NKK's portfolio of rocker switches includes various sizes, ratings, and terminations to allow for virtually any design configuration. Our complete line of PCB, ultra-subminiature, subminiature, to standard size rocker switches are available in low to high capacity, with process sealed options. NKK rocker switches are offered in various mounting and termination styles to accommodate a wide range of application requirements. Customizable options are offered which include a multitude of vibrant color and illumination choices. NKK rocker switches are designed to perform in a variety of different applications such as audio-video equipment, automation control, automotive, computers and peripherals, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and telecommunications. Customizable 3D CAD models of each part are available for download by clicking the link within each product series listing. Certifications: UL and CSA certifications. Certificate of RoHS2 Environmental Compliance is provided within each product series.

Process Sealed Subminiature Rocker
  • 0.4VA Logic Level; Process Sealed, PCB Mount
  • Subminiature size saves space on PC boards.
  • Specifically developed for logic-level applications.
  • Award-winning STC contact mechanism offers benefits unavailable in conventional mechanisms: smoother, positive detent actuation, increased contact stability, and unparalleled logic-level reliability.

Miniature Power Rockers 6A Power Level; Snap-in and PCB Mount, Actuator Marking Options, UL, cULus
Low-cost molded rocker in compact, slim design.

See-saw contact mechanism.

Front panel, snap-in mounting for labor-saving installation.

Low-cost molded rocker.

See-saw contact mechanism.

Stable stationary contact construction for high reliability.

Low-cost molded rocker.

Snap-acting contact mechanism gives smooth actuation and audible feedback.

Stable stationary contact construction for high-reliability.
Process Sealed Ultra-Miniature Rocker Switches
  • 0.4VA Logic Level; Process Sealed, PCB Mount
  • Ultra-miniature size allows for high-density mounting, and extremely light-weight (0.25 grams) switches are ideal for hand-held equipment.
  • Fully sealed body construction prevents contact contamination, and allows for time- and money-saving automated soldering and washing.
  • Award-winning STC contact mechanism offers benefits unavailable in conventional mechanisms: smooth, positive detent actuation, increased contact stability, and unparalleled logic-level reliability.
  • Tape-reel and stick-tube packaging allows for rapid automated placement of surface-mount devices.

Ultra-Thin Rocker Switches
  • 0.4VA Logic Level; Straight, Right Angle and Vertical PCB Mount
  • Rocker and paddle actuators in a variety of colors.
  • Dust cover and closely fit housing, actuator, and interior pivot provide protection for contacts.
  • Detent mechanism for rocker/paddle is designed for crisp and positive actuation.

High Inrush 10 & 16 Amp Rockers
  • 10-16A Power Level; Snap-in Mount, High Inrush TV Rated, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
  • Industry's first molded rocker with TV rating. Designed to handle large in-rush current: JWM models certified for TV-5 rating and JWL models for TV-8 rating.
  • Special 5A @ 72V DC rating for JWL models for use in worldwide telecommunication applications for distribution.
  • Prominent external insulating barriers increase insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

  • Internationally Approved Rockers
  • 6A Power Level; Snap-in Mount, High Inrush TV Rated, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
  • Rocker caps and housing available in a variety of colors.
  • Protective barrier available to prevent accidental actuation.
  • Constructed for dust resistance with interior cover of polyamide between actuator and contact area.

  • Miniature Rocker Switches
    • 6A Power Level & 0.4VA Logic Level; 1-4 poles, Snap-in, Frame and PCB Mount, UL, CSA
    • High insulating barriers increase circuit isolation in multi-pole devices and provide added protection to contact points.
    • The molded diallyl phthalate case has a UL94V-0 flammability rating.
    • Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants.

    Process Sealed Miniature Rockers
    • 6A Power Level & 0.4VA Logic Level; Process Sealed, PCB Mount, UL, CSA, cULus
    • Anti-jamming actuator design protects against mechanism damage from toggle or plunger downward force.
    • Single-unit construction of the bushing and top of the housing provides added protection from washing fluids or other liquids.
    • Ultrasonic welding of the bushing and housing units seals out contaminants and allows automated soldering and washing.

    Snap-in Miniature Rocker Switches
    • 5A Power Level; Snap-in Mount; UL, cULus
    • Industry's first miniature snap-in, lighted rocker switch.
    • Actuators in various styles operate with firm, well-defined movements.
    • Interlocking actuator prevents switch failure caused by jamming or window locking.

    Internationally Approved Rocker Switches
    • 10A Power Level; Frame Mount, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
    • International certifications from UL, CSA, VDE, SEMKO, and SEV.
    • Special silver alloy contacts resist arcing and guarantee stable contact and long life.
    • Stainless-steel frame resists corrosion and increases environmental safety.

    Medium - High Capactiy Rocker Switches
    • 15-30A Power Level; Frame Mount, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
    • Constructed of sturdy, high-performance materials including a zinc-plated steel mounting plate.
    • Contacts are made of specially alloyed silver, providing superior arc resistance, mechanical stability, and long electrical and mechanical life.
    • UL recognized and CSA certified

    Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches
    • 15A Power Level; Snap-in Mount, Environmentally Sealed, IP67, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
    • Available in 10A toggles, 6A pushbuttons and 15A rockers.
    • Anti-jamming toggle switch design design protects contacts from damage due to excessive downward force on the actuator.
    • Sealed construction conforms to IP67 of IEC529 Standards and allows for use in outdoor or harsh applications.


    For over half a century, NKK Switches has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of miniature and illuminated switches. The company was founded in 1951 by Shigeo Ohashi, who had the vision to design and produce high-quality, highly reliable industrial switches. NKK's commitment to quality, excellence and innovation is apparent when reviewing the 500+ patents and numerous quality and innovation awards it holds.

    In 1981, NKK Switches established NKK Switches of America, Inc., its North American headquarters, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Situated strategically to support the Americas, NKK strives to adhere to its philosophy of "excellence through innovation and customer service" in all respects.

    NKK Switches is dedicated to growing sales and retaining our leadership position in the switch market.  NKK Switches will sustain a leadership position with an unwavering emphasis on quality, stability and reliability.  NKK Switches will continue to provide outstanding customer support by providing quality products; being responsive to market needs; offering competitive pricing; and by making ourselves available whenever needed.


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