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  • SMAC Awards $62,134 to Local Artists & Schools

  • SMAC Gallery Updates

  • New Board Member for Lincoln County

  • SMAC Grant Support Open Office Hours

  • Prairie Star & Prairie Disciple applications now OPEN

  • Minnesota Arts Advocacy Day: Plan to attend!

Pictured: Prairie Winds Concert Band , out of New London, 2019 concert series, for which they received a SMAC Art Project grant. The next deadline for Art Project and Art Legacy Project grants is March 25, 2020.
Southwest Minnesota Arts Council Awards local organizations $62,134 for Individual Artist & Arts in the Schools Grants

SMAC awarded $40,139 to local individual artists
Individual Emerging Artist grants p rovide up to $2,500 to aid emerging artists at an early stage of their career development with projects that will advance their career. The following five artists were awarded SMAC Individual Emerging Artist grants on February 25, 2020:

John Kellen , Willmar, $2,500 to select 25 photographs for a solo exhibit. He explains the theme of his exhibit as a narrative " chronicling the joy and wonder my 86 year old mother, suffering from Alzheimers, and I as her caregiver, experienced while visiting and photographing places of natural beauty, and places where our ancestral roots run deep." John says, "Over the course of four months during the summer of 2019 my mother and I ventured on “Joy Rides”, starting close to home and venturing as far as Isle Royal National Park. Our experiences have shown me that getting out and exploring the beauty of our natural environment stimulates brain activity, brings joy and ultimately provides a superior quality of life often missing from our current memory care system." John plans to use the Milan Village Arts School framing studio to make his show professional and gallery ready. He is planning on looking into gallery exhibiting opportunities in Willmar and Marshall. John says, "Not only do I want to share my best exposures, at the same time my intention is to tell our story. I want to take people on our journey, have them feel the wonder and joy, and leave them feeling with a sense of urgency to embark on creating peak life experiences that are right outside their door. The narratives produced will be hope, wonder and awe." Pictured upper left: "Contemplation", Colleen Kellen on Mt. Tom Observation Deck, June 2019.

Kerry Kolke-Bonk , Appleton, $2,500 to attend an Ecoprint and Natural Dye workshop in Franeker, The Netherlands. The 3 day workshop is titled "3 Days Journey of Colour: A Deep Dive in the Magical World of Natural Dyes and Ecoprint" and is lead by Suzanne Tamal Dekel. Kerry says, "  In 2017 I took an eco-printing class from Kristi Kuder who is an artist in the Battle Lake 'Art of the Lakes' Gallery and was absolutely fascinated by the science/technique of printing plants onto natural fabric. Since then I have done eco-printing in my basement using an old roaster and limited supplies, and not always sure of the results I would get. This project/workshop will enable me to learn from someone who has done hours and hours of research in this century old technique. Suzanne has vast knowledge of the science behind the printing and dying that I would like to learn and be proficient at."

Maria Novak, New London, $2,500 for a project she is calling "100 Years Ago Today". It will be a variety show developed around 100-year-old news snippets from New London MN’s local new paper, the "Lakes Area Review". The variety show will include archival and original storytelling, acting, live music and will be produced and directed in collaboration with local talent. Maria says to create this show they will select 3-4 "100 Years Ago" articles with a common broad theme such as neighbors or travel. Working with a small team of writers, local historians, actors, and musicians they will develop a series of family friendly theatrical skits and select popular and appropriately themed music to be performed live onstage at The Little Theatre in New London. The timing of this production will coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the Little Theatre’s building date. 
Anne Wedler , Marshall, $2,500 to create a new body of work using a process that is fairly new to the artist: creating 2-D works on paper using the light-sensitive processes called cyanotype. Anne plans to create drawings that will be turned into cyanotypes and to also paint and draw on cyanotypes after they are created. She will make a series of drawings in graphite from direct observation transferring them to cyanotypes. She also plans to use acrylic paint to further alter her images. She plans to create 20 works on paper with this process for this new body of work. Pictured right: Cyanotype on watercolor paper made with botanical samples with acrylic paint applied after, by Anne Wedler. 18"x24".
Nicole Zempel, Granite Falls, $2,500 to fund a series of field trip based "Fungi Forays", led by Nicole, in which people will be invited to learn about the mysterious world of fungi and the many purposes served by it. "Fungi Forays" will include a collection of photos from time in the field, culinary samples of foraged wild mushrooms, and a "take-away" piece of art participants will create with the help of nature. This piece will be a spore print from the live fungi specimens used as a hands on teaching tool. According to Nicole, "spore prints are done as a means to help identify fungi but they are also incredibly beautiful. Spore prints are as unique as finger prints - no one is like the other. Spore colors vary and are not of our color spectrum. Print patterns vary depending upon gills, folds, pores or teeth." Nicole said "'Fungi Foray' is an opportunity to share what I have learned in a very hands on and interactive way so as to spark the curiosity and creativity of others while encouraging new relationships with the natural world. Each participant will leave with their own piece of art (spore print) that they create with the help of nature and a complimentary spore print kit made by Wild Roots MN." These works, as well as others made during the "forays" will be incorporated into various artistic exhibits. Nicole says, "A series of Wild Roots MN artistic exhibits will take place in collaboration with local arts organizations and businesses within the SMAC service area. The exhibit will include a body of work which includes photography, written word, a reading, a 'Preconceptions' photo project, as well as freshly cooked wild edible mushrooms to sample." Pictured right: One of Nicole's spore prints.
Individual Established Career Artist grants provide up to $7,000 to aid established career artists in the advanced stage of their career development with projects that will advance their career. The following four artists were awarded Individual Established Career Artist grants:

Nikki Bettcher Erickson , Willmar, $7,000 to write an original script to be performed in October of 2020 in Willmar and Sunburg, MN. The project will also include Nikki building large scale puppet and mask structures for the show, directing, and composing a musical piece. The play will be entitled "Care For" and will be a one act piece performed by local people. There will be free performances done outside at The Willmar Public Library, which will be open to all community members. The play will also be performed outside in Sunburg, MN on West Norway Lake and this will also be free to the community. After the performances there will be a question and answer session to offer an opportunity to discuss the piece and then move on to discuss the topics that the piece may have brought up. Pictured left: Earthling, interactive mask by Nikki Bettcher Erickson.
Bradley Hall , Granite Falls, $6,750 to create a new body of work, which will consist of creating a collection of larger watercolor pieces than what he traditionally has worked with when selling his art ar fairs throughout the Midwest. The grant will fund purchasing art supplies for the project and wooden frames. Bradley plans to exhibit this new body of works at the K.K. Berge Gallery in Granite Falls in August of 2020. Bradley says, "Painting large watercolor landscapes is so exciting to me. Having the opportunity to explore this medium more thoroughly will be reflected in this new body of work. My artistic vision is to create soft edged watercolors. This to me, is what makes watercolor so exciting. Wet on wet technique is, in my mind, watercolor at its best. I’ve been watercolor painting for years on smaller prints and would love the opportunity to more fully explore the medium with larger landscape watercolors." Pictured right: Long Shadows, 12"x16".

Ashley Hanson , Granite Falls, $6,889 to to help cover the costs of finishing the mixing and mastering of her first full-band, full-length album, the cost of promoting the music component of the release, and the cost of a limited-run pressing of the "This Aster" song suite on a 12" vinyl LP. Ashley says, " 'This Aster' is an album of original music, arranged and recorded with my band The Family Trade. The songs are adaptations of poems written by a French-Canadian poet named Emile Nelligan in the late 1800s; one of my bandmates did translations of the poems from French into English, and then, during a Hinge Artist Residency in Fergus Falls, we worked together to set the translated text to music. Over the last year, we have collaborated with the rest of our band to compose parts for strings, horns, piano, guitar, percussion and voice, and to record all of these tracks." Because of the literary-translation aspect of "This Aster" album, Ashley has been in contact with a book publisher to publish the project as a multimedia release: a record of the songs, with a chapbook of the French original texts and English translations side-by-side in the liner-note booklet. However, because the publisher usually only handles print-only releases, this multimedia format exceeds their ordinary production budget, which is why Ashley applied for SMAC funds to complete the musical side of this project.
Ellen Starr, Hutchinson, $7,000 to research the style of Art Nouveau to further her woodturning and silversmithing body of artwork. She plans to do this through focused study of examples in historic museums and locations known for Art Nouveau. Part of the effort would include networking with professional craftsman located in Europe, and curated tours of museums and other collections. Ellen says, "the knowledge and new skills gained through this study will enable me to achieve a greater level of depth and dimension in my work." She says she has been unable to find reference material on the craft of woodturning during the Art Nouveau era and first hand access to Riga Latvia, Vienna, Prague, Brussels, and Salamanca, each with dedicated museums to the style as well as large quantities of Art Nouveau architecture, will benefit her in her research. Ellen says she will be setting up meetings to network with experts, woodturning groups, and fellow artists in Europe. She also plans to develop a new professional portfolio with works that will be created during the project’s duration based on the research done with this grant. Pictured left: "Portal", Mediums: Turned, Pauduk, Ebony, Baltic Plywood and Ston, acrylic paint, 14"x14", 2019.
SMAC Awarded $21,995 to local area schools

Arts in the Schools grants provide funds to schools for artist residencies or field trips that include educator training and community involvement, juried student art exhibits, and prepackaged theater experiences. Up to $2,500 (field trips, juried exhibits, or prepackaged theater) or $4,000 (residencies). No cash match required. The following eight schools were awarded Arts in the Schools grants:

Benson Community Education, Benson, $1,520 to bring in Compass Creative Dramatics resident children's theatre to work with their students for their production of "The Jungle Book". The opportunity will be open to all youths in grades 1-12 from the Benson School District. Tryouts all the way to performances will take place in July 2020. The community is invited to performances on July 25 at 6 pm and July 26 at 10 am. The applicant says they do not have regular theatre programs for elementary students and these types of residencies are a lot of the students only exposure to being part of a production. Participation for students will require a small fee, but scholarships will be available upon request as needed and available. The community ed will also seek community support for "behind the scenes" projects for scenes, lighting, sound, make-up and costumes.

Brewster Roundlake School, Brewster, $4,000 to bring in artist Agnes "Bobbie" Alsgaard Lien to conduct workshops with Brewster Round Lake students. Approximately 375 students will participate in workshops that will be conducted in each class room from Preschool to 8th grade. Students will create artwork on two ceramic tiles, one tile will be used to create a grouted tile art wall mural at the school and the other tile the student will be able to bring home with them. Notes will be sent home prior to the scheduled classroom workshops to preschool through fifth grade students inviting an adult companion to also participate in the workshops. Community members will also be invited to help facilitate in the classrooms. Workshops will take place March through May with an open house unveiling at the end.

Dream Technical Academy, Willmar, $3,875 to bring local artist, Monica Villars, in for an artist in residence program to work with students on learning the craft of “Book Arts”, otherwise known as, “Altered Books.”  Students will go to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts to gain a basic understanding of what altered books are and then will study and create their own pieces with Monica Villars at DEMO Inc . The books will be made from personal items that students bring, words they have found from old books and magazines, paper that they have created at DEMO INC. with Monica and other found items that they feel pertain to their own personal story. At the end of the project there will be a gallery showing for students, school staff, family, friends and the community to see what they have created. There will also be a mini workshop led by students with local youth at the Willmar Public Library. These events will take place in April and May of 2020.

Lac qui Parle Valley School District (LQPV), Madison, $2,500 for their Diversity Club Arts & Culture field trip. The applicant says that multilingual learners at LQPV this year have teamed up with other students at school and have started a diversity club. Alumni from previous arts and culture trips felt like it was a natural extension to expand focus to include this new group, as well as remaining open to students in REACH, which serves at-risk youth in the district. Many arts events are packed into a weekend as the group begins at the Festival of Nations, celebrating art and culture from all over the world, then they take the opportunity to explore art venues and performances in the Twin Cities while they are there. The applicant says they have been lucky in the past to experience music, art and dance from many cultures. This year the trip coincides with several cultural arts events and the group will be able to see plays rooted in Norse, Jamaican, and African American cultures of several different eras.

Lac qui Parle Valley School District, Madison, $1,100 to support Senior high band students attending a performance at Chanhassen Dinner Theater . The trip will happen in April of 2020 and the students will be seeing "The Music Man". Following the show, the group will meet with a member of the cast to have the opportunity to hear from a professional actor/actress/musician. Students will come prepared with questions they'd like to ask about the life of a performer. There will be a fee for attending, but students will or have had the opportunity to fund-raise for their ticket. The applicant says, "This trip is a highlight for many students. Each year, they come back excited about musical theater. It's not something that is very prevalent in our area. Band students see how much work it takes to be a professional musician. They also have the opportunity to see the costuming, lighting and sound. This is a benefit because it encourages those students who may not want to be on stage to get involved in our local productions. Attending these products instills a sense of excitement in students."

Lac qui Parle Valley School District, Madison, $2,500 to bring a pre-packaged theatre production from Prairie Fire Children's Theatre to their school. The applicant says, "A prepackaged theater allows students the opportunity to participate in acting without the time commitment of practicing for many months before a performance. This is important as a small school because most students are in many different after-school activities and often have to choose sports or theater because of overlapping schedules." The applicant also mentions wanting to bring in this opportunity because for younger aged students there isn't very much theater available in this district. The production will include elementary and middle school students from all three of their buildings and will take place in October of 2020.

Ortonville Community Education, Ortonville, $2,500 to support their Prairie Fire Children's Theatre production of "Cinderella" that will take place the week of May 10-16, 2020 at the Ortonville School. The applicant says that in past years they have had 60+ students participate and that they've offered it as a free opportunity for all students and would like to continue to do so, which is why they were seeking SMAC funds for the pre-packaged theatre. The opportunity will be open to grades 2 through 6. The applicant said, "Right now we have an awesome HS drama department that puts on many plays throughout the school year and this would be a great bridge for our younger students to see if performing/acting is right for them."

Ridgewater College, Hutchinson/Willmar, $4,000 for a project they are calling "Imagining Imagining". This will be a Residency at Ridgewater Community College with Interdisciplinary Visual Artist Andy DuCett . He will visit both the Willmar and Hutchinson campus on multiple days, visiting various programs and facilitating an ideation lecture. Further activities on a second day at both campuses will expand and extend the first day lecture, unleashing creative modes of thinking culminating in idea exhibits in the campus galleries. A reception and exhibit of the ideation process will take place around June 1st. The applicant says that technical programs as well as liberal arts programs would be involved, and "depending on the campus location, that includes: Welding, Non-Destructive testing, Carpentry, Nursing, Machine tool technology, Photography, Automation, Multimedia Design Tech, Auto body, Vet-tech, and so on. This activity is meant to bring the ideas the creative process involves to as wide a cross section of students as possible." The applicant says the schools have a diverse population, including Post-Secondary Education Opportunity (PSEO) students from local high schools that will also be involved.
What: Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship Information Session

When: Saturday, March 21, 2020 11am-1pm

Where: Southwest Minnesota Arts Council
114 N 3rd St, Marshall, MN 56258

Join Jerome Foundation’s Eleanor Savage to learn more about the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship: a two-year, $50,000 flexible Fellowship open to early career artists in all artistic disciplines. Fellows must be residents of Minnesota or the 5 boroughs of New York City. Learn more about the funding, who is eligible, and how to apply—and stay for the Q&A session.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, May 6, 4pm Central/5pm Eastern. 

Please go to this link to register and rsvp:

For more information about the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship program:

Next the gallery: Jessica Gorman

Jessica Gorman will have her photo series titled " Prohibited Acts", at the SMAC Gallery in Marshall from March 12 to May 1, 2020. Please join us for an artist reception with live music from Darwin Dyce, Oak Kelsey and David KelseyBassett on Thursday, March 12 from 5-7 pm.

Jess Gorman is an artist using social practice, visual art and immersive research to kickstart rural revival of community history and legacy. Originally from the Rustbelt of Dayton Ohio, Gorman has lived in the south and west, moving to Minnesota from Denver in 2017. Her projects incorporate history and collaborators such as arts councils, businesses, historical societies, nonprofits, and other local artists with goals of invigorating interest in rural stories, providing access to art in rural places and connecting modern communities with local legacy and each other. She doesn’t believe in strangers. Her work is often begun by enticing public participation with taboo talk, silly costumes, and pie.

Prohibited Acts is a multimedia arts installation and in theme looked at the acts and imagery of an era that was riddled with rules on what was taboo. Whether it be women’s ankles or alcohol, the world one hundred years ago held a different view of acceptable. The interactive multimedia art series explored the rich history of prohibited acts in the hometown of prohibition legislator Andrew Volstead, Granite Falls, Minnesota producing a 2D exhibit for the community. The multiple artists engaged used art in a variety of ways to inform, celebrate and educate during this 100 year anniversary of the Prohibition Act with the totality being documented by Artist Jess Gorman.

Prohibited Acts was supported by a SMAC Individual Artist Community Collaboration Grant between Jessica Gorman, the Granite Falls Community and the Granite Area Arts Council.
Artist Reception:
Join us on Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 5-7 pm, meet Jess and view her artwork. Stick around to listen to the music of Darwin Dyce, David KelseyBassett and Oak Kelsey from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Right: Artwork by Oak Kelsey.
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These activities are made possible by the voters of Minnesota thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. Additional funding provided by the McKnight Foundation. Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive. The McKnight Foundation supports working artists to create and contribute to vibrant communities.
New SMAC Board representative for Lincoln County

Please help Southwest Minnesota Arts Council welcome new Board Member and representative for Lincoln County, Mark Wilmes! Mark has served 23 years on the Lake Benton Opera House Board of Directors and is currently the president of their board as well as the Artistic Director for the Opera House. He has also worked as a newspaper editor since 1997 in Lincoln county and is currently managing editor for the Tyler, Lake Benton and Hendricks newspapers. Wilmes has been honored multiple times by the Minnesota Newspaper Association in the areas of ad creation, photography and as a columnist. When asked why he was interested in serving on the SMAC board of directors he said, “I am a strong believer in SMAC’s mission and would like to ensure Lincoln County is represented. SMAC has been a great benefit to our organization over the years and I would like to give back in a small way by helping other small groups benefit in the same way.”
Grant Support Open Office:: every second Tuesday of the month

NEXT EVENT:  Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Visit the SMAC offices from 10 am to 2 pm for assistance with any grant-related questions. These monthly events are a chance to get some work done, enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, and talk with others in the arts community. Receive one-on-one guidance in: finding the right program, learning how to apply, preparing work samples, preparing budgets for proposals and more.
Come with ideas or questions, or come to learn from others. SMAC staff will be available to help with any questions related to your applications, projects, final reports, or eligibility.

These are casual events. Drop in for 30 minutes or stay the whole time. There is no presentation, so you can come and leave at your leisure. You can come planning to get work done, desiring to meet new people, have some specific questions addressed, or just sit and drink free coffee or tea.
No RSVPs are necessary. Feel free to stop by if your schedule allows.
The monthly segment where you can hear from SMAC grantees, participants, and members about their experiences. This is what the Blue Mound Area Theatre in Luverne submitted as feedback to our Minnesota State Legislators from their project, "Coming Home", for which they received a SMAC Art Project grant. The next deadline for Art Project and Art Legacy Project grants is March 25, 2020.
The Prairie Star and Prairie Disciple applications are now OPEN!!
Who will you nominate?
Applications are due April 15, 2020.

******Prairie Star Award******
Every other year, the Prairie Star Award ($5,000) recognizes an individual artist whose body of work has made a significant contribution to the arts over an extended period of time, who has been recognized by his or her artistic peers, and who has best exemplified the highest quality of work in the SMAC region. In recognizing these individuals publicly, the awards will raise the profile of the arts in their communities and throughout the SMAC region.

***Prairie Disciple Award***
The Prairie Disciple Award ($1,000) provides awareness and recognition of one individual per year from southwest Minnesota, whose activities and involvement have substantially contributed to the arts over an extended period of time. The accomplishments of arts advocates working in the region are often not widely known or appreciated. In recognizing these individuals publicly, the awards will raise the profile of the arts in their community and throughout the SMAC region. In 2020, SMAC is accepting nominations of teachers/educators only.

Learn more or start your nominations here:
One example is our copy of the Minnesota Grants Directory for 2020, put together by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Our staff has "flagged" and highlighted every grant source that gives money to the arts! So if you need more information about grant sources outside of SMAC for arts related projects, check it out!

Another example is Minnesota Council of Nonprofits' Minnesota Nonprofit Legal Handbook, which can help your nonprofit organizations understand more technical information.

These books are usually kept in our Executive Director's office, but you are welcome to request to look at them anytime during our normal business hours.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has a wide array of other helpful non-profit publications, which can be found here:
Join your fellow Arts Advocates from across Minnesota for the
Arts Community's Annual Day of Action!
WHEN: Thursday, March 19, 2020: 8 am- 2 pm

WHERE: At the Minnesota History Center & State Capitol Complex in Saint Paul

Arts Advocacy Day is an opportunity to educate and connect with new friends of the arts at the State Capitol. To guarantee arts funding remains safe, we need to help ensure legislators understand the importance of the arts. That's where we need you! The more representatives from our region of Southwest Minnesota, the better. Our legislators are meant to serve the interests and objectives of their constituents: that's you! Ensure that your voice and support of the arts is heard; we must show our legislators what it means to US.

Minnesota's Legacy Amendment and the unprecedented achievement of constitutionally guaranteed arts funding is recognized as the national leader in arts advocacy. Every year, you and all the arts advocates work together and prove the strength of Minnesota's arts community.

Plan to attend Arts Advocacy Day and help protect the arts funding you love.

Pre-Register by March 15th at ARTSMN.ORG

Southwest Minnesota Arts Council seeks panelists to review grants

For grant programs in fiscal year 2020 (July 2019 - June 2020), the SMAC Board of Directors seeks panels of artists, arts administrators, arts volunteers, and arts appreciators representing multiple artistic disciplines from throughout the SMAC geographic region.

You may apply to serve on one or more of the following panels:

Remaining Grant review panel dates for FY2020

Round III: April 18, 2020

Art Study Opportunity for Youth: April 21 (Tuesday Evening)

  1. Please read the Grant Panel Responsibilities.
  2. Read and sign our Conflict of Interest policy.
  3. Download, print, or fill out a copy of the Grant Review Panelist Application (pdf) or word document (you can also fill out an online form here).
  4. Email your completed application, resume, and signed Conflict of Interest document to or use the submit button below, or mail to SW MN Arts Council, PO Box 55, Marshall, MN 56258.
SMAC's Executive Director attended Cultures on the Prairie of Southwest Minnesota, held in Marshall at Southwest Minnesota State University. The event explored the various cultures that have come to southwest Minnesota in recent years and how diversity can help strengthen our region as we embrace and support it.
The Fiscal Year 2020 Grant Calendar
April 1, 4:30 pm, 2020: Monthly Arts Organization Grants (Art Legacy Project Planning Grants, Arts Organization Development Grants & Arts Organization Start Up Grants) Applications Due  
Monthly Arts Organization grants are on a first-come, first served monthly deadline until all funds have been expended. Deadline is the 1st of each month, 4:30 pm, August-November 2018 & January-April 2019. Earliest project start date is the first day of the following month after board action.
Art Legacy Project Planning grants provide organizations with up to $2,500 to plan for a specific large-scale project or activity that will create or advance a strong arts legacy in Minnesota.
Arts Organization Development grants provide arts organization in the SMAC region with up to $5,000 in matching funds to increase their long-term stability and capacity through organizational development and management projects.
Arts Organization Start Up grants provide arts organizations with at least two years of programming up to $2,000 to develop articles of incorporation, by-laws, and apply for their 501(c)(3) status.

March 25, 4:30 pm, 2020: Art Project & Art Legacy Project Grants Due
Art Project grants provide organizations in the SMAC region with up to $7,000 in matching funds to stimulate and encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts. 20% cash match required. Grantwriting webinar: February 13, 2020, for more information click here.

Art Legacy Project grants provide organizations in the SMAC region with up to $25,000 to stimulate and encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts through large-scale projects that will leave an arts legacy in Southwest Minnesota. 20% cash match required. Grantwriting webinar: February 13, 2020, for more information click here.

April 1, 4:30 pm, 2020: Art Study Opportunity for Youth Grants Due
Art Study Opportunity for Youth grants provide up to $500 to allow young artists entering grades 5 – 12 to attend an enrichment camp or specialty study. Standard weekly lessons (such as piano or voice lessons) are allowed only for those students who qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. Arts supplies costs are allowed for students attending a MN public arts high school.  No match requirements. Grantwriting webinar: February 20, 2020, for more information click here.

April 15, 4:30 pm, 2020: Prairie Star & Prairie Disciple Nominations Due
The Prairie Star ($5,000) is awarded every other year. The award recognizes an individual artist whose body of work has made a significant contribution to the arts over an extended period of time, who has been recognized by his or her artistic peers, and who has best exemplified the highest quality of work in the SMAC region. In recognizing these individuals publicly, the awards will raise the profile of the arts in their communities and throughout the SMAC region.

The Prairie Disciple ($1,000) is awarded every year. The award provides awareness and recognition of one individual per year from southwest Minnesota, whose activities and involvement have substantially contributed to the arts over an extended period of time. The accomplishments of arts advocates working in the region are often not widely known or appreciated. In recognizing these individuals publicly, the awards will raise the profile of the arts in their community and throughout the SMAC region. In 2020, SMAC is accepting nominations of teachers/educators only.
Click on the links for more information
Remember to check out our regional arts calendar!
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If you would like your arts event to be listed on our calendar, submit here .

Right: Prairie Winds Concert Band who received a SMAC Art Project grant for concerts in 2019. The next deadline for Art Project and Art Legacy Project grants is March 25, 2020.
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Left: Painting by Lynn Edwards after receiving an Individual Developing Artist grant (now called Emerging Artist Grant ).
From January 31st, 2020 through February 27th, 2020

Contributors: Yellow Medicine Historical Society, Granite Falls

Supporters: Green Earth Players, Luverne • Louella & Phil Voigt, Luverne

Patron: James & Sydney Massee, Appleton

Benefactor: Swift County Commission, Benson • McLeod County Commission, Glencoe • Yellow Medicine County Commission, Granite Falls • Jackson County Commission, Jackson • Lac qui Parle County Commission, Madison • Lyon County Commission, Marshall • Chippewa County Commission, Montevideo • Renville County Commission, Olivia • Redwood County Commission, Redwood Falls • Kandiyohi County Commission, Willmar • Cottonwood County Commission, Windom • Nobles County Commission, Worthington

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Pipestone - Erica Volkir
Rock - Shawn Kinsinger &
Louella Voigt
Chippewa - Georgette Jones
Kandiyohi - Janet Olney
Lyon - Michele Knife Sterner
Murray - Carisa Clarke
Redwood - David KelseyBassett
Swift - Alison Nelson
Cottonwood - Anna Johannsen
Lac qui Parle - Joyce Meyer
McLeod - Greg Jodzio
Nobles - Brett Lehman
Renville - Anne O'Keefe-Jackson
Yellow Medicine - Claire Swanson
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