MOU with Taiwan

SLHTA President Karolin Troubetzkoy together with the Ambassador of the Republic of China ( Taiwan), his Excellency Peter Chia-yen Chen, presided over the signing of a letter of intent between the Taiwan based Travel Quality Assurance Association and the SLHTA. The purpose of the letter of intent is to promote mutual collaboration, exchange experiences, and share information on tourism for Belize, the Republic of Haiti, Saint Lucia, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Nauru and Tuvalu. The letter of intent also entails promoting culture and activities, provision of accessible and comprehensive  tourism related services, including an exchange and training opportunities for hospitality professionals.
Brother's Keeper
A tribute to Bay Gardens Resorts

To be ones “brother’s keeper” is a dominating principle found across many philosophies and worldviews. Lending a helping hand to help elevate those around us can go a long way in ensuring that everyone gets a seat at the table and ultimately achieves their highest potential. This is especially true when the recipient of the aid can be considered vulnerable.

Over recent years, one of the groups that has been in desperate need of attention is adolescent boys. The stigma attached to young black males worldwide has been predominantly negative. Often a forgotten segment of our society, they may tend to falter by the wayside and not have anyone that they can look up to, no model to fashion their lives after. This, for many will mean that they may turn to the wrong crowds for knowledge. One of the major ways this issue can be combated is by involving upstanding members of society in the development of young minds and lives. This was the rationale behind the Big Brother initiative taken acceptance and up by SLHTA Event Coordinator, Mr Wendell George as of January 2019.

The program is held in collaboration with the Grand Rivere Secondary School. It seeks to provide professional mentorship for the young men of the institution to aid them in realizing their highest potentials. Pairing students up with a “big brother” in the field that they may want to branch out into has been proven to be a great way for them to learn through observation. It also presents a physical representation of their goals and dreams. As of this year, the program has also gained sponsorship from one of the island’s most notable establishments, i.e. Bay Garden’s Resorts. Not only has the company provided financial aid to support the cause, but it has also opened its doors to provide internship opportunities to help those who are impacted by the program to further develop their skills. Furthermore, this year, one of the pupils was granted a scholarship, through the program and has been gifted the opportunity to further his education at one of the tertiary institutions on island. This has lightened the financial burden on his family and put him a position to excel.

It is clear to see that this initiative is impacting lives. All the parties involved should be commended for their efforts. Let’s continue to uplift our young boys. They are the future of this great nation.
Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS)

The St. Lucia Animal Protection Society was established in 1998 and is Registered Charity. This Organization was started by a group of concerned people in an effort to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve their suffering and provide education concerning the humane treatment of all animals in St. Lucia.The St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) is a registered non-profit organization. SLAPS was established in 1998 and we continue to be the only officially recognized animal welfare group in St. Lucia. For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail...Read More
Beau Rivage Villa

Experience the perfect vacation, destination wedding, or special occasion in paradise at beautiful Beau Rivage Villa in St. Lucia. Whether you are planning a special occasion or looking for a relaxing vacation, you will be living in luxury while staying at our fully-staffed, ocean view villa, which is one of the few villas on island within a five minute walk of the beach.

Designed to be elegant, spacious and private, Beau Rivage is the only Five-Star, six-bedroom rental villa located on the popular northern side of the island in Cap Estate, the most exclusive neighborhood on island...Read More