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E-Switch is completely committed to quality throughout our entire manufacturing, sales, and distribution network. We retain only professional independent sales representatives who are highly trained in our lines. Our global stocking distributors provide off-the-shelf product to ensure rapid delivery and easy accessibility to sample and product information.

Tact switches are commonly used in many consumer electronic devices. They have a small footprint and come in many sizes and gram forces.

320 Series Tactile  Pushbutton Switches
LL1105 Series Long Life Tact Switches - Rated 5 Million Operations
TL52 Series Sealed Radial Lead Tact Switch
TL58 Series Radial Lead Tact Switches
TL59 Series Radial Lead Tact Switch
TL1014 Series Micro-Miniature Right Angle SMT Tact
TL1015 Series 
Tact Switch
TL1100 Series 
Tact Switches
TL1105 and TLE1105 Series Tact Switches
TL1107 Series 
Tact Switches
TL1220 Series Illuminated Multi-Option Tact Switch
TL1240 Series Illuminated Tact Switches
TL1250 Series Illuminated Right Angle Tact Switch
TL1260 Series Right Angle Illuminated Tact Switch
TL1265 Series Illuminated Vertical Tact Switch
TL2243 Series Double Stacked Low Profile Tactile Switch
TL3200 Series SMT 
Tact Switch
TL3210 Series Miniature Illuminated Tact Switch
TL3215 Series Miniature Illuminated SMT Tact Switch
TL3240 Series Illuminated SMT Tact Switch
TL3253 Series Dual LED Tact Switch
TL3300 Series SMT 
Tact Switch
TL3301 Series SMT Tactile Switches
TL3302 Series 3.5mm x 6mm SMT Tactile Switch
TL3303 Series 6mm x 6mm SMT Tact Switch
TL3313 Series 
Sub-miniature Tactile Switch with Small 
Foot Print
TL3315 Series Low Profile SMT Tactile Switch
TL3330 Series SMT Right Angle Tactile Switch
TL3340 Series SMT
 Sub-Miniature Tactile Switch
TL3342 Series Low Profile SMT Tact Switch
TL3360 Series Right Angle SMT Tact Switch
TL3365 Series Ultraminiature SMT 
Tact Switch
TL3700 Series Ultra Miniature Micro Tact Switch SMT
TL3780 Series Ultraminiature SMT Tact Switch
TL3901 Series Right Angle SMT Tact Switch
TL4100 Series Right Angle Tact Switch
TL4105 Series Right Angle Ultra Miniature Tact Switch
TL6100 Series Process Sealed Tact Switch
TL6105 Series Process Sealed Tact With Earth Ground Terminal
TL6110 Series Process Sealed Right Angle Tact Switch
TL6120 Series SMT Process Sealed Tact Switch
TL6190 Series Right Angle Sealed Thru-Hole Tactile Switch
TL6200 Series Sealed Long Life Tact Switch
TL6210 Series SMT Sealed Miniature Tact Switch
TL6215 Series Illuminated Sealed Tact Switch
TL6700 Series Sealed SMT Tactile Switch
TL9100 Series Soft Touch SMT Tact Switch
TL9210 Series SMT Tact Switch Long Travel


E-Switch, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been delivering quality electromechanical switches to the telecom, high tech, medical, electronics, instrumentation, industrial, audio/visual, appliance and consumer markets since 1979. With international offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, E-Switch's global reach includes North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Products include tactanti-vandalpushbuttonrockertoggleslideDIProtary,keylocksnap actionpowerilluminated switches and more. E-Switch has a broad sales network including regional sales managers, local representatives and a vast distribution network ready to service your needs.  We focus our efforts on providing a broad selection of switches, outstanding customer service and speedy response time. Selection. Service. Speed. 

Engineers and sales professionals are on hand to provide specifying assistance and quick response to 3D drawing requests, price quotes, inventory, and access to a significant sample program that allows engineers to examine and qualify switches for their end product applications. 

E-Switch's online presence ( www.e-switch.com) includes a complete product catalog, detailed specification documents, product schematics and 3D drawings. Product modification and customization expertise is available and can be applied to many of our product lines and switch series.

E-Switch is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stein Industries, Inc. Stein Industries has been providing various services and quality products to a multitude of industries since 1907.

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SMD Inc. Is a Provider Of Electronics And Electrical Components, Services And Logistic Solutions For Commercial,Industrial And Military Manufacturers.We offer a wide variety of products from an authorized supplier base. We provide technical and sales expertise on all product lines and commodities. SMD Inc. is a specialized distributor with a focused product offering.   This has allowed us to be experts in our supplier's product offerings. SMD Inc. offers supply-chain and logistics solutions to a variety of market segments including energy, medical, industrial controls, defense, automotive and transportation services.

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