Digital Marketing gets a boost this week with TEF dollars

The SLHTA Tourism Enhancement Fund supported a number of training workshops for members this week in digital marketing.  The workshops which targeted allied and accommodation members were conducted by HEBS Digital and focused on using digital marketing to connect with consumers and connecting with consumers during the travel planning journey. The workshops were attended by almost 50 participants from sectors such as restaurants, tours, attractions, sales and marketing. 

The feedback from participants was exceedingly encouraging with one members stating that “The TEF should certainly continue to provide such workshop for small and medium sized businesses as it offered me an excellent opportunity to network with a few other companies.” For others, the workshop inspired their interest in growing their social media footprint and tapping new frontiers for potential revenue.

HEBS Digital is a north American based firm currently working with a number of other SLHTA members and provides support in website design and technology, website revenue optimization, full service digital marketing and content marketing. For more information visit

SLHTA/TEF to collaborate with GEF SGP UNDP - Knowledge Fair

Today studies continue to show an increase in chronic non communicable diseases around the world. Our Small Island Developing States are not removed from this fate as diabetes and hypertension increases at an alarming rate throughout the region. The environment we live in and the food we consume are a direct correlation with the alarming statistics to date. We say healthy foods are too expensive and destroy our bodies with "inexpensive options" when in reality more monies are spent in medical care trying to reverse the effects of poor nutrition. This continues to take a toll on our health care system and economy.

It is for this reason the SLHTA /TEF has agreed to participate in the GEF SDG UNDP- Knowledge Fair. The Fair is intended to demonstrate the importance of a healthy environment, healthy economy and a healthy society. Apart from the exhibitions of healthy local eat, the fair will provide the forum for discussion on organic/chemical free and safer food and nutrition system in Saint Lucia within the context of climate change.

This initiative comes on the heels of past collaborations with RISE Saint Lucia on the Good Food Revolution Project which focused on Sensitizing and Training of persons in Organic Food Production. More information about the upcoming Fair will be featured in future editions of the TEF newsletter.
What are SDG’s?

Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. The SDGs are part of Resolution 70/1 of the United Nations General Assembly: "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." That has been shortened to "2030 Agenda."  Wikipedia SLHTA TEF supports sustainable tourism initiatives. For smart tips for Responsible Tourism visit
Young Leaders Trained in Digital Marketing

Participants of the Young Leaders Development Initiative (YLDI) had another exciting round of training today. The training which focused on Digital Marketing was facilitated by HEBS Digital. This training responds to the needs of many organizations as digital platforms have revolutionized the marketing world. The young tech savvy individuals were eager to learn how technological advancements can help them better market and promote their respective organization’s digital foot print giving them the competitive edge.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund continues to proudly sponsor this two-year program to prepare young person's across the hospitality sector to assume roles of middle management within the industry. 

What’s Next
The TEF is poised to hold high level discussions next week with a number of other stakeholders including the Diabetic Association, SLSWMA, SLASPA, TeleCarib Labs Inc. and Ministry of Commerce to discuss a number of other projects for possible financing from the TEF.