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May 30, 2023


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Thank you to everyone who stopped by Farm Bureau's booth this weekend at the Best of the West Antique Equipment Show at Santa Margarita Ranch for a tri-tip sandwich! Pictured above, SLO County Farm Bureau board member Brandon Wiebe mans the barbecue pit. The annual event is put on by volunteers with the Paso Robles Pioneer Day Committee. Over 100 pieces of antique equipment and implements were sold in a consignment auction (see auction results here).

Supreme Court Sides With Farmers, Overturns Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Rule, California's Stricter Version Remains

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) unveiled a unanimous decision in Sackett v. EPA in favor of the Sackett family. This represents a significant win for the couple (as well as ag industry), which has argued the EPA’s enforcement of the Clean Water Act has far exceeded its original intent.

While the justices were unanimous in their agreement to reverse a previous decision from the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling concerning the case, they were split 5-4 in their opinion. Penned by Justice Samuel Alito, the majority opinion introduced a new and more narrowed test to define wetlands, saying wetlands that are “indistinguishable” to larger waters should be covered.

In a press release that day, California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson stated, “[CAFB] appreciates the Supreme Court’s decision. Our farmers and ranchers have faced years of confusion over what waters are regulated by the federal government. Today’s decision brings greater clarity.”

Other agricultural groups across the country praised the decision as well, which will impact far more than just the Sackett family. House Agricultural Committee Chairman GT Thompson (R-PA) called on the President and EPA to withdraw a final rule that expanded WOTUS regulations even farther.

With the SCOTUS’ decision this week, that rule is largely seen as toothless, although the EPA might attempt to keep it in place while legal battles tied to that rule are ongoing. CAFB will have more on the impacts of this decision as it develops.

Sackett SCOTUS Decision

CAFB Press Release

AFBF Release

WOTUS rule likely dead post-SCOTUS

Agri-Pulse Daybreak West for May 26, 2023


The Supreme Court’s monumental ruling on the Clean Water Act likely means the Biden administration will have to define once again which wetlands are subject to federal regulation. This time, however, many wetlands are certain to wind up exempt.


In the case of Sackett vs. EPA, the court threw out the “significant nexus” test outlined by Justice Anthony Kennedy in the 2006 Rapanos decision. That test said wetlands could be regulated if they, “alone or in combination with similarly situated lands in the region, significantly affect the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of other covered waters understood as navigable in the traditional sense.” EPA had specifically asked the court to defer to its new rule’s definition of “adjacent wetlands,” which relies on the Kennedy test, but the court declined.


The result: “That rule’s not going to survive any further,” said environmental attorney Rafe Petersen of Holland and Knight. Whereas previous SCOTUS decisions such as Rapanos provided EPA with some flexibility to continue to regulate broad classes of wetlands ephemeral streams, “I don’t think (Sackett) gives any wiggle room,” Petersen said. ...


Yet Gov. Newsom blasted SCOTUS as “hellbent on stripping [EPA] of its ability to literally protect the environment.” The decision, he argued, will “cause more people to suffer from the ills of polluted water.” He vowed to continue enforcing California’s stricter version of WOTUS.

This Week In SLO County Agriculture

In This Week's Issue:

  • Community: 3rd Annual SLO County Open Farm Days shines a light on family farms and local agriculture
  • Local Government: SLO Tribune - How did winter rains affect Paso Robles groundwater basin? There's 'really good news'
  • State Government: Legislation Subjecting Livestock Shows and Rodeos to Lawsuits AB-554 'On Hold' for Now
  • Federal Government: California Farm Bureau President Testifies Before House Natural Resources Subcommittee
  • Business Member Spotlight: Speedling
  • Avocado: The Central Coast is abloom with California's favorite superfood
  • Produce: New Report Finds 97% of Fruits and Vegetables Sampled in California Meet Pesticide Safety Standards
  • Labor: Agricultural Employee Unionization Made Easier Thanks to Trailer Bill Passage
  • Livestock: How Do California Rangelands Store Carbon? Free Cal Poly Webinar on June 20
  • Vineyard & Wine: Local Wine Market Update From SLO County Farm Bureau Member Bozzano & Co.
  • Water: SLO Airport area residents demand cleanup of 'forever chemicals' in groundwater

May 22 Most-Read

1. Senate passes farm-backed bill on fire insurance

2. SLO County Board of Supervisors give themselves 26% salary raise

3. California Natural Resources Agency releases outline for future of Diablo Canyon Lands

4. ‘Six times the size of Yosemite’: the new tribal sanctuary off the super-rich California coast

5. CALIFORNIA WATER PLAN: The state’s integrated plan for water management

6. Gavin Newsom wants to make it easier to build roads, dams and more. What’s in his plan?

7. News From the Office of Senator John Laird

8. Thousands attend Olive and Lavender Festival Saturday

9. Commentary: Ag Vision seeks to secure state's agricultural future

10. Equipment fire engulfed 6 tractors with trailers in Santa Maria

Executive Director Report

Here are a few things we worked on this week:

  • Attended a meeting of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Multi-Benefit Irrigated Land Repurposing (MILR) Program – Technical Advisory Committee;
  • Held a SLO County Farm Bureau board meeting;
  • Participated in a Central Coast Water Policy meeting hosted by California Farm Bureau;
  • Assisted Cal Poly students with a research project about the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin;
  • Gave our weekly update on 98.1 KJUG’s Tom & Becky Show (Thursdays around 9:10am);
  • Wrote a column for Central Coast Journal magazine; and
  • Held a fundraiser at the Best of the West Antique Equipment Show.

Calendar- Upcoming Events & Deadlines:

  • June 1- Young Farmers and Ranchers BBQ Social at Farm Bureau Office
  • June 10 - Adelaida Farm Center and the Adelaida Historical Foundation will hold a fundraiser barbecue from Noon-4pm at 9001 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles.
  • June 27 - SLO County Farm Bureau Board of Directors Meeting at 5pm
  • September 18 - Deadline to apply for the USDA Farm Service Agency’s Emergency Loan Program
  • October 14 - NEW Deadline to apply for the USDA Farm Service Agency's Emergency Conservation Program for January 2023 storm damages in SLO County

Community: 3rd Annual SLO County Open Farm Days shines a light on family farms and local agriculture

3rd Annual SLO County Open Farm Days shines a light on family farms and local agriculture

Photo credit: Stephen Heraldo

The popular event has expanded to three days this year, July 14-16, offering attendees more behind-the-scenes peeks at local agriculture. Tourists and townies, community members and agricultural enthusiasts will travel the SLO County Farm Trail to tour, taste and learn. They will come in droves, excited and interested to truly connect to our local agricultural experiences. The energy for discovery is amazing, the smiles infectious, and of course, the animals adorable. This year two new events are added to the 3-day weekend, a Friday Night Farmer’s Marketplace at Paso Robles City Park will kick-off the event and Shepard to Chef, a Saturday night fete at Rêves de Moutons, curated by Chef Rachel Ponce and Chef Justin Lewis will celebrate the new Black Market Cheese Company and local fare.


Open Farm Days is a self-guided journey of over 20 farms and ranches throughout San Luis Obispo County, many of which are not generally open to the public. Farmers and purveyors will open their gates to host farm tours, workshops, demo’s, tastings and unique agricultural experiences. Guests will blaze their own trail to learn how to milk a goat, observe busy bees in their hives, stroll through fresh flower fields, sip hard ciders and local wines, graze on locally grown groceries, taste exquisite olive oils, hand-craft aromatic & creative take-a-ways to remember the day by, tour the very fields their lunches were harvested from, cuddle with lambs, become educated gardeners, and so much more. Come relax at picnic spots, shop at pop-up markets, and enjoy tastings of food and potent potables. 


For a limited time, save on general admission tickets for the SLO Co Farm Trail’s 2023 Open Farm Days. Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the SLO County Farm Trail, and The Great AGventure. Tickets and information for all of the SLO Co Farm Trail’s Open Farm Days events are available at farmstead.com. General admission price for the 2-day event is $55, but for a limited time, (until May 31) you can receive $5 off at check out. Children under 12 are free. 

City Farm SLO opening summer farm stand

City Farm SLO's summer farm stand is making a return. The farm will be open every Wednesday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. There will be fresh student-grown produce and farmer-grown veggies, fresh eggs, plants, dried gourds, herbs, flowers, jams and jellies and more. Sales from the farm stand help support the City Farm SLO Farmer Collaborative.

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Local wineries to participate in 'Vino for Vets' fundraiser this weekend

Donation jars will be displayed at various locations, range of promotions offered at different North County wineries - This Memorial Day Weekend, 26 local wineries [...]

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Help Support Preservation of the Historic Adelaida Schoolhouse on June 10

On Saturday, June 10, Adelaida Farm Center and the Adelaida Historical Foundation will hold a fundraiser barbecue from Noon-4pm. Tickets are $25 for adults, kids under 10 are free. Ticket purchase is also entry into a raffle. RSVP to by calling 805-610-2650. Proceeds go to maintain the schoolhouse.

The Adelaida one-room school house is the only structure that remains from the once thriving community of Adelaida, located in the bucolic hills between San Simeon and Paso Robles. Originally a way station where horses and riders rested and watered as they moved cargo from the coast inland, Adelaida was established in 1917 by homesteaders who found the soil to be rich for farming and mining. The community once boasted three schools, three post offices, two general stores, and a dance hall among other social and civic buildings.

Local Government: SLO Tribune - How did winter rains affect Paso Robles groundwater basin? There's 'really good news'

SLO Chamber - Cracking the Government Code | Who does what?

Cracking the Government Code is an award-winning event series designed to get you answers to these questions and share shortcuts to more quickly and easily shape the community you love. If you're someone who wants to get involved and help craft the future you want to see, this series was designed for you.

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How did winter rains affect Paso Robles groundwater basin? There's 'really good news'

Heavy winter rains did some good for the dire groundwater conditions in the Paso Robles area,new data show. According to the San Luis Obispo County Groundwater Sustainability Department, 79% of the wells measured in April on the Paso Robles groundwater basin had higher levels than the same timethe year before.

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State Government: Legislation Subjecting Livestock Shows and Rodeos to Lawsuits AB-554 'On Hold' for Now

California Farm Bureau's Farm Bureau at Work- 

May 26, 2023

Animal Health & Welfare

AB-554 , by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D – Encino), opposed by CA Farm Bureau along with a large group of stakeholders has been moved to the Inactive File and will not move to the Senate. AB 554 would have created a new right of action enabling Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs) and their humane officers to litigate alleged violations of “any law relating to or affecting animals” in the civil courts. CA Farm Bureau had major concerns that this bill would expose our membership to unfounded charges and litigation.

  • Under current law, SPCAs may be incorporated once 20 CA citizens have organized and filed. This mechanism of incorporation is ripe for abuse by extremist animal rights organizations which have long sought to disrupt, harass, and even shutter California businesses engaged in the production, stewardship, conservation, and care of animals.
  • Once established as an SPCA, this bill would grant this entity the authority to “proffer a complaint” of alleged animal abuse in civil court. Farm Bureau is opposed to animal abuse and fervently believes it should be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law in criminal court. Allowing these groups to file allegations under their perceptions or opinions of animal abuse in a civil court would certainly be a burden to our members who are legally operating their farms under CA code.

The author’s office and sponsors of the bill, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, argue that this bill is only “clarifying” current law and is not providing extremist groups the opportunity to impugn our membership. In response to these claims, our coalition offered 2 rounds of amendments to provide production livestock, fairs, and rodeos with an exemption from the language – but the language was not accepted. With the rejection of our amendments, the coalition pursued “no” votes on the Assembly Floor. After successfully securing a “no recommendation” from the Republican Caucus, and meeting with several democrats, the author agreed to hold the bill until further discussions can be had.

Newsom Seeks to Streamline Infrastructure Projects

Governor Gavin Newsom recently introduced a series of proposals to expedite infrastructure projects. The legislative package seeks to speed up the construction process while also streamlining permitting and court review. An executive order was also signed by the governor, establishing a strike team to accelerate clean energy projects.

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California Legislature Could Make Overdue Changes to Water Rights if These Three Bills Pass

Steve/Pexels For the first time in several decades, policy makers in Sacramento seem poised to actually do something about California's dysfunctional water rights systems. There are three promising policies winding their way through the Legislature this session. All three bills just made it out of the committee review process, and are slated to be voted on by June 2.

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Federal Government: California Farm Bureau President Testifies Before House Natural Resources Subcommittee

California Farm Bureau President Testifies Before House Natural Resources Subcommittee

On Tuesday, CAFB President Jamie Johansson served as a panel witness before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands in Washington DC. The subcommittee was reviewing several forest management bills, including the Forest Improvements through Research and Emergency Stewardship for Health Ecosystem Development and Sustainability (FIRESHEDS) Act. The bipartisan legislation would establish fireshed management areas that would lead to increased wildfire mitigation efforts via partnerships between the Secretary of the Interior, state governors, and private entities. These efforts would include the development of risk assessments, strategies to protect at-risk communities, and prioritize projects those areas deemed the highest threats to public health. Continue reading here.

Congress Introduces Sweeping Immigration Reform Bill 'DIGNIDAD Act' to Address Systematic Challenges

On May 23, members of Congress introduced what has sadly become an increasingly rare bit of legislation; a comprehensive immigration reform bill aimed at addressing large-scale systematic problems with large-scale systematic action. The "DIGNIDAD (Dignity) Act" represents ...

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How SNAP got added to the debt deal

Several rank-and-file Democrats tell MA they were "blindsided" by the addition of new SNAP work requirements in the final debt limit deal. But others, who have been worried for several weeks, said they weren't surprised. - President Joe Biden pushed back on criticism about his concessions on food aid in order to avoid a default.

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Don't let climate steer USDA conservation work, say House Republicans

Congress "must remove the climate restrictions" on $20 billion in funding that had been given to the USDA to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate resiliency, said two senior Republicans on the House Agriculture Committee on Tuesday. Chairman Glenn Thompson and Indiana Rep.

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Business Member Spotlight:


Logo_TM image

Feeding the world and making it a more beautiful place, since 1968

At Speedling we are motivated by our customers’ success. We understand the vegetables in our greenhouses are the same veggies at home on our table. We take pride in knowing the flowers we grow will be seen in stores across the country. We understand our EPS facility’s hard work gives local fish farmers the containers they need to ship their products across the country and expand their business.

Over 50 years of experience as an industry leader gives us the knowledge and ability to provide for our customers’ ever-growing needs. Speedling’s inverted pyramid technology changed the way the world grows transplants; the cell design allows for us to produce high-quality transplants for seeded vegetables, ornamentals, and vegetative propagation products.


PHONE: 1-805-489-8500


Avocado: The Central Coast is abloom with California's favorite superfood

The Central Coast is abloom with California's favorite superfood

The estimated 257 million pounds of avocados California will produce this season are hitting store shelves and restaurant menus now through early fall, and they're bigger, greener, and tastier than ever.

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Webinar Spotlights How Hass Avocado Board's U.S. Strategy for Building Demand Inspires Industry Globally

MISSION VIEJO, CA - (May 18, 2023) - Leadership from the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) recently presented to an international audience of over 1,160 delegates from 33 countries on U.S. strategic priorities at the 10th World Avocado Congress (WAC) in New Zealand.

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Produce: New Report Finds 97% of Fruits and Vegetables Sampled in California Meet Pesticide Safety Standards

76477456-A88F-4C56-A0998FA99842EACE_source image

Farmers seek rebound after floods, virus hit lettuce crop

Things were challenging enough for lettuce growers in Monterey County’s Salinas Valley before Mother Nature dealt a one-two punch in this year’s storms.

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Peak California strawberry volumes ahead

A bountiful summer of California strawberries is ahead for California Giant Berry Farms, as the company forecasts giant volumes their cornerstone product. Despite the later-than-average start for some of its growing regions, the company is on track to deliver peak promotable volumes of California strawberries.

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New Report Finds 97% of Fruits and Vegetables Sampled in California Meet Pesticide Safety Standards

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) today released a report finding that 97% of fruits and vegetables sampled within the state in 2021 met federal pesticide safety standards.

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Thank You Farm Bureau Members

Renewing Agricultural Business Support Member

Byron Grant/Century 21 Hometown Realty

Renewing Agricultural Members

Jim Honodel, Colter Negranti, Stedum Properties, Pacific Organics, Nicholas Thille

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William McNamara, Brooks Construction Inc

SLO County Farm Bureau Business Support Member List

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Farm Bureau members save $0.05 per gallon on propane deliveries, receive a complimentary service check and a No Run-Out Guarantee

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Visit AmeriGas at www.amerigas.com for additional information.

Labor: Agricultural Employee Unionization Made Easier Thanks to Trailer Bill Passage

Agricultural Employee Unionization Made Easier Thanks to Trailer Bill Passage

Courtesy of California Farm Labor Contractors Association. Written by Erica Rosasco, Esquire


As he promised last year, California Gavin Newsom has just signed supplementary legislation by way of a budget trailer bill, Assembly Bill (AB) 113, designed to reinforce last year’s passage of AB 2183, the so-called “card check bill.”


Traditionally, a union who wished to represent the agricultural workers of an employer would submit a petition to the ALRB with a number of signatures equal to at least 50 percent of the peak agricultural employment of that employer. If the union met this threshold, a secret ballot election would have to commence within seven days. Labor organizations have long argued that this employer-friendly method of unionizing gives employers the opportunity to ruin a potential union formation through intimidation, retaliation or even deportation. Enter AB 2183 and “card check” as the answer for laborers and unions. 

Click here to learn more and about the two additional methods for agricultural workers to select a union representative.

California Alters Union Process for Agricultural Workers

​Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed Assembly Bill 113, which enacts changes to the collective bargaining process for agricultural workers in California. In September 2022, Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2183, which established new ways for farmworkers to vote in a union election under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act (ALRA), including options for mail-in ballots, and authorization cards ...

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Commentary: Advances for farms, workers blocked by a 1977 rule

California’s high concentration of tech inventors and engineers, venture capital firms and farmers are only beginning to imagine the ways autonomous technology can bring new efficiency to agriculture, continue improvements in farm safety and boost earnings. It’s the story of the last 500 years of human history, writ small in a California lettuce field or a strawberry patch.

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H-2A visas increase as farmers and ranchers look to hire more guest agricultural workers

The H-2A visa program, which provides guest workers in agriculture, continues to be more heavily used by American farmers, ranchers and corporations each year. The trend will likely continue in the next few years, according to Jackson Takach, chief economist at Farmer Mac, a lender for agricultural and rural infrastructure based in Washington D.C.

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Farm Employers Labor Service - Upcoming Webinars & Training

NEW Free Webinar: Do You Really Need to Keep Old I9s Forever, and Other Questions About I-9 Compliance: Agricultural employers face many paperwork requirements. One constant headache is I-9 forms. The form is complicated, and there are very specific rules an employer is required to follow. Do you know all of those rules? Do you know how long you must keep I-9s and when you can discard them? Jen Shaw of Shaw Law Group will shine a light on the mysteries of I-9 compliance in this FREE one hour webinar. 

June 6, 10 AM - Register Here 

Ag Employment News

CAFB Labor Availability & Cost Survey Available Now! FELS parent organization, California Farm Bureau, has released a new survey for California agricultural employers. The survey is intended to get employer feedback on their experience with hiring enough employees to operate their businesses. To the degree they were not able to do that, respondents will be asked what they did to address that problem; increase wages and benefits, automate some tasks or turn to labor-saving technologies, switch to less labor-intensive commodities, turn to the H-2A program, or simply do without.

Survey responses are completely anonymous, but your experience is key to Farm Bureau's efforts to advocate for solutions for California farmers and ranchers. You can find more information about the survey here. Please take the survey today!

Livestock: How Do California Rangelands Store Carbon? Free Cal Poly Webinar on June 20

High court rejects challenge to state farm animal law

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld California’s Proposition 12, out-of-state producers of pork, eggs and veal have decisions to make: Change their operations to comply with the law’s animal housing requirements or stop selling their products in California.

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Is lab-grown meat worse for the environment than retail beef? What a California study shows

UC Davis researchers found that lab-grown meat is likely to leave a larger carbon footprint than retail beef, raising questions of the benefits of cultured meat production.

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How Do California Rangelands Store Carbon? Free Cal Poly Webinar on June 20

Vineyard & Wine: Local Wine Market Update From SLO County Farm Bureau Member Bozzano & Co.

Bulk Market Update - May 2023 | Bozzano & Co.

As warmer weather and sunny days propel us towards Vintage 2023, the bulk market is entering that quiet time when wineries and winemakers start focusing on harvest preparations. With over-harvest storage bills looming, many bulk wine producers are eager to move volume, creating an opportunity rich environment for the most capable bulk wine buyers.

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Revamped Paso Wine Fest delights attendees * Paso Robles Press

PASO ROBLES - The 2023 Paso Wine Fest was pure theatrics on Saturday, May 20. A mademoiselle on a giant unicycle served Rosé out of a vintage watering can at Daou Gardens. Tablas Creek Vineyards sheep grazed on hay in a pen. Frozé amuse bouche cooled attendees at JUSTIN.

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Tickets for Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival now available

Ticket price includes $10 voucher to be used at any booth - The Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival will be held on Saturday, June 24, from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Atascadero Lake Park and Charles Paddock Zoo. The festival will feature wineries, breweries, spirits, cider, food purveyors, and ...

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Water: SLO Airport area residents demand cleanup of 'forever chemicals' in groundwater

SLO Airport area residents demand cleanup of 'forever chemicals' in groundwater

More than 40 people packed a meeting room near the San Luis Obispo County Airport on May 22 to ask a panel of county officials for one thing: clean water. "Forever chemicals" known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been detected at high levels in the groundwater near the SLO Airport, impacting dozens of residential wells and properties in the area.

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California wants to store floodwaters underground. It's harder than it sounds

For much of the last few decades, when the sky didn’t produce enough water for his cows and crops, Dino Giacomazzi — like most farmers in California’s southern Central Valley — pumped it from the earth. Underground aquifers, vast bank accounts of stored water, were drained.

Now, after a historically wet winter, Giacomazzi and the state of California want to put some of that water back.

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California officials say communities near refilling Tulare Lake now unlikely to flood

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California officials said Monday they believe tens of thousands of people living near an ancient freshwater lake bed are not likely to experience flooding this year thanks to improving weather conditions and some swift planning following a series of powerful storms that refilled the basin for the first time in decades.

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