SLHTA Welcomes More New Members

This month we are delighted to welcome seven (7) new members to the SLHTA Family. Over the years our membership has grown steadily in numbers and diversity. It is encouraging to see this trend continuing in 2018.
Three (3) of the new members fall under the Allied Membership Category, including the following:
  1. Human Development Network (HDN)
  2. Aanansi ATV Tours
  3. Body & Beyond- St. Lucia

Human Development Network (HDN) is a consortium of human resources development and management professionals who offer their clients the benefits of a one-stop shop for human resource development and management solutions that results-oriented and affordable. Their network spans across the Caribbean and provides businesses with the tools they need to be more efficient and productive.  

HDN ’s experts are sourced both locally and regionally to ensure that the solutions they offer are sensitive to the social, emotional, psychological and cultural needs of Caribbean people. Their specialized areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, instructor-led training, mentoring and coaching services, human resource management services and outsourced training services.
SLHTA Board of Directors Meet

The SLHTA Board of Directors convened its 2 nd meeting on Thursday, August 30 th at the SLHTA Secretariat. The aim of the meeting was to provide updates on a number of important issues pertaining to their respective industry sectors and to discuss matters directly related to the secretariat and the general SLHTA membership. 

Director Orlando Satchel, who is responsible for the Independent Restaurant and Food & Beverage Providers updated the board on upcoming culinary developments within the industry, while SLHTA’s immediate past president, Mr. Sanovnik Destang briefed the board on the next steps for the Reduit Beach Enhancement and Safety Project. SLHTA CEO Mr. Roderick Cherry presented an overview of the work of the secretariat over the last month along with SLHTA’s presence in the media and SLHTA’s Finances.
Other topics discussed included:
  1. Meeting schedules for the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the Chef’s Table and Sectoral Meetings.
  2. The Jack Rabbit Contract.
  3. The La Belle Helen
  4. SLHTA Committee Membership
  5. SLHTA Advocacy Status
  6. The meeting commenced at 10:00 a.m. and wrapped up at 1:00 pm. 
Second Meeting of the Tourism Advisory Committee

On Friday, August 31, President Karolin Troubetzkoy and SLHTA’s CEO Roderick Cherry attended the second meeting of the Tourism Advisory Committee. This full day workshop centered around creating the vision and strategic plan for the committee. The meeting was facilitated by Dr T. Jennifer Edwards from the Bahamas. Dr Edwards is a highly qualified development specialist with proven work experience in public and private sector development; policy development and strategic action planning; business assessment and MSME development; HR and organisational strengthening; cluster and networking strategy; project management; cooperative development, and environmental management. 

The Tourism Advisory Committee falls under the purview of the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting. Its purpose is to make the industry more competitive and to use a multi-stakeholder approach to facilitate the co-ordination of services impacting tourism management and development. The functions of the Committee are as follows:

1.  Maintain close co-ordination with National and Governmental agencies, Statutory Bodies, NGOs and other private entities for the implementation of national tourism plans and policies;

2.  Mobilize the assistance and support of governmental agencies in the implementation of the policies of the Committee;

3.  Support the private sector in all tourism activities requiring governmental co-ordination including the process of incentives and concessions for the tourism sector;

4.  Advise the Minister with responsibility for Tourism on tourism policies, plans and projects for the development of tourism as an engine of socio-economic and cultural growth;

5.  Supervise and co-ordinate the implementation of projects as envisaged by the Committee; and

6.  Ensure the proper co-ordination, integration, prioritization and implementation of local tourism development plans with Central Government.
The SLHTA Quarter Finals Sifts-Out Teams For the
Semi- Finals.

The SLHTA Quarter Finals Kicked off on the weekend igniting the Marchand Playing Field. Games were held on Friday 7th and Sunday 9th September 2018 and began at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

On Friday 7th September, in the first game, Team Royalton came up against Royal By Rex Resort. Royalton emerged victorious in this challenging scuffle with 3 goals in their favour and Rex missing the opportunity to win by one goal as they only scored 2 goals.

Later that evening, the Body Holiday took on Caribbean Dispatch Services Limited (CDSL). The two teams battled for a spot in the semi- finals. CDSL wanted the win more as they scored 3 goals and the Body Holiday came close but fell short by scoring only 2 goals.
On Sunday 9th September at the same location, a strenuous game between Sandals La Toc and Saint James Club Morgan Bay led to penalty kicks. Sandals La Toc won by the Penalty Shoot-Out.

The second game on that evening brought Coconut Bay Resort and Spa up against Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort. Coconut Bay scored 4 goals polishing them as winners of the game while Sandals Halcyon only managed to score 2 goals.

The Semi-Finals will take place on Friday 14th and Sunday 16th September 2018. Location to be confirmed. Teams going through to the Semi-Finals are:
  1. Royalton Resort
  2. Caribbean Dispatch Services Limited
  3. Sandals La Toc
  4. Coconut Bay Resort and Spa.
The Caribbean Tourism Organization, in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, will be hosting the 9th Tourism Human Resources Conference from 28-30 November 2018.

The main aim of the Tourism Human Resources Conference is to bring together tourism practitioners from both the public and private sectors, human resource professionals.

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Saint Lucia’s Stonefield Estate Becomes Wellness Retreat

St. Lucia’s Stonefield Estate has announced its rebranding as a health and wellness retreat, unveiling several new amenities in line with its new mission.
The 17-villa boutique hotel on the island’s southwest coast will enter the 2017/18 tourist season with a new fitness centre with an indoor yoga studio and outdoor yoga “shala,” as well as the new ocean-view Stonefield Escape Spa, which also overlooks Petit Piton.

Additionally, guests dining at the resort’s Mango Tree restaurant will now be able to enjoy customized healthy cuisine, created using organic produce fresh from the hotel’s farm.

“We knew that our location, with its extraordinary natural beauty, seclusion, and serene environment would be the ideal retreat for health and wellness travellers,” said Cybelle Brown, Stonefield’s director of sales and marketing. “The wellness sector continues to grow, we saw this evolution, so it was a natural step for us. Our partnership with leading travel agents in this market has resulted in a series of retreat bookings from 2016 and throughout 2017. It’s taken off at a much faster rate than we ever imagined...Read More
The Story of a Crater in Saint Lucia

You can smell it before you see it. The distinctive, rotten egg-like odor that emanates from St. Lucia’s “drive-in volcano.”

Along with the Pitons, it’s the former capital of Soufriere’s most-visited attraction, drawing as many as 1,500 curious visitors on days when cruise ships are in port. Most of them will take the 15-minute guide tour of the volcano (which is, more accurately, a caldera or collapsed volcanic crater), learning along the way that it last erupted in 1766 but that scientists predict another pyroclastic event sometime within the next century. They’ll listen attentively as they’re told that the caldera is seven miles wide; that an agricultural community of around 80 people live within its borders; and that St. Lucia used to export the sulfur extracted from this spot all the way to France, where it was used to make gunpowder, matches and pharmaceuticals.

Then, invariably, at least one person in the group will ask if they can go down and walk onto the lunar-like surface of the caldera, where plumes of steam escape from a forbidding landscape of jagged chalky-looking rocks. And that’s when their guide will tell them the story of Gabriel’s Hole, and the catastrophic event that happened there 29 years ago. Listen in as tour guide Angel shares the tale.


Works are progressing on the construction of the Sediment Disposal Area (SDA) at the John Compton Dam. The project which was awarded to Mega Contracting, is but the first phase of the desilting process at St Lucia’s largest reservoir. The works began in May this year following the approval of part-funding by the Caribbean Development Bank CDB.

On Wednesday August 5th 2018, a delegation from the Water and Sewerage Company WASCO which included the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Cooperatives, Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, Chairman of the Board of Directors at WASCO, Francis Denbow, Wasco’s General Manager Edmund Regis and Head of Wasco’s Project Management Unit, Gordon Wyke as well as representatives of Golder and Associates, Engineers and Consultants on the project, visited the site to get a first-hand view of how the project is advancing... Read More