  - Registration deadline: FEB. 19
   1) Biomechanics/rehabilitation
   2) Motor development/control
   3) Psychology
   4) Physiology

3) 8 Graduate students in ANY university to sit on the Graduate Panel of Judges (NOTE: those who apply will be required to submit a CV). 
  - Registration deadline: FEB. 19
  - 2 Graduate students in Biomechanics/rehabilitation or a similar field 
  - 2 Graduate students in Motor development/control or a similar field 
  - 2 Graduate students in Psychology or a similar field 
  - 2 Graduate students in Physiology or a similar field 

SAPEK INSTAGRAM: sapekmcgill 
For any questions pertaining to the research competition, please contact:
Student Wellness

Need to talk to a counsellor? Call (613) 533-2506 to book an appointment. 
Faith & Spiritual Life

Every TUESDAY from 5:00-6:30pm

February 16th: Curried Squash
February 23rd: Southwest Loaded Sweet Potatoes and Crunchy Winter Salad

Soulful Singing
12:00-12:45pm (singing)
12:45-1:00pm (sharing time for those who wish to check in briefly with each other) 
 ID:811 202 230
 PSWD: 298083

We Thrive Outside
Members of the Queen's Community who tag us on a photo showing their time outside each day will be entered in a weekly draw for a $15 Starbuck's gift card. One entry/ day/ member of the Queen's Community will be entered in the draw. The draw will be made on Friday of each week and the winner announced on Facebook and Instagram. The gift card will be sent to the winner via their Queen's email address.
Upcoming Workshops:

Feb.17 | 1:00pm

Feb. 17 | 6:00pm
Career Services has resources for you about job searching and careers during this time of physical distancing. Got career questions and not sure where to start? Drop-in to our remote career advising any Monday to Thursday from 1:30pm-3:30pm through MyCareer.
Looking for a Summer Job?
  • Explore a wide variety of job postings from employers in Kingston and beyond in MyCareer
  • Check out Career Services’ new summer jobs webpage for ideas and programs to support your summer job search 
Job & Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer in Kingston this winter! OSLER has many opportunities to develop and deliver health programs and services in a local neighbourhood impacted by complex social and health barriers.

The Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships (USSRF) Program provides students an experiential learning opportunity to participate in social sciences, humanities and/or creative arts research under the supervision of a Queen's faculty member. The program is intended to provide students with meaningful opportunities to engage in discovery-based learning and to
develop research and presentation skills.

The application deadline is 9:00am EST, Monday, March 1, 2021.

Contact Traci Allen for more details.
Educational Programming Assistant, Abby Gardens Haliburton, ON
Deadline to apply: March 1, 2021
SKHS in the Spotlight...
HLTH 495 course project
Indigenous lands & the impact of colonization

Students in Dr. Szto's HLTH 495 course "Sport, Health & the Environment", created an Instagram account dedicated to sharing information about the Indigenous lands we have used as vacation spots etc. and the impacts of colonization. Visit their page, like and share!