By Jeremy Raglin, Editor

SMASH Crispy Treats is a gluten–free crispy rice treat. Each mouth-watering treat is made from only the very best simple, naturally gluten free and deliciously non-GMO ingredients for an instant sweet-tooth satisfying pick me up. It’s a flavor smash up. Perfect right out of the bag or in your favorite recipe. Discover more ways to enjoy.

SMASH Crispy treats are truly one of the healthiest treats on the market today because they contain all-natural ingredients like Organic Crips Rice, Organic Cane Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Grape Juice, and Sea Salt.

These ingredients will be a ‘breath of fresh air’ to people who are tired of reading labels and are unable to pronounce the ingredients that most of today’s foods containers.

Besides offering healthy ingredients, SMASH Crispy Treats are also non-GMO, gluten–free and Kosher Certified. 

With only 10 grams of sugar and 130 calories per serving, each SMASH Crispy treat is an ideal snack or it pairs well with any meal.