Winter 2023 Foothills Trail System Update
Foothills Trail System Plan Evaluation

The Foothills Trail System Plan evaluation continues to make great progress. 

Our outdoor recreation and conservation consultant SE Group conducted a full site visit of Phase I construction and Foothills environments in October and conducted orientations and training for City staff (Public Lands, Public Utilities, Engineering). Internal stakeholder meetings with numerous City departments (e.g. Public Safety, Planning, Transportation) in November to involve as many City entities as possible. 

External stakeholder meetings commenced in December with government stakeholders and land managers (US Forest Service, University of Utah, Tribal Leaders) and community organizations (community councils; recreation and conservation advocacy groups; and accessibility and inclusion advocates). 

SE Group is collaborating with our environmental consultant SWCA and will be publishing some initial findings early in the spring. After the Phase I trail construction evaluation is complete, they will begin evaluating and updating potential future alignments for Phase II and beyond. Their work will be summarized with a formal amendment to the Trails Plan that will be presented to City Council this summer or fall. 

SLC Public Lands is also bringing on board a communications firm this spring to assist us in timely and helpful messaging for our residents and visitors. 
Foothills Trailhead Infrastructure Improvement Project

The Foothills Trailhead Infrastructure Improvement Project consists of the improvement of trailheads and amenities at five existing access locations: Victory Road, Bonneville Blvd (Salt Dome), 18th Ave (Hilltop Road), Popperton Park, and Emigration Trailhead.

The Engineering Division received formal feedback from partnering City departments and regional agencies on the 70% construction drawings earlier in January.

Recent projects adjacent to the Emigration Trailhead (Hogle Zoo construction project and the possibility of a future roundabout at Sunnyside Ave and Crestview Drive) will reduce the scale of the project at that site. Visit the project webpage linked below for more information.
Rocky Mountain Power Wildfire Mitigation Project

Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) has scheduled four phases of power pole and infrastructure replacement in the Foothills from 2022-2024.

SLC Public Lands was brought in to consult on and supervise trail rehabilitation and restoration efforts after the first phase project on the University of Utah and USFS property in the summer and fall of 2022.

The second phase is scheduled for 2023 between Kay Rees Park (14th Ave & N St), runs west and through the I Street Bike Park, across the central Foothills above 18th Avenue and returns south to 11th Avenue along the ridge east of Terrace Hills Drive. Visit the project webpage for maps and photos.

Public Lands and Public Utilities leadership is working with RMP to develop an access, construction, and rehabilitation plan to protect the landscape and trails while ensuring this community safety project can occur as effectively as possible. 
As promised in the September 2021 announcement about the Foothills Trail System Plan, this is a monthly email update about the construction pause and consultant review of some aspects of the plan.