February 2020
Public Lands Job Fair

Salt Lake City Public Lands is currently looking to fill a variety of exciting positions on our team:

  • Parks Groundskeeper (Part-time and Seasonal)
  • Bike Park Maintenance Technician (Part-time)
  • Public Lands Cleanup Crew (Part-time)
  • Natural Resources Technician (Seasonal)
  • Plumber (Full-time)
  • Regional Athletic Complex Groundskeeper (Part-time and Seasonal)

Interested in learning more?

Public Lands staff will be there to answer any questions you have. Computers will be available to apply for jobs on-site.

Even if you aren't looking for a job, show that you care about maintaining the beauty of Salt Lake City's outdoor spaces by sharing this information with friends and family!
Westside Community Celebration

On Wednesday, February 19th, Public Lands staff attended the Westside Coalition's Community Celebration at the Utah State Fair Park. We thoroughly enjoyed talking with community members about west side projects.

To learn more about some of these projects, click on the links below:

Give us a call at 801-972-7800 with any questions about any Public Lands projects.
Richmond Park
Community Garden

From February 20th-22nd, volunteers he lped construct 62 garden boxes at the new Richmond Park Community Garden ( 444 E 600 S).

Moving forward, Wasatch Community Gardens will work with stakeholders to create a coalition of gardeners, garden leaders, volunteers, and donors to manage this garden.

Interested in getting involved at Richmond Park or any other community garden? Reach out to Wasatch Community Gardens:

New Lighting Structures at Regional Athletic Complex

Construction has started on the installation of additional lighting structures at the Regional Athletic Complex (RAC). When this project is finished by early March, there will be a total of 8 fields with lighting at the RAC.

The increased lighting will help accommodate the growing number of people who visit the venue each year. In 2019, the RAC hosted teams from 31 states and 3 different countries, in addition to the many teams from Utah. These sporting events brought in over 100,000 visitors to Salt Lake City.
RC Car Use at Salt Lake City Model Plane Airport

In 2016, Salt Lake City Public Lands constructed a model airplane airport on the west side of the city (7595 West California Avenue). The airport has been a successful venue for model airplane enthusiasts from all over the Wasatch Front.

Public Lands is now considering expanding the venue to also include space for remote control car users. This would be a low-cost project that in part would utilize volunteers and would fulfill a need that has been expressed to Public Lands by members of the community.

Currently, remote control car drivers use mountain biking parks or other locations around the city that are not suitable for remote control car use. Public Lands hopes that this new area would provide a location where remote control car enthusiast can enjoy driving their cars without having to worry about sharing space with bikers or disturbing local homeowners with the noise of their cars.

Public Lands has been gathering feedback from remote control airplane and car users. If you'd like to provide feedback on this project, please contact Luke Allen at 801-972-7891 or luke.allen@slcgov.com.
Interested in volunteering with Public Lands? Contact Katie Riser at 801-972-7890 or katelynn.riser@slcgov.com